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Pelleting Machine - The Beginner's Guide

pellet machine

Are you ready to buy a brand new pelleting machine for making your business and home tasks easier? If yes, luckily, you are at the exact right place. There could be numerous difficulties that you may face while choosing the best pelleting machine from the entire market. Therefore, Taichang has brought a very compact, easy to understand and useful guide to know all about the pelleting machine. Before guessing anything related to it, let’s have a look at this comprehensive guide.

What is a Pelleting Machine?

A pelleting machine is a type of machine that makes uniform and homogenous pellets by combining the powdered material. It makes large products or masses by using and combining small materials.

In other words, it is also called a pellet mill because of its combining properties.

On the other hand, grinding mills are the ones that break large masses into tiny raw materials.

From small-scale pelleting machines to large ones, there are various types of them.

Additionally, the wood pelleting machine could be homemade as well as completely advanced factory-made.

In short, it depends upon the type of pelleting machine you are using and other characteristics.

Why Pelleting Machine is Used?

The pelleting machine is used for different purposes depending upon its structure and type.

A small pelleting machine is used to make small-sized materials.

It usually holds the loose powder in pockets supported by screws or hydraulic presses.

The shape of the pocket is exactly what is made as a final product.

The compression of raw material is done through a platen.

On the other hand, a large-scale pelleting machine is also used for various reasons.

Primarily, animal feed pelleting machine, fish feed pelleting machine, hay pelleting machine are some examples of it.

Other usages of pelleting machine could be biomass wood pelleting machine and alfalfa pelleting machine.

How Does a Pelleting Machine Work?

Since there are different pelleting machines, their working procedure also varies from one another.

For example, a flat die and ring die pelleting machine works differently.

However, the functionality of these pelleting machines is quite the same.

Raw materials are fed through a hopper in a flat die pelleting machine. These materials spread over the roller while entering into the pelleting machine.

After that, the wood is pressed towards the holes of the flat die so that they can be molded easily. Finally, solid cylindered shapes become the output of the pelleting machine.

On the other hand, the ring die pelleting machine is directly connected to a motor.

The gearbox is connected through it by shaft coupling. A hopper helps the raw material to move towards a conditioner.

Butter or vapor is used to provide adhesiveness to the final product.

The raw material is pressed towards the holes. Finally, pressure and extra temperature provide the final solid shape to them.

The output material from the ring dies pelleting machine is usually long in size. Therefore, a slicer is used to cut them before getting out of the machine.

How Much Does a Pelleting Machine Cost?

The pelleting machine price varies because of its different types.

The cost of a biomass wood pelleting machine could be different from the animal feed pelleting machine.

In a nutshell, the price of a basic pelleting machine starts from $300.

However, it can reach up to several thousand dollars for more advanced forms of the pelleting machine.

Dramatically, the price of pelleting machines can also go up to several thousand dollars depending upon the requirements.

The commercial-style pelleting machines cost more than the basic home-style pelleting machines.

The cost of a pelleting machine also depends upon the manufacturer and quality of the product.

That is why you should take care of the aspects necessary to look at in a pelleting machine while figuring out its price.

What are the Types of Pelleting Machine?

There are numerous types of pelleting machines in the market.

These pelleting machine types could be divided into two categories, namely, large-scale and small-scale pelleting machines.

Large-scale pelleting machines consists of machines like ring die pelleting machine and flat die pelleting machine.

A flat die pelleting machine was made in the 20th century for the production of animal feed.

It is now largely used for producing wood pellets as well.

There are just a few powdered slots in a flat die pelleting machine.

On the other hand, the ring die pelleting machine consists of continuous radial slots spread throughout the die.

These spreads distributes the powder which is fed to the interior of the ring die pelleting machine.

Other significant types of pelleting machines are as follows:

  • Wood pelleting machine
  • Animal feed pelleting machine
  • Fish feed pelleting machine
  • Biomass wood pelleting machine
  • Alfalfa pelleting machine
  • Hay pelleting machine

How to Choose the Best Pelleting Machine for Pellet Production?

The following tips will help you find the best pelleting machine for a convenient experience of pellet production.

Type of Raw Material:

This is the primary consideration while choosing the best pelleting machine.

The type of raw material you will use to make pellets such as wood should be your actual consideration.

For developing a straw pelleting machine, it is always recommended to go for options other than wood.

