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Pelleting Press - The Beginner's Guide

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Are you looking for a new pelleting press or wood pellet press machine? Purchasing a pellet press machine for sale is not like buying any other electric products. Before purchasing a pelleting press, you must be clear about the purpose of the machine. If you plan to set up a fuel pellet production line, you must be clear about the raw materials you will use. Will you use one wood or different types of wood? There are many other factors to consider. Besides, you should also consider the quality of the pelleting press or Homemade pellet press manufacturer.

We are a leading pelleting press manufacturer in China and always receive lots of questions from our clients. Therefore, we prepared this beginner’s guide on pelleting presses. After reading this article, you will know everything you need to know before buying a pelleting press.

What Is a Pelleting Press?

A Pelleting press processes raw materials like wood, straw, leaves, peanut shells, etc.

That’s why it is also known as a Sawdust pellet press machine Sawdust pellet press.

You will find various types of pelleting presses. However, typically they are categorized into two kinds – small scale and large scale. The wood pellet press machine can process many raw materials of any size and customize the pellet size.

You can use a pellet press machine for large and small-scale use. You can also find homemade pellet press. However, they are not that reliable as professional machines.

What is a Pelleting Press Used for?

The pelleting press has a wide range of applications. You can classify the wood pellet press machine into two categories according to their applications– small scale and large scale.

As an application example, you can always mix dry powdered feedstock with animal feed pellets.

Infrared spectroscopy is another field where you can use a pelleting press. You can produce potassium bromide pellets that are used in infrared spectroscopy.

You can use a small-scale pelleting press for various applications, and they are always variations of screw presses or hydraulic presses.

Large-scale pelleting press machines are mainly used for animal feeds, wood pellets, and fuel pellets. They come in two different types – flat die mills and ring die mills.

How Does a Pelleting Press Machine Work?

Typically pelleting press machines are of two types – flat die pellet machines and ring die pellet machines.

Ring die pellet press is a large pellet press and has a high capacity. They are also known as Industrial pellet presses. On the other hand, the flat die pelleting press is portable and small, and ideal for small-scale production or in-house use.

Here is the process how they work:

Working process of a Flat Die Pelleting Press.

After feeding raw materials, they fall on the flat die and expand over it. When you start the Sawdust pellet press, the motor brings along the central shaft along with the gearbox, which also holds the press roller. The press roller rotates about the main shaft, and the rollers spin all over the roller shaft.

The rotating press pushes the raw materials into flat die’s holes to mold, and when they are squeezed out, they get a cylindrical shape.

The slicer under the flat die cuts the cylindrically shaped biomass pellets.

Working Process Of A Ring Die Pelleting Press

A direct-connected motor connected with the gearbox through a shaft coupling operates a ring die pellet machine. Here the roller which is connected with the main shaft starts rotating inside the ring die.

When you feed the raw materials, they are transmitted to the conditioner to enhance the forming rate. The raw materials then spread over the ring die’s inner part entering through the pelletizing cabinet. From there, they are pushed into the ring’s holes. They change their shape under high temperatures and pressure. They get the desired cylindrical shape when they come out, and the slicer cuts them to pieces.

How Much does a Pelleting Press Cost?

The price of a pellet press machine depends on various factors. Biomass pellet press machines’ prices vary according to their size and the purpose you are going to use them for. We have a high-quality pellet press machine for sale with the following qualities:

● Standard Sawdust pellet press machines are flat dying pellet machines, and ring dies pellet machines—one for small-scale and one for large-scale production. The price also varies according to the type of machine.

● Our pelleting press has four different types of driving powers. We have a diesel pelleting press, electric engine, PTO, and gasoline engine pelleting press. Different driving power means the price will also be different.

● Manufacturing techniques also influence the cost of pelleting press. For example, our pelleting press machines are designed to raise animal farms and breeders. Our machines are ideal for cattle, chickens, rabbits, pigs, fish, sheep, and geese livestock.

● Industrial pellet press and small-scale in-house pallet press will have different price modules.

You can ask for a quote asking your requirement, and we will assist you with the best price. If you are looking for a Homemade pellet press, then you might need USD 300. A standard pelleting press will cost you a thousand dollars, and more advanced machines can cost you ten thousand dollars and more.

How many types of Pelleting Press are there?

Typically there are two types of pelleting press machines – large-scale pelleting press and small-scale pelleting press.

The large-scale pelleting press is primarily used for large-scale commercial production. Usually, these machines have expanded working life, low consumption, and high output features.

On the other hand, a small-scale pelleting press is ideal for home use. They are low in cost and portable, which means you can shift their places quickly. You can divide small-scale pelleting press into two categories – hydraulic presses and screw presses, but both of them use the same basic processes.

According to the production capacity, they are flat die pelleting press and ring die pelleting press. Ring dies pelleting press is used for large-scale production. They are heavy and expansive. A flat die pelleting press is used for small-scale production.

How to Choose the Best Pelleting Press Machine for Pellet Production?

