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Taichang urna in globulo machina vestibulum. We ensure implementing innovation in product development and manufacturing of quality pellet mill.

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Utimur peritissimus, professionales fabrum deditos indagandi et emendandi omnes fructus nostros. Our experienced and skillful R&D engineers can help solve your pellet mill problems and assist with after-sales service.

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Qualis est momenti ad nos. IS0 sumus 9001, HOC, et SGS certified. All components used in our pellet mills pass our strict quality inspection. Iudicium exequimur pro unaquaque machina ac tentationem gerens ante amet.

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Curo vestri budget in via callidi et minimize vestri fabricandis sumptibus. We offer competitive prices for all our pellet mills. Contact our sales team for support for custom solutions.

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How Wood Pellets Are Made?

Wood pellets are made from various wood waste, like wood log, wood branches, wood sawdust, waste furniture wood stump etc. To make wood pellets, you need to process all your wood products into sawdust first by crusher and hammer mill, if your sawdust is wet(more than 15% humorem content), you need a dryer to remove the moisture. After you get ready sawdust, you need a pellet machine to process the sawdust into wood pellets. No need to add any adhesive or binder.

Wood pellets are sustainable, renewable, and affordable solid fuel, made of sawdust, lignum eu, wood shavings, and industrial waste. Ergo, wood pellets are in huge demand worldwide. If you want to capitalize on this demand, you can invest in a pellet machine and start making pellets.

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Wood Pellets

Wood pellets have several uses, from home heating to heat stoves and furnaces. Besides, they have various industrial applications as well. Si emisti apparatum globulo confectum et multum temporis impendisti tui conservandi, companies use them in industrial boilers in place of natural gas or coal.

Since wood pellets have high heat value, businesses use them as fuel for the production of gasification and thermal power.

Let’s look at how wood pellets are made.

Step 1: Selection of the Pellet Machine

The first thing first, you must have a high-quality globulo machina.

When it comes to purchasing a pellet mill, there are two options: Ring Die Pellet Machine and Flat Die Pellet Mill.

The Flat Die Pellet Machine is a lightweight, compact-size wood pellet making machine used for home use. Using this machine, you can make pellets in small quantities. On the contrary, Ring Die Pellet Machine is a commercial machine that lets you make wood pellets in large numbers. These two pellet mills have several variances. tamen, one primary distinction is the way they feed raw material.

Ring die pellet machine features a curve feeding through rolling compression feed. While the Flat diet machine depends on the feed’s weight. Because of the weight, the raw material enters into the pressing chamber vertically.

Both machines have their advantages. If you want the advantages of two in one, invest in the Taichang wood pellet mill. Post omnes, it combines the benefits of both mills.

Apart from the wood pellet machine, you will need the following equipment to set up your complete pellet line.

Tympanum Chipper

As the name suggests, this machine helps you process the raw material you use for making pellets. You can use the wood chipper to turn large tree branches into small wood chips.

Although various drum chippers are available in the market, a drum chipper is ideal for pelletization, especially if you have small-sized wood logs.

Gyratorius Dryers

The rotary dryer machine minimizes the moisture content of the raw material using the heated gas. You might also use flash dryers to eliminate surface moisture.

Malleus Mill

Hammer mill is a wood crushing machine that lets you provide your raw material a perfect size. Both residential and commercial wood hammers are available in the market.

Step 2: Preparation of Raw Material

Once you have decided on the machine, prepare raw material. Depending on the availability, you can use wood slabs, wood logs, scobe, lignum eu, and even crop waste. Regardless of the raw material you choose, it must have a size under 5 mm in diameter.

If you have large-sized wood logs, use a wood chipper to reduce their initial size. Cut all the branches to make a small wood chip. If you have wood shavings or sawdust, do not follow this process.

Step 3: Drying of Raw Material

It is one of the crucial steps of this guideHow Wood Pellets are Made? You can use a rotary dryer for this purpose. The raw material for wood pellets should neither be too dry nor too moist. Preferably, the moisture content should be between 10 to 18% for wood pellets. Make sure there is no excessive water in the raw material. Remember, the extreme moisture in pellets might cause smoke while burning the pellets.

Step 4: Filtration of Non-wooden Material

In this step, you separate all foreign objects from your raw material. It could be metal, lapis, et alia contaminantium. You can use screens and magnets for this purpose. Do not forget that these objects can harm your pellet machine and pellet line.

Step 5: Grinding of Raw Material

Once you are sure your raw material does not contain any object, start with the grinding process. Use a wood hammer mill for it. The machine consists of free-swing hammers attached to the revolving shaft. It will grind hard and dry woods and turn them into powder. Praeter haec, the process will blend the raw material.

Step 6: Pelletization of Raw Material

It is the actual process for making pellets out of raw material. Depending on the machine type you choose, the process might vary slightly. tamen, the basic procedure is standard.

Before you proceed with the procedure, preheat your globulo machina. The temperature must reach 170 to 190-degree Fahrenheit.

Put your raw material in the feeder of your pellet mill. Take a small amount of raw material in the beginning to prevent congestion. Ceterum, it will help you determine if the quality and shape of pellets are as per the requirement.

The raw material will reach the die and roller passing through the feeder. The steel die and rollers will compress the material and pass them through the die holes to produce well-shaped pellets.

Taichang Pellet Machine has advantages of both horizontal ring die mill and flat die pellet mill. Ceterum, the machine features a built-in lubricating system to ensure a friction-free process.

Step 7: Cooling of Pellets

As pellets come out of the pellet mill, sunt calida. You might notice that they are discharging some moisture. Let them cool in the open air for 24 hours before using them.

If you are into the commercial pellet making business, use a professional pellet cooler machine. Do not load pellets until the temperature has returned to normal.

Step 8: Storage of Wood Pellets

When your wood pellets are dry, store them carefully by using bag packing machine or jumbo bag packing machine. Keep wood pellets in a dry and cool place. Make sure there is good ventilation and no direct sunlight in the store.

So this is how wood pellets are made. If you have a query or question regarding the pellet machine, contact us.

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