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Pellet Press Machine- The Beginner's Guide

pellet machine

If you are looking for a thorough beginner's guide about pellet press machines, then you’re at the right place. Choosing the best pellet press machine requires basic knowledge, and we have all the information you need here. We have carefully covered every aspect of the pellet machine you need to learn as a beginner, from cost to machine types. So, let’s get right into it!

What is a Pellet Press Machine?

A pellet press machine is also referred to as a pellet mill or pellet machine. As a machine, it is used to make pellets out of powdered biomass.

Unlike most biomass processing machines that break down large units into smaller ones, the pellet machines work on the integration principle. The smaller particles are tightly packed against each other to produce pellets.

What are the Pellet Press Machine Applications?

The pellet machine primarily converts powdered low-density biomass into higher-density pellets. It serves to increase the utility of the biomass.

The pellets produced by the pellet press machine have a broad utility and application. The small scale and large scale user application of pellets contribute to increasing their utility. The pellet machine can produce animal feed, wooden pellets, and fuel for the pellet-powered stove. Other than that, a pellet press machine can be used for infrared spectroscopy.

How Much Does a Pellet Press Machine Cost?

The pellet press machine price is entirely dependent on the scale and purpose of use. There is significant variation in the price of a pellet press machine depending entirely upon the usage. A home-based pellet press machine would cost much less than a commercial pellet machine.

Similarly, the pellet press machine for small-scale usage is more cost-effective than the large scale.

The price of a home-based and small-scale pellet mill starts from $300. The primary cost can go up on incorporating more specifications and opting for a machine of higher yield.

Commercial and large-scale pellet machines can cost up to several thousand dollars. On average, the price range for industrial pellet press machines for commercial usage is between the US $1300 to $250000.

How Does a Pellet Press Machine Work?

Pellet press machines are of several types, and each has its working principle.

The powder is introduced into the machine through one end. The die present in the device rotates the roller press of the machine. The rotating roller press forces the powdered biomass into the holes present in the die. The powder then takes solid form. As the solid-state is exposed from the other end of the die, a cutter on the other side cuts it, resembling a pellet. This is the general working of the pellet machines.

In small-scale pellet manufacturing, the pellet presses often work on the hydraulic press principle.

Whether large scale or small scale, water and heat are required to compress and shape the pellet. Resultantly, the pellets are often moist and hot as they exit the pellet press machine.

How Many Types of Pellet Press Machines are there?

The pellet machines can be classified on various bases. They are primarily classified based on the scale of manufacture. The pellet press machines are either meant for small-scale manufacture or large-scale manufacture. In either case, the pellet machines are primarily of two types; the flat die pellet press machine and the ring die pellet press machine.

flat die pellet machine

The flat die pellet machine derives its name from the flat die. The die has a horizontal placement in the flat die pellet machine. The flat die with slots is present below the roller. The raw material is added from the top space.

ring die pellet machine

The ring dies pellet mill has a circular die, and that’s how it derives the name. The die has a vertical placement. Instead of feeding the raw material from the top of the die, the raw material is placed in the middle center. Unlike the flat die mill, which comprises one single roller, the ring dies pellet mill usually has two rollers. The number of rollers can also be increased.

The ring dies pellet mill has more a die with a higher number of slots than a flat die pellet machine.

Among the two, the flat die pellet press machine is widely used for small-scale manufacturing, while the other is more commonly used for large-scale manufacturing.

How to Choose the Best Pellet Press Machine for Pellet Production?

The best pellet press machine for pellet production is the one that checks all boxes for you. It is essential to consider all the specifications before settling for any device. Some of the specifications worth considering are discussed as follows:

Production Volume

Depending on the production volume, one can opt for a small-scale or large-scale pellet production machine. For non-commercial and home-based usage, a small-scale machine would be more suited. However, in the case of pellets are to be manufactured for commercial reasons and in a large volume, a large-scale machine would be more appropriate.

There are two popular types of pellet press machines depending upon the pellet pressing die set. The flat die pellet press is more suited for small-scale usage, and the other variant is more suitable for use in a commercial setup.

Purpose of Manufacture

The pellet mill has a wide range of uses. Primarily the use could vary between pellets for fodder purposes and pellets for fuel purposes. Once you have a clear idea of the intent of manufacture, selecting the machine tends to become a lot easier.

Ease of Operation

Machinery with ease of operation is more suitable for use. This type of machinery is easier to operate and significantly reduces the running cost of the pellet mill. It is primarily because no external assistance is hired to run the machine.

The Pellet Quality

The pellet quality is an essential factor to consider when it comes to pellet press machines. Uniformly shaped and higher density pellets offer better quality. Thus, it is advisable to opt for a device with guaranteed pellet quality.

