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Pellet Makers- The Beginner's Guide

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Do you need to purchase pellet makers for domestic or commercial use? Choosing a pellet machine to buy is a difficult task because there are so many manufacturers to choose from. This article would help guide you in making that decision as it will inform you on the types of pellet machines available, from the ones used for woods to an industrial pellet maker, the steps in purchasing the machine, and how to maintain your equipment. You are sure to be informed about how the machine works.

What Are Pellet Makers?

These are machines that process dry materials into pellets. They are also known as pellet presses. These machines are used industrially all over the world for a wide range of applications that could be for recycling purposes or even the making of animal feed. The pellet maker works on materials such as peanut shells, wood, sawdust, leaves, straws, paper, hay, biomass, and so on. The pellet maker machine consists of pellet dies and rollers; the rotating die forces the feed to exit through the die holes to form pellets. They are very reliable for the production of fine pellets.

What Are Pellet Makers Used For?

There are vast applications of the pellet makers. The application can be based on a large scale or small scale. Hence there is a wide range of uses you can always carry out with the pellet maker. The materials worked on include:

  • Sawdust
  • Wood
  • Animal manure
  • Bamboo
  • Empty fruit bunch
  • Peanut shells
  • Rice straw
  • Alfalfa
  • Grass
  • Waste paper, and so on.

Most pellet makers can work on a vast variety of materials, but there are more specific ones such as leaf pellet maker, paper pellet maker, hay pellet maker, mini pellet maker, homemade pellet maker, and so on.

How Does a Pellet Maker Work?

After your raw material is fed into the pellet maker machine through the hopper, they fall into the flat die and are spread around with the help of the roller. As the pelleting machine starts, the electric motor brings along the main shaft using the gearbox. The press roller is furthermore installed on the main shaft.

Meanwhile, the rollers rotate around the roller shaft. Strong pressure is formed using the rotating press, and the raw materials are pushed through the die holes on the flat and become solid as they are forced out.

Lignin and fibers get soft as there exists strong friction between the die and roller, causing the raw materials to heat at a temperature of over 80°C. They boost the adhesive force of the raw materials. The diameter and size of the produced pellets are determined by the size of the hole of the flat die, and the length is deduced by the cutter under the flat die.

As the biomass pellets come out of the extruder in the shape of cylinders, the slicer under the flat die cuts them into desired lengths. The length of the slicer can be adjusted by changing the position of the slicer. The pellets fall on a tray after being cut down by the slicers. The pellets are sent out through the discharge out under the function of centrifugal force.

How Much Does a Pellet Maker Cost?

Buying a new pellet maker machine for home use or a business can be a difficult task. You’ll also discover that there are several pellet maker manufacturers to choose from. However, the price of a paper pellet maker can vary depending on the type you choose to purchase. The price of a biomass pellet maker might differ from that of a leaf pellet maker and can also differ from the one used in the production of livestock feed. No two prices of pellet makers are the same unless they are from the same manufacturer and perform the same functions.

Prices of these machines range from about $300 for the mini pellets for home use to several thousand dollars, most times tens of thousands of dollars for the industrial types, as they are more advanced and are more productive for commercial purposes. You could check for the prices on most manufacturers’ websites.

Types of Pellet Makers

There are several types of pellet makers available in the market. These machines are majorly classified into two which are large-scale and small-scale types. The ring die pellet machine, and the flat die pellet machine are both grouped under the large-scale category.

However, the ring die and the flat die pellet makers are the two main types of pellet makers.

Initially, the flat die machine was created for the sole purpose of producing animal feed but has now been adopted into the production of wood pellets. This machine makes use of flat dies with a few slots where the powders are introduced at the top of the die. A roller compresses the material through the holes of the dies as the die rotates and is then extruded from the outlet.

In the ring die pellet maker, there are radial slots all around the die. The raw material is fed through the hopper and spread evenly throughout the die.

Small scale pellet machines are usually screw presses or hydraulic presses with molds holding the loose powder in a compartment. This compartment determines the final shape and size of the pellet produced.

How to Choose the Best Pellet Maker for Pellet Production?

Below is a list of tips to assist you in making a choice of a pellet maker machine for the production of wood pellets for commercial or home use:

Ease of Operation

Most pellet makers require just one operation as it’s not a technical job. Do not purchase a machine that would require a lot of people to understand and operate, as this means more time and money wasted.

Pellet Maker Appearance

Closely examine the outer appearance of the pellet maker, ensure that the paint used was uniformly sprayed with no corrosion. The die and rollers should also be smooth and unused.

