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Představení strojku na holení dřeva

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Holicí strojek na dřevo also called shaving mills, wood shaver machine, shavings mill etc. It’s kind of machine used for making wood shavings. The roller or spiral shaft rotating fastly by the driven motor, and shaving the materials like wood, log branches, log pieces and various materials into shavings in uniform size.
The shavings can be used as materials for particle board manufacturing and wood pulp paper manufacturing in paper mills , and also animal bedding, farm bedding and filling for fragile goods transport.

Shaver Machine Advantages

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All our shaving mills will be we ll assembled and tested before delivery, this machine can work without foundation building. Just Connect the power and it will run directly.

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To meet different capacity requirement ,our wood shaver machine are equipped with 2shafts ,4shafts and 6shafts optional. Capacity from 500kgs/h to 1500kgs/h.

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For different size wood shavings making, our wood shaving machines have two kinds knife: Spiral knife for small size shavings and straight knife roller for big size shavings making.

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Our wood shavings machine can process various raw materials, from waste wood, waste furniture, fresh log, waste pallet. Our machine can process them all and get high quality wood shavings with high automation.

Specifikace strojku na holení dřeva

For our wood shaving machine, it can process wood length from 800mm-1400mm, max diameter 500mm. For shaving mill capacity, we have 500kgs/ to 1500kgs/ optional for you. You can choose for home use or big farm use. The wood shavings thickness can be adjust by the knife shaft, the thickness vary from 0.2-1mm.

holicí strojek na dřevo
dřevěné hobliny

Tento stroj na krmné pelety můžete použít ke zpracování krmných pelet pro téměř všechny druhy druhů




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o nás

We are professional shaving machine China manufacturer since the year 2004 .Our factory integrate research and development, production, sales and service, we have modern equipment for manufacturing and excellent technical research and development team.

Factory Size : 40000㎡
Working Staff: 200+
Annual Export Value: $15Million

We have experienced and skilled after-sales service team. Based on detailed customers requirements, we can always offer satisfying solutions for wood shavings projects.

Quality and service is our soul for company development, we will try our best to support customers on shavings making, to achieve win-win cooperation.

Various Materials for Different Shavings Making

Our shaving machines can make high-quality shavings in high automation. And the wood shavings are mostly used for animal bedding for guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, hamsters, cat litter, chickens, etc. So it is also called animal bedding machine. Shavings can also be used for packaging and garden.

Linka na výrobu dřevěných hoblin

To make wood shavings, you can start with small shaving mill for sale, or you can also start with big size industrial wood shaving production line. The complete shavings production line include:
Log loader, Log Debarker, Log Cut Saw, Wood Shaving Machine, Rotary Dryer Machine, Rotary Screen, Shavings Baler, and Shavings Sealer Machine.

Seznam strojůFunkce
Log LoaderNakládání kmenů do stroje na odkorňování kmenů
Log Debarker Odstraňte kůži protokolu
Pila na řezání kulatinyOdřízněte poleno na stejnou délku
Holicí strojek na dřevoHolení dřeva na dřevěné hobliny
Přejít na obsah Dřevěné hobliny vysušte na rovnoměrný obsah vlhkosti
Rotační obrazovkaProsejte přebytečné piliny a zbytky hoblin
Shavings Baler Packing the shavings in bags
Shavings Sealer MachineSeal the bags of shavings
linka na výrobu hoblin
dřevěné hobliny-stroj-výrobní-linka

Často kladené otázky o strojku na holení dřeva

Wood Shaving Machines are special machines that can make wood shavings, also called Wood Shaver Machine, Shaving Machine, Log Shaver. Shavings are used for animal bedding, like chickens, rabbits, horses, hamsters. So wood shavings machine also called animal bedding machine.

To make wood shavings, you need to cut the logs into uniform length, and put the logs in the wood shaving machine. The wood will be pressed by hydraulic stick inside the wood shaver machine. The wood shaving machine knife roller will rotate and shave the wood into uniform shavings automatically.

Wood shaver machine spare parts include Straight knife, Roller Shaft, Spiral Knife(for small size wood shavings making). Knife sharpener machine if needed.

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