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Pellet Machine Maker - The Beginner's Guide

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A Pellet Machine Maker is becoming a new wise choice for investment. Since the demand for wood pellets is growing, more and more people are stepping into this business. If you are also planning to initiate a pellet production line, get enough knowledge about machines first. From quality to price to types, there are numerous details you should be aware of about the pellet machine maker. Don't worry, this post will assist you with it.

What is a Pellet Machine Maker?

A pellet machine maker has several names such as pellet press, pellet mills, etc. The machine makes pellets after processing the raw material.

The pellet making machine was invented to make animal feeds in the early twentieth century. Today, you can buy various types of pellet machine makers to produce fuel and feed pellets.

What is Pellet Machine Maker Used For?

The application of a pellet machine maker depends on its type. For instance, a wood pellet machine maker produces biomass or fuel pellets. Similarly, a feed pellet machine maker makes feed pellets for animals.

Today, you can find a pellet machine to process plastic, ceramic, agriculture waste, ceramic, and more.

How Does a Pellet Machine Maker Function?

A pellet machine maker comprises several electrical and mechanical parts. To make the machine work, these parts must work together. These parts include an electric motor, die, rollers, bearings, pellet cutters, and more.

The functioning of wood pellet machine makers varies according to the type of its die. Generally, you see two types of die in pellet makers. These are Flat Die and Ring Die.

In the flat die machine, you put raw material to the top of the die. And when that die revolves, the attached rollers squeeze the material and pass it through the die holes.

In the Ring die pellet maker, the scenario is a bit different. A ring die machine comes with circular slots across the die. And when you feed raw material, the die makes it spread evenly. Afterward, the dual rollers compress the raw material and pass them as pellets out of the die’s holes.

Nowadays, there are pellet machines that give you the benefits of both Ring die and Flat die. You may also consider them to relish the best of two.

In addition to this, the functioning of the pellet maker might differ due to the size of the machine. Pellet makers, both industrial and domestic, are readily available on the market.

How Much a Pellet Machine Maker Cost?

The different price range of pellet machine makers on the internet is making you confused. Right? Well, many factors determine the price of a pellet machine maker. These aspects could be pellet machine maker’s size, type, origin, and more.

However, if we have to give you a broad idea, you can expect to pay between $8000 to 30,000. We would suggest you request a price quote from your preferred pellet machine maker manufacturer.

At Taichang, we give you a free price quotation for a professional pellet machine. You need to contact our sales staff by submitting your contact details.

What Are The Different Types of Pellet Machine Maker?

When it comes to pellet machine makers, the options are unlimited. Nevertheless, in the broad sense, we can categorize them into the following types.

Type of Raw Material Processed by the Machine

No one machine can process all types of materials and produce different pellets. You will have to buy a specific maker to make the pellets you want.

For example, if you want to make biomass pellets, choose a pellet maker that processes wooden material. Similarly, for feed pellets, you need to buy a machine that accepts relevant material.

The Kind of Die Machine Uses

As you read above, a wood pellet machine maker comes with the option for Flat die or Ring die. Both types of machines have various applications. The ring die is used in machines with large-scale production. A flat die pellet maker is a good option for small-scale production.

Operating Power

Some pellet machine makers use diesel to function, while others run on electric power.

How to Choose the Best Pellet Machine Maker for Pellet Production?

You must understand that not all pellet machine makers are suitable for you. One that is best for someone else does not need to be good for you as well. Choose the pellet maker based on the raw material you’ll be processing for making pellets.

If you want to make wood pellets, buy a maker that treats rice husk, sawdust, and crop straws.

Another factor to think about is the output capacity. With a small pellet maker, you can produce up to 800 kg per hour. Nevertheless, the industrial machine lets you achieve more than triple the amount of this.

As soon as you have settled on these two points, make sure to do the following.

Impressive Exterior

Make sure the pellet maker you choose has a professional, eye-appealing design. It must have a solid exterior made out of good-quality metal. Also check if it is well polished and painted.

Branded Accessories

Check if the manufacturer has used branded electrical and mechanical parts. See the quality of bearings, rollers, and an electric motor.


Analyze how convenient it is to operate the machine. Your operator must be able to run it with little training. The pellet maker should allow easy feeding.

Nowadays, the modern machine has an automatic lubrication system that makes operation handier.

Low Power Consumption and High Production Capacity

Find out how much electricity or fuel the machine consumes for production. Remember, the more energy-efficient your pellet machine maker is, the more revenue you will make.

Buy From a Certified and Reputable Manufacturer

To ensure you get a quality pellet maker, you should deal with a genuine company. Your potential manufacturer/supplier should be experienced and certified with ISO 9001, CE, and SGS.

After-Sales Service

Make sure you get all the after-sales service for your pellet machine maker. Your manufacturer must provide warranty service and repairs for manufacturing defects.

How to Buy an Affordable Pellet Machine Maker?

We all have a budget limit in mind when we plan to buy something. Of course, you should stick around that budget, but do not compromise on the quality. Being an intelligent buyer, you must pay smartly as per the product quality.

When you search for a pellet machine maker over the internet, you will find that some suppliers are selling them at a low price. Beware; there is a possibility that the machine they are selling does not meet the industry standard.