Type of Raw Material

Wood is the commonest type of material used in pellet makers. If you, however, plan on using your pellet machine for other materials like paper, rice husk, straw, wood sawdust, grass, hay, or others, you’ll need to ensure that the machine you plan on purchasing can work on other raw materials apart from wood.

After-Sale Service

Spare part supply and after-sale service are very important for choosing a pellet maker manufacturer. Be sure to choose manufacturers that could provide satisfactory and consistent after-sales service and ones who you can contact easily through a phone call or by email.

Pellet Maker Manufacturer

Although you may find more affordable prices from other manufacturers, be sure to make your purchase from a respected and well-known manufacturer. Taichung transmission pellet machinery is a great choice as they offer quality machines, assist in the assembly and also offer top-notch after-sale service. Everything would be taken care of by us, and you would not have to deal with third parties to take care of your machine. Taichang is currently the best there is.

Quality of Die

Make sure that the die on your pellet machine fulfills all technical machinery standards and has a great high-quality surface finish. Be sure to check and make sure that the inner holes are symmetrically and uniformly distributed to guarantee the same shape and size of wood pellets.

Test Run

Carry out a test run of the machine before paying for it. This will allow you to decide if it’s the right choice.

How To Buy an Affordable Pellet Maker?

Trying to purchase a pellet maker can prove to be an overwhelming experience as most of your searches are on Google. A lot of manufacturers are Chinese companies, European and American companies. You could make the wrong choice if you make your decision based on where the company is located. With this in mind, let’s talk about some well-known brands that manufacture affordable but quality pellet machines:


This company specializes in the production, development, and research of wood pellet makers. The company has been functional for over a decade with a team of talented designers and engineers. Their pellet makers can be used on a lot of materials which include rice husks, sunflower seeds, food waste, etc. Their machines can also be used in feed mills, fuel plants, chemical plants, and others.

Taichang manufactures affordable but quality pellet makers and also offers good after-sale service. Visit the company’s website for more information on how to purchase their equipment.

CPM Pellet Maker

This company is a world-leading supplier of pellet makers with thousands supplied all over the world. Their machines offer high production quality, have durable gear, high production efficiency, and are capable of large-scale pellet production—high production quality. Visit the company’s website for more information on how to purchase their equipment.

Andritz Pellet Maker

They are also an international pellet maker distributor with the company’s headquarters located in Graz, Australia. Their pellet makers are sturdy, offer high efficiency of production, and offer a large capacity for raw material handling. These machines are mostly expensive and work only on large-scale pellet production. Visit the company’s website for more information on how to purchase their equipment.

Muyang Pellet Maker

Muyang is an industrial company based in China that deals mainly in the manufacture of feed pellet maker machines. They produce high-quality water-resistant machines needed by international high-class feed-producing factories. Their machines are very reliable with high running stability. Visit the company’s website for more information on how to purchase their feed pellet machine.

How To Use a Pellet Maker for Beginners?

Every pellet maker will differ in terms of its operation. However, there are some general tips you should follow.

Firstly, your newly acquired pellet has to be assembled according to the instructions provided by the manufacturers. If you do not want to carry out this activity yourself, Taichang offers onsite installation after purchase.

The next step is to fully ensure that all key components are properly lubricated, especially the die and rollers. Make sure the clearance between the flat die and the pressure roller has been properly adjusted.

Usually, a wood chipper or a hammer hill is used to make the material smaller before it is fed into the machine. The size of the raw material must be smaller than that of the pellet. For round wood or logs, size reduction by a wood crusher is necessary. A hammer mill is used to acquire sizes of 6mm or smaller. Ensure that the water content of the raw material is less than 12%. It is important to remove excess water. You may choose to dry the material under the sun for small-scale production.

Wood material needed for pelletizing is fed through the pellet machine, where the rollers and die are moving at relatively high speed. The wood feed inserted will be shaped as pellets as they exit the hole on the die.

As the pellets are extruded, they are usually hot and wet. Make use of pellet coolers to reduce the temperature of the pellets as well as reduce the water content. As soon as the pellets are cool, they become strong and are easier to store or transport.

For large quantities of produced pellets, trucks are usually used to transport or deliver these pellets.

Bulk trucks are usually loaded directly from the production plant for delivery to bulk storage containers. The bulk trucks are more efficient than the flatbed trucks, although they are more expensive. Wood pellet packing machines are also used in the packaging of processed pellets. The machine does this by packaging the pellets in airtight plastic bags for sale or transport.