Choosing the best pelleting press for your pellet production depends on various factors. Please follow the following factors before you make your decision to buy a pelleting press.

The Stability

The stability of the pelleting press is an essential factor you should look after. Suppose you bought a pelleting press and spent lots of time and money on maintaining purpose, that will reduce the production and increase your production cost. So, make sure the machine Pellet press for sale has stability.

The Investment cost

Buy the most suitable machine that fits your budget and needs. Some sellers might pursue you to purchase a lot of supporting equipment, and sometimes most of them are not that necessary. Always go for the best cost-effective pellet press machine.

If you can not make a decision, ask an expert. We provide free suggestions which are willing to invest, and we never pursue our clients to buy unnecessary items. We tell them what he might need but also tell them how they can reduce their production cost.

Production and Energy Consumption

If you are into a business, production capability and energy consumption should be your primary concern. Suppose you are getting decent production, but the Sawdust pellet press you bought consumes a significant amount of power.

As a result, your expected profit margin would be reduced. So, before you buy a pelleting press, learn more about the per KWH electricity production.

Operators Requirements

A lower operational cost will increase your profit margin. So, pick a machine that is easy to operate, and you don’t need to hire more operators to run the machine.

Maintenance costs

Many buyers ignore the maintenance cost when they purchase a pelleting machine. But you should include that in your operational cost. Higher maintenance costs will reduce your profit. Standard pelleting presses need to add butter every two days. But our machine needs butter every five days. As a result, you will save a significant amount of money at the end of the month.

After-sales service

When you are entering the machining industry, one thing is for sure: you will need a friendly and fast after-sales service. On-time after-sales service is mandatory for any investor investing in pelleting press. So, pick a company that has a good culture of after-sales service.

Visit the factory

A large area and efficient production environment is proof that the company has the strength to produce good quality pelleting presses. So, you better visit the company before placing the final order.

How To Buy An Affordable Pellet Press Machine?

Yes, you should always look for quality over price, but you should not purchase anything that you will not use or you just don’t need now.

More and more people have started to make pellets both for household and industrial purposes. As the usage is getting higher, here comes the billion-dollar question – how to buy a cost-effective pelleting press?

There are many international Wood pellet press machines in the market. There are thousands of manufacturers with tons of machines. Everybody will tell you to buy machines from their company. But you should strictly follow the below factors before choosing one for an affordable pellet press machine.

● Quality. Yes, that is the foremost priority when you buy a pelleting press. Yes, you are looking for an affordable machine, but a lower quality machine will just increase your investment in the long run. So, always prefer quality over cost.

● A proper pelleting press does not mean The Best. In other words, there are lots of options for pelleting presses, and each machine is built with a specific purpose. So, before you choose a pelleting press for you, fix your budget and your requirements. What material will you use, what capacity you need, how much space you have in your workshop, lots of factors to decide? Don’t just go for the so-called ‘best.’ Because the best can be useless for you. Ask an expert if you don’t know what machine to choose. Suppose you are unsure which expert to use, feel free to send us a message and take our free advice.

● Operational cost, fuel consumption, maintenance costs, these facts may come after purchasing the pelleting press. But from our expertise, we will suggest you consider those when buying the machine. You are buying it for business purposes, right? So, additional monthly cost and lower machine cost is never a good idea. Instead, the reverse one is better. If the sales team is not enthusiastic, then no way they have a serving after-sales service.

● You will need to take support from the company you purchased the machine from. So, make sure they have an expert and dedicated after-sales team, and they really care about their customers. It is very easy to check. Send them a test mail for a query and see how fast they reply to your mail and how professional they are in their mail.

How to Use a Pelleting Press for Beginners?

Using any type of machine for the first time needs some pre-knowledge. Or, you can hurt yourself or damage the machine or the materials you are working on. So, here are our tips you should apply before using a pelleting press:


You should lubricate the gearbox, shaft, and roller with oil before you start the machine. Make sure there is enough lubrication every time before you start your Biomass pellet press. The lubrication period is not the same for all parts.

Flat Die And Roller Checking

Before starting the machine, you should start the roller and die and ensure that no unwanted matter is blocking the road. Also, check the abrasion of the die and roller.

Flat Die and Roller Adjustment

The pelletizing effect depends on the clearance between the roller and the die, and you should adjust it for the material you are going to process. 0.1mm and 0.3mm is the best clearance. Anything less than 0.1mm will reduce the lifespan of the machine in the long run.

The Procedure to Adjust the Clearance of Roller and Flat Die

For Roller-turned type: Loosen the lock bolt and clockwise turn the adjusting nut to the end and 15-30 degrees to the other side before feeding the material.

For die-turned types: First, feed a few materials by starting the machine and adjusting the bolt according to the pelletizing effect for the die-turned type.

Flat Die First Grinding

As a beginner, always remember, you have to grind the flat die with an oil mixture.