To be sure, one can also do a test run to ensure the pellet quality is up to the mark.

Energy Efficiency

A good quality pellet machine uses energy conservatively. One might overlook this factor, but it has a significant impact on the running and production costs. Thus, an energy-efficient pellet machine is more suitable. It is perhaps one of the best options when it comes to purchasing pellet machines.

Raw Material

Pellet machines are wired to handle a particular type of raw material. Depending on the type of raw material, the pellet press can be a wood pellet press machine, sawdust pellet press machine, or Grass pellet press. The choice is user-specific and varies greatly.

The Manufacturer

Purchasing electronic items worth hundreds of dollars from third-party enterprises is not advisable. It significantly raises the risk factor. Thus, it is advisable to buy directly from a reliable manufacturer to secure your purchase. Investing in a Taichang Pellet Mill would prove to be the best decision of your life, given the quality-controlled product and after-sale services.

Buy pellet press from Taichang today to secure your investment and get the best biomass pellet press available in the market.


All these factors determine and help a great deal in choosing the best pellet press machine for your needs.

What are the Advantages of a Ring Die Pellet Press Machine?

The ring dies pellet machine has a higher purchase cost than the flat die pellet press machine. Thus, it is often believed that the ring die pellet machine is the better among the two. The truth is that the ring die pellet press machine is better than the other variant.

  • The ring die pellet machine is more durable. The running and maintenance costs are also significantly reduced with the ring die pellet machine. All this can be attributed to the low wear and tear of the ring-type machine due to the design principle.
  • Energy efficiency is one of the most important concerns of an individual when purchasing machinery. Ring die pellet machines are more energy which helps keep the electricity bills in check. Ultimately this proves to be highly advantageous from the cost point of view.
  • Furthermore, the ring die pellet press machines have a higher production capacity. It makes them suitable for large-scale use. The pellets produced from this type of machine also retain their shape better and are of high density. Thus, the quality of pellets produced by ring die pellet machines are impeccable.
  • This type of pellet press machine is also multipurpose as it can be used for manufacturing feed and fuel pellets.

How to Buy an Affordable Pellet Press Machine?

Affordability is a relative and subjective term. It dramatically varies for individuals. What may seem affordable to one may not seem as reasonable to the other. Thus, the cheap pellet press machine is the one that adequately meets your set of requirements and fits your budget.

In terms of machinery, the quality determines the price. Often, machinery with an affordable initial price has a significantly high running cost. On the contrary, a pellet machine with a relatively higher initial price may prove to save several thousand bucks in the long run.

Thus, it is essential to consider another factor along with the sticker price to determine affordability accurately.

In the long run, an affordable pellet machine should include a steady spare part supply, free after-sale services, and ease of operation. At first, these factors might seem nominal, but they significantly impact the overall cost of the machinery.

If spare parts are not readily available, the cost of importing the worn-out spare parts will significantly increase the overall running cost. The same goes for the ease of operation and after-sales services. Initially, these things might not make a significant difference, but the production cost will skyrocket in the long run.

There is evident variation in the pricing of the pellet machines depending on the type. The ring die pellet machines are relatively expensive when compared to the flat die pellet machines. If you are on a quest to save money, it is better to opt for the flat die pellet machine.

Although opting for a machine other than the one that you require will produce less than optimal results. However, it is advisable to get a machine of your desirability as thee tends to last a lifetime.

How to Use a Pellet Press Machine for Beginners?

It is vital to undergo the learning phase to master any art. A beginner ought to be careful while using machinery. There are huge chances of an accident in case the machinery is not handled with care. Therefore, it is advisable to read the instruction manual carefully before using the pellet press machine.

Instruction Manual

Follow the instruction manual for assembling the pellet press machine. Following assembly, the connection line is set up. In case you feel overwhelmed with this task, our team is here for your assistance.


Once the machine has been set up, the lubrication of each part is carefully checked to determine the functionality of the machinery. The lubrication check followed by lubricating the necessary elements is particularly vital in the case of a new pellet machine.

Raw Material

The raw material also requires to be checked before loading it in the machinery. As a rule of thumb, the raw material needs to be more diminutive than the resultant finished products. Thus, you must take adequate measures to ensure that the raw material is of desirable size. If the raw material is larger than the required size, it is advisable to reduce it manually or through a crushing machine.

Avoid Overloading

It is pretty standard for beginners to overload the pellet machine. Overloading often destroys the machine and shortens its functionality span. Thus, make sure you read the manual as carefully as possible to avoid making any errors.