A good number of manufacturers use poor-quality metal, plastic, and internal accessories to keep the price of their products low. If you are investing in such a machine, you will be at a loss eventually.

First, such machines have poor productivity. Second, you might have to spend an extra budget on their frequent repairs and maintenance.

So your focus should be investing in a high-quality wood pellet machine maker.

Fortunately, you can do the following things without going beyond your budget.

  • Buy a wood pellet machine maker from China. Chinese manufacturers are more affordable than many other manufacturers. After all, they have better accessibility to the raw material used in making pellet machines. Furthermore, they have a competitive labor and shipping industry.
  • Another thing you can try to lower the price of your pellet-making machine is, give bulk orders. Generally, when you buy a pellet maker in bulk, it naturally reduces the overall cost.
  • Avoid buying machines from resellers and mediator suppliers. After all, their fee can increase the cost of the machine.

How to Use a Pellet Machine Maker for a first-time User?

A wood pellet machine maker does not require you to take long training to operate it. However, go through a quick drill.

Moreover, you should follow guidelines for a smooth and safe operation from your manufacturer. If you’re a first-time user, here’s how to get started.

Assembling of Machine

While most parts will be assembled by default, manufacturers pack some crucial parts separately for safe transport. Follow instructions from your manufacturer to put them together carefully.


Give your machine proper lubrication. Use genuine and appropriate lubricant for gearbox, die, roller and shaft. Generally, manufacturers recommend lithium-based grease.

If your machine has a built-in lubrication system, make sure it has adequate lubricant. Refill it whenever required.

Cleaning of the Machine

Cleaning alone can reduce the maintenance requirement to some extent. Keep the die and roller clean. There should be no blockage.

Quick Inspection before Operating the Machine

Before using the machine, inspect all the crucial parts like electric motors, bearings, rollers, etc. If you notice a weird sound or smell of plastic burning, stop the machine immediately. Call the expert to check what is wrong with your machine.

Machine Preheating

Preheating of the machine is necessary to get a quality pellet machine maker. Allow it to attain a temperature of at least 50 degrees celsius.

Use Appropriate Raw Material

Do not put anything else apart from wooden material in your wood pellet machine maker. Otherwise, it will damage your machine.

Be Safe

Do not neglect your safety. Make sure you use proper gears and protective wear when using the machine. The factory’s general environment should be conducive to productive work.

Taichang Pellet Machine Maker Introduction

Taichang is a well-recognized pellet machine maker manufacturer in China. We have sold our products in over sixty countries.

The company takes a different approach to manufacturing pellet machines. We make 90% of machine parts in our 40000㎡ state-of-the-art factories.

Taichang is an ISO 9001 2000 certified manufacturing firm that secures certifications like SGS, CE, and more. Unlike other pellet machine makers in the market, you will find our machine efficient in various manners. We ensure an international standard machine at a low price.

Taichang Pellet Machine Maker Features

Taichang is a professional company that specializes in the production, research, and development of wood pellet production machinery. We’ve been around for more than a decade and employ a team of talented engineers and designers. We are ISO 9001, CE, and SGS certified, meaning our products are manufactured under the strictest quality control standards

Based in China, we offer quality machines – guaranteed. Our products are manufactured under these strictest quality control standards. We offer complete installation service for a turn-key experience. We’ll even help train your operators so that they fully understand how to use the new pellet machine onsite.

And after your product has been installed, we’ll provide you with quick, reliable, and responsive after-sale service. From 24/7 email to phone communication or even onsite visits, we’ll be here to help you out.


Taichang has given special attention to user-friendliness. We believe that if we can improve it, we can naturally enhance efficiency.Therefore, our wood pellet machine maker comes with an automated lubrication system. Your operator will not need to stop the machine frequently to lubricate it. As a result, you can work for long periods and generate more revenue.

Apart from sawdust, Taichang Wood Pellet Machine Maker can process several other materials, unlike some older machines. For example, you can feed fruit shells, sunflower husk, rice husk, and food waste.

pellet machine spare parts

We have installed a premium quality alloy steel die on our pellet maker. If you use your machine with proper care, the die will last for about 1500 hours for sure.

At Taichang, we make almost 90 percent of the machine parts ourselves. Therefore, we have better control over the quality of the machine. Whether it is a die, cutters, or rollers, you will get unmatched quality.

main shaft

If you can’t decide between a Flat die and a Ring die machine, the Taichang pellet machine maker is a good option. It combines the benefits of both and gives you the best of both worlds. Since our wood pellet machine manufacturer features vertical dies, the raw material can be fed easily.

We know the effect of heat on the shape of pellets. Therefore, our pellet machine maker has a built-in cooling system to regulate the temperature in the pelletizing region.


Power consumption has been an issue with old wood pellet machines. Our modern pellet machine maker requires almost half of the power than the old generation machine. Thus you can ensure higher efficiency.

Taichang has installed a frequency conversion device on its machine. Therefore, you get well-shaped, equal size pellets every time.

Taichang Pellet Machine Maker Parameter

ModelPower(kw)Pellet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Size(cm)

Tips When Buying a Pellet Machine Maker

In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:

1) What is the material to make wood pellets? Better if you can share us some pictures

2) Hardness of your material?

3) Moisture content?

4) Maximum diameter of the material to be processed?

5)The capacity per hour you want to get for the pellet production.

Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

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