Pellet Machine Preheat

You have to feed the oil mixture before it reaches 50 degrees and then start feeding. Opening pellets may have some cracks, but they will vanish after the temperature rises to 80-100 degrees.

Double Check the Connecting Parts

Pelleting presses have cap bolts at the roller’s ends, and you have to make sure that they are perfectly tight. If they are not, they can fall off and will damage the roller.


Any power leakage in the wire, electric cabinet, or motor will stop the pelleting press from working and cause severe damage. So, make sure every connection is correctly placed.

Rotating direction

For beginners, this is very handy advice. Always check the indicative sign, and the rotating direction is consistent. Adjust the drive engine if that is not consistent. Switch on the circuit breaker first and then push the start button.

How to Maintain a Pellet Press Machine?

Every machine needs regular maintenance, and the pelleting press is no different. It will expand the lifespan of your Wood pellet press machine, and you will get more productivity at low power consumption.

Maintaining a Pellet Press Machine

● Lubricating all the transmission parts at an appropriate time will ensure your machine will last longer. So, use oil transmission parts as per the direction of the manufacturer.

● Change the gearbox and lubricating oil regularly to expand the lifetime of the pelleting press.

● Run a monthly inspection on the parts of your pelleting press. Your assessment should cover the die, roller, bearings, and gear. And if you find any flaw in any part, immediately change it, or that will affect the other parts also.

● DO NOT try to produce more than the production capacity, or that will damage the parts and shorten the lifespan of your machine.

● Take the roller and carefully clean and wash after every use. After cleaning, set it again for subsequent use.

● If you are not using the pelleting press regularly, store it carefully and regularly clean the machine. Clean it and use anti-rust oil to coat the surface. At last, cover the pelleting press with a tarpaulin. Furthermore, store it in a dry condition and make sure the surrounding area remains clean all the time.

● Always read the instructions before starting operations with your Sawdust pellet press. We highly recommend you use a professional to run the machine and take care of it.

You are investing a significant amount when you are purchasing a pelleting press machine. And with proper care, you can expand the lifespan of the machine and can get more production with less energy which will give you more revenue.

If you purchase from us, you can contact us anytime if you face any issues or need any suggestions. We always welcome and provide specific technical support to our clients so that they can operate their machines for a longer period of time.

Taichang Pelleting Press Introduction

Taichang is a leading pelleting press manufacturer company in China with a strong research and development history in this sector. We have been in this industry for more than a decade now. And by this time we have established ourselves as one of the most renowned pelleting press companies around the globe with clients in many countries.
We are ISO9001, CE and SGS certified, which means our products maintain the highest level of industry-standard you can ask for.
Maintaining quality is our foremost priority, and we guarantee that at any cost. We have our in-house quality control team to maintain the quality of every pelleting press.
You will get a complete installation service for turn-key service. You will get free training from our training experts to fully understand the operations of the pelleting press onsite.
Our after-sales service is another reason why our clients maintain a long-term relationship with us. We offer 24/7/365 after-sales service for our clients. You can take service via email, direct phone call or by visiting our office. We are never late responding to your call and are always awake to help you with any significant or minor issues.

Taichang Pellet Press Features


This is a pelleting press built for heavy-duty operations. They can work for straight 24 hours without any break and maintenance, are durable, and come with an expanded lifespan. It has full intermittent lubrication, which will lessen your workload, expanding the machine parts’ lifespan.

You can use this one for any kind of raw materials that includes branches, fruit shells, stems, peanuts, and other food waste, rice husks, sunflowers, and many other such things. You can use it as a fuel plant, chemical plant, wood processing, and other productive sectors.

pellet machine spare parts

These vertical-laying flat dies come with an extraordinary heat dissipation feature, and you can feed directly with a wide range of applications. The efficiency is much improved considering the cost, with the highest possible performance. Alloy steel is used to make the die materials for extended life duration.

This pelleting press has a main shaft that is a compact, easy-to-handle, and wear-resistant feature. It produces constant surface and smoother wood pellets.

main shaft

You will get every benefit of a horizontal ring die pelleting press combined with a flat die pelleting press. We used water-resistant premium quality alloy steel to assemble a unique double-layer die.

With 1000 to 1500 hours life span stainless steel of this efficient pelleting press, you will save money and energy. You will get a built-in fan and cooling system that will cool down the pelletizing area. The gearbox cooling system will help expand the inner bearing life, improving the machine’s functionalities.


This pelleting press will allow feeding the machine right in place vertically, and the centrifugal force will do the rest for you. It has wear-resistant bearings and resists blockages. It ensures a constant and even rate of pellet formation with its independent frequency conversion discharge device

Taichang Pelleting Press Parameter

ModelPower(kw)Pellet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Size(cm)

Tips When Buying a Pelleting Press

In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:

1) What is the material to make wood pellets? Better if you can share us some pictures

2) Hardness of your material?

3) Moisture content?

4) Maximum diameter of the material to be processed?

5)The capacity per hour you want to get for the pellet production.

Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

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