Other considerable materials could be rice husks, bamboo shaving, wood sawdust, etc.

The Physical Appearance of Pelleting Machine:

The pelleting machine should be of high-quality stainless steel. Uniform spray paint should be applied all around the pelleting machine.

There should not be any corrosion found on the surface of the pelleting machine.

The Quality of Die:

The adherence to technical standards should be observed in a pelleting machine comprehensively.

Only the symmetric and uniform inner holes can assure you of high quality and uniform pellet production.

Pelleting machines with joint or blind holes should be avoided.

The Output of the Pelleting Machine:

Your output requirement plays a vital role in this consideration.

For small pelleting machines, it could be around 50 to 800 kg per hour.

For large pelleting machines, it could be double or even triple the said limit of small pelleting machines.

The Convenience of Operation:

The pelleting machine should be easy to operate for the common employees.

It also makes it easier to train the employees about pelleting machines if its operations are easier.

Consumption of Energy:

Your pelleting machine should be energy efficient to enhance the profitability of your business.


You should always choose a pelleting machine with good serviceable components.

So that in case of a breakdown, it can become easier to sustain and rerun the pelleting machine.

Availability of a Test Run:

If the pelleting machine is available for a test run, it will be an added plus for you.

You can check its pros and cons in real-time by operating it through your hands.


You should always choose a good and reliable manufacturer for buying a high-quality pelleting machine.

How to Buy an Affordable Pelleting Machine?

Buying an affordable pelleting machine is necessary because most of the time, you have to stick to a budget plan.

Quality should not be compromised throughout the purchasing process of the pelleting machine.

Ring die pelleting machines are usually more expensive than flat die pelleting machines.

Therefore flat die pelleting machine proves to be a good choice if your goal revolves around saving money.

However, the type of pelleting machine may not suit your business.

You need to look at the output capacity of the pelleting machine while considering its price.

However, you do not need to worry about both of these aspects.

Surprisingly, Taichang pelleting machines are one of the most economical and quality-rich machines.

The working efficiency will be greatly enhanced by using these types of pelleting machines.

There are some other crucial factors you should consider while looking out for an affordable pelleting machine.

One of the primary aspects is the convenience of operation.

The pelleting machine should be as easy to operate as common employees can operate them easily.

The second most important aspect is the after-sales support that the pelleting machine manufacturer provides to you.

There should be 24/7 after-sales support with the availability of your favorite platform.

The pelleting machine should be bought if there is a sufficient supply of its spare parts in the market.

Moreover, the pelleting machine manufacturer should be able to send these spare parts to your specified address.

Buying a cheap pelleting machine with low serviceability and maintenance will cost you more.

Therefore, you should buy the pelleting machine from a prominent manufacturer like Taichang.

You should also analyze the type of pelleting machine you require to perform your operations efficiently.

It is only possible when all of your requirements related to the usage of the pelleting machine are clear.

Affordability and serviceability, both are important aspects to look at while purchasing the pelleting machine.

How to Use a Pelleting Machine for Beginners?

Every pelleting machine has a different structure and functionalities.

However, the primary working behavior of each pelleting machine is the same.

For beginners, there are a few tips to help start them using pelleting machine efficiently as follows.

Firstly, when you buy a brand new pelleting machine, you need and assemble and install it properly.

For this purpose, you need to thoroughly study and follow the provided instructions along with the pelleting machine.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable when it comes to installation, Taichang can completely help you with onsite installation.

Lubrication is also a major part of the assurance of proper component functioning.

You should also need to observe and correct the clearing between the flat die and pressure roller.

Consider using the raw material which is less than the size of the pallets.

In case the raw material is not that smaller, you can use a hammer mill or wood chipper to do so.

You should also ensure that there is just less than 12% of water in the raw material.

After that, you can feed these raw wood elements into your pelleting machine to start the action.

You will get the inserted material into a proper shape of pellets once it comes out of the attached holes on the die.

Mostly, these output pellets become hot and wet. For eliminating the effects of it, you may also use a pellet cooler.

This will not be an ordinary pellet cooler as it will cool down the pellets as well as remove extra moisture from them.

These pellets will not be that much strong when their temperature is high.

However, when you make them cool, these output pellets will get a strong shape and structure.

For storing these pellets, some manufacturers also use wood-shaped pellet packing machines.

These pellet packing machines help the pellets to be in their original shape and structure throughout the traveling time.