How To Maintain a Pellet Maker?

The wearing parts of a pellet maker are the roll and die. Maintaining these parts appropriately can reduce the rate of machine failure and break down, improve the working efficiency, save time, cut down on coat and labor. The production and forming rate of the machine would decline if there were issues with the roll and die. There are ways to ensure the proper and continual working of your pellet maker machine, which include:

1. Ensure that the die and roller of the pellet maker are kept clean

Clean up the die and roller parts with diesel or gasoline after 30 days. The insides of the machine should be kept clean to ensure steady high production. If the die and rollers aren’t coated with sufficient lubricating oil after cleaning, the rollers will rotate unsteadily; the production speed would also be affected.

2. Preheat the pellet maker before use

Always ensure that the temperature inside the machine is about 50℃ by feeding the oil mixture repeatedly until the desired temperature is achieved. In cold weather, make sure that the machine is preheated for a longer time so that it can work better, produce at a higher rate, and for longer service life.

3. Confirm the quality of raw materials used

Before feeding the machine with your raw materials, ensure that there are no stones, irons, or unwanted material in your feed. Raw materials are harder to mold, ensuring the moisture content is around 10%-18%. However, if your feed is too damp, the moisture could block the holes on the die.

4. Replace the machine’s oil mixture every six months

Replace the oil mixture (mixed sawdust and waste oil) every six months; otherwise, they would harden the die holes and possibly block them. This blockage would affect further subsequent use.

Taichang Pellet Makers Introduction

Taichang is a world-known pellet maker manufacturer and supplier in China. Because of our high quality coontrol, our products have been shipped off to more than 100 countries. We design our pellet makers in a way that can match customer needs and perform as per industry standards.

Our crew of qualified and competent engineers and designers guarantees that every product, whether for domestic purpose or commercial purpose, is highly productive and delivers the required result with the smallest power usage. The machines are reliable and affordable. The company also offers 24/7 after-service care, and you have the opportunity to choose a suitable model based on your needs.

Taichang Pellet Makers Features

Taichang is a manufacturing company based in China that specializes in the production, development, and research of wood pellet making machinery. We are ISO 9001, CE, and SGS certified, suggesting that our products and types of machinery are manufactured under the strictest quality control standards.

We provide complete installation service for every heavy machinery purchased for a turn-key experience. Your operators will also be trained on how to make use of the new pellet machine in the factory alongside understanding the machine’s handbook.


The heavyweight industrial pellet maker is long-lasting, durable, and can perform for over twenty-four hours without the urgent need to stop or perform maintenance practices. The Taichang industrial pellet maker has an automatic lubricating system that works intermittently to extend the working life of the parts of the machine and also to reduce your workload.

This machine is versatile as it can be used on all kinds of raw materials such as cashew nuts, peanuts, tree branches, food waste, fruit shells, rice husks, leaves, and more. It can also be used in chemical plants, fuel plants, feed mills, wood processing plants, and more. The machine provides excellent heat dissipation characteristics as the vertical laying dies are fed directly with a wide range of uses and applications.

pellet machine spare parts

The die materials are made out of alloy steel for a longer working life span. The machine is assembled with a double layer die that is coupled with high-quality rolls that are made from wear-resistant alloy steels.

The main shaft on this compact, easy-to-operate machine is also wear-resistant and produces wood pellets with a smooth, consistent surface.

main shaft

This kind of machinery has all the benefits of a horizontal ring die pellet machine combined with a flat die pellet machine. Its double layer die is uniquely assembled with high-quality rolls made out of wear-resistant alloy steel.

The machines minimize moisture content at low speed and moderate temperatures for better drying. It also comes with a cooling and dust system that helps to reduce dust production during use. We offer affordable prices for quality machines.


Convenience and ease of operation is key in the Taichang industry. You can read further about a particular model or size on the website.

Summarily, the main features of the machine include:

  • 24-hour work time
  • Versatile (can be used to process different types of materials).
  • Longer life span because they are made from alloy steel.
  • Easy to operate, only one man needed to operate.
  • Smooth and wear-resistant surface.
  • Inbuilt fan blower and cooling system.
  • Produces pellets of the same size at a consistent rate.

Taichang Pellet Makers Parameter

ModelPower(kw)Pellet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Size(cm)

Tips When Buying a Pellet Maker

In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:

1) What is the material to make wood pellets? Better if you can share us some pictures

2) Hardness of your material?

3) Moisture content?

4) Maximum diameter of the material to be processed?

5)The capacity per hour you want to get for the pellet production.

Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

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