Checking Water Content

It is also crucial to check the water content before proceeding with operating the machine. If the water content is higher than optimal, it will adversely affect the production quality of pellets. Thus, it is a vital element. The pellet machine must also be preheated before usage. An abrasive material should also be fed to the pellet machine.

With the growing usage of pellet machines, there is also an increasing number of beginners. Thorough knowledge and understanding of the functionality of a pellet press machine are necessary to reap maximum benefits and eliminate the security risk.

How to Maintain a Pellet Press Machine?

Maintenance is the key to machinery longevity—lack of maintenance results in a poorly functioning machine with lower than optimal product quality and output. To get maximum yield from a pellet machine, it is crucial to maintain it.

Periodic Inspection

The first step of maintenance is usually the periodic inspection. A pellet press machine must be checked from time to time to ensure all the spare parts are in mint condition. The roller, gear, die, and bearings are essential components and require utmost care.


Lubrication is required for the smooth functioning of machinery as friction causes wear and tear. The transmission parts of the machine should be lubricated with oil at fixed intervals. The gearbox oil lubricant also serves as an essential element in enhancing the longevity of the machinery. Thus, it is necessary to check and change it at fixed intervals.

Cleaning the roller

The roller is one of the main components of the machine. It is recommended to take out the roller after each use and clean it. The roller must then be fixed in place.

All malfunctioning spare parts must be changed timely. Ensure only to use original spare parts as they have better compatibility with the machine and do not negatively affect its longevity.


When the pellet press machine is not in use, store it in a clean and dry environment. Ideally, it should be covered by a tarpaulin to prevent it from environmental impact.

To reduce the chance of malfunction and accidents, it is also advisable to re-read the instruction manual after each use. The pellet machine should be turned off immediately to reduce the damage in case of malfunction.

All these measures are vital for the long-term maintenance of the pellet machine.


We hope that this article addresses all your relevant concerns. We have tried our best to anticipate address all the queries and problems that might arise in the minds of beginners and potential buyers. For further questions, you may connect with our team of experts.

Taichang Pellet Press Machine Introduction

Searching for a cost-competitive and high-quality pellet press machine to skyrocket your business? Then, Taichang is your best bet! Being a professional and certified company since 2004, we have catered to over 1000+ customers.

We are ISO 9001 certified experts that test all the components of a pellet press machine. Our press pellet machines can take care of any materials ranging from rubber to rice, with super efficiency. All the machine’s components are made of high-quality materials such as German alloy steel.

Taichang’s pellet press machine is the best on the market in terms of efficiency, life, durability, and range of specifications.

Taichang Pellet Press Machine Features

What’s better than buying from a company that specializes in pellet press machines? Taichang is a team of the best engineers and professionals. Our skilled employees ensure every aspect of the machine is tested before assembling using the best international quality standards.

We are the leading press machine manufacturers in China. 90% of our components are self-made, which reduces the defect rate to almost zero. In addition, we provide a wide range of specifications that you can choose from or get customized.

Taichang carries out its research and development in an R&D facility in China. We offer the best and competitive prices for our high quality and durable machines.

Customers are our priority. If you want any technical help, call our customer support that is online 24/7. Moreover, we happily offer online/onsite installation services and quick after-sale services to our customers.

Have a look at some of the most important features of Taichang Pellet Press Machine:


It is built with an auto lubricating system which reduces energy consumption and increases machine life incredibly.

It is used for many kinds of materials such as hard fruit shells, food waste, rubber, cement, branches, rice/sunflower husks. In addition, you can also use chemical plants, wood processing plants, etc. The applications include chemical, fertilizing, agricultural industries and much more.

pellet machine spare parts

The vertical lying dies are made of alloy steel and produced with high precision.

Our machine’s main shaft is wear-resistant and highly robust. In addition, the high-quality components produce smooth and hard pellets.

main shaft

This machine gives both the advantages of a ring die pellet and a flat die pellet machine. The high-quality dies are accurately assembled with wear-resistant rolls. This assembly has a working life of about 1500 hours!

The built-in cooling and heat dissipation systems help in cooling down the pellet formation area. This reduces the overall damage to the machine and increases the efficiency and life of the internal bearing.


The user-friendly digital display allows you to input details easily. It shows all the necessary operating information.

This pellet press machine is independently built with a frequency conversion discharge device for a consistent pellet formation.

Taichang Pellet Press Machine Parameter

ModelPower(kw)Pellet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Size(cm)

Tips When Buying a Pellet Press Machine

In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:

1) What is the material to make wood pellets? Better if you can share us some pictures

2) Hardness of your material?

3) Moisture content?

4) Maximum diameter of the material to be processed?

5)The capacity per hour you want to get for the pellet production.

Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

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