For long routes, the usage of bulk trucks is also a good idea for delivering these pellets.

How to Maintain a Pelleting Machine?

Maintaining your pelleting machine is the very first step towards efficient working.

There are a few steps you need to follow in order to maintain your pelleting machine perfectly.

The transmission parts of the pelleting machine periodically need oil to work smoothly.

Therefore, proper lubrication should be applied to ensure reliability and longevity.

The gearbox of the pelleting machine also needs a regular oil change.

You should also inspect the overall components of the pelleting machine on a monthly basis.

Proper inspection techniques should be followed to ensure the durability of the pelleting machine.

Important parts of the pelleting machine include the gears, bearings, die, and rollers.

You should be focusing more on these important components while the overall pelleting machine inspection.

Always ensure to replace or remove the parts of the pelleting machine which are broken or getting problematic.

You should take quick action when you feel something wrong with its components.

Moreover, you should also ensure that no part or component of the pelleting machine is loose.

It is also strongly advised to properly clean and wash out the rollers after every use.

Before getting started with the pelleting machine, ensure a proper understanding of the instructions book.

If you face any unusual kind of activity in your pelleting machine, shutting it down would be a perfect option.

It will allow you to analyze and inspect the pelleting machine properly.

Additionally, the risk of damages to your pelleting machine becomes minimum.

It will also save your working employees from serious injuries.

Therefore, it is advised to always have a practical schedule of your pelleting machine’s maintenance.

Taichang Pelleting Machine Introduction

Taichang pelleting machine will not only make your business a dozen times productive but it will also save a lot of energy while providing ultimate productivity.

Modern pelleting machines like biomass wood pelleting machines will allow you to get the benefits of both of the machines like flat die and horizontal ring die machines.

It’s undoubtedly a super quality product that works with all types of materials like cement, ash, rubber, peanut, crop straws, sunflower husks, etc.

The most powerful and advanced German alloy steel is used in the production of this remarkable pelleting machine.

Taichang pelleting machine is easy to install, operate, maintain and repair because of its well-designed structure and quality.

It can be used in almost all fields like MSW processing, power, biomass energy fuel, fertilizer, chemical plants, etc.

Therefore, if you want to get a high-quality product at an economical price, Taichang pelleting machine is the best choice.

Taichang Pelleting Machine Features

Being a professional manufacturer, Taichang is an expert in the research, production, and manufacturing of wood pelleting machines.

We are professional in our field and adhere to all the prominent international quality standards like ISO 9001, SGS, CE, etc. with more than a decade of experience.

We have been delivering high-class pelleting machines to more than 70 countries of the world with positive feedback. Reliable installation services, after-sales support, and employee training are one of our main advantages.

Let’s have a brief overview of the features you will find in the Taichang pelleting machine.


There is an absolute 24 hours of work time that the machine can bear without any interruptions. It’s durable and extremely efficient because it also comes with an automatic lubrication system to reduce your workload.

You can use it in all kinds of materials no matter if it’s stems, branches, food waste, rice husks, sunflower husks, fruit shells, peanuts, or anything else. You can use this super-efficient pelleting machine everywhere including the wood processing plants, fuel plants, chemical plants, and feed mills.

pellet machine spare parts

The vertical-laying flat dies to feed directly with a broad range of applications and excellent heat dissipation. It offers improved efficiency for a reduced cost and the best possible performance. Die materials are made out of alloy steel for a longer life span.

You can also get a lot of benefits through the wear-resistant main shaft of the pelleting machine. The produced wood pellets will be of fine quality and perfectly shaped.

main shaft

The double-layer die includes the functionalities and benefits of both, the flat die pelleting machine and ring die pelleting machine. It comes with a durable and long-lasting service life of more than 1500 hours which is more than the usual pelleting machines in the market.

There is an excellent heat dissipation feature that will allow you to work smoothly without any worries of high temperature. High-quality steel and other materials are used to make a perfect pelleting machine without any compromise.


The transmission box of the Taichang pelleting machine is of high strength which eventually makes quality-oriented final products.

Taichang Pelleting Machine Parameter

ModelPower(kw)Pellet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Size(cm)

Tips When Buying a Pelleting Machine

In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:

1) What is the material to make wood pellets? Better if you can share us some pictures

2) Hardness of your material?

3) Moisture content?

4) Maximum diameter of the material to be processed?

5)The capacity per hour you want to get for the pellet production.

Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

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