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Rice Husk Pellet Machine - The Beginner's Guide

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The demand for alternative fuels is rising worldwide. Experts consider rice husk pellets as an excellent alternative resource, thanks to their high calorific value. You can start pellet making business by purchasing a professional Rice Husk Pellet Machine. Already, several companies across the world have jumped into this industry. This guide will teach you all you need to know about the rice husk pellet mill.

What is a Rice Husk Pellet Machine?

A rice husk pellet machine is a mill press that makes biomass pellets out of the husks of rice grains. The husk refers to a grains’ outermost coating. Rice husk pellets make an excellent biomass fuel. The machine processes husks and combines them to make one-sized pellets.

What are Uses of a Rice Husk Pellet Machine?

As we said above, a rice husk pellet machine lets you convert rice husks into biomass pellets.

Rice husk pellets are a great way to recycle agricultural waste and turn it into fuel.

Rice husk is a good energy source. It burns quickly because of its low moisture content. In addition to this, these pellets minimize the dependency on fossil fuels, which is limited now.

Depending on the number of pellets you require, you can utilize an industrial or home-use rice husk pellet mill.

The majority of rice husk pellet companies make a healthy profit. Today, the rice husk pellet machine has been used by biomass power plants and people who want pellets for home heating and cattle bedding.

What is the Work Principle of a Rice Husk Pellet Machine?

The process for making pellets out of rice husks is quite simple. You put rice husks in the feeder, and after the processing, they come out as pellets.

However, multiple parts work together inside the machine for this simple process. These components are die, bearings, motor, rollers, and more.

When you feed rice husk in the feeder, it drops over the die and then spreads all over the roller. The rice husks then melt due to the high temperature, and this material is pushed into the die holes by a revolving press.

After the processing, they come as solid rice husk pellets of equal size.

Depending on the size of the machine and its die type, the work procedure of the machine may differ slightly. However, the overall procedure is somewhat the same.

How Much Does a Rice Husk Pellet Machine Cost on Average?

A professional, high-tech rice husk pellet machine may cost you up to ten thousand dollars. However, there are various elements that determine the pricing of a rice husk pellet machine.

These include:

  • Type of machine
  • Quality of Machine
  • Kind of manufacturer you are dealing with
  • Origin of the machine
  • Cost of delivery

You can request a price quote to get an exact price for the type of pellet machine you need.

How Can I Select an Idea Rice Husk Pellet Machine for Pellet Manufacturing?

Choosing the best pellet machines from a plethora of possibilities can be difficult for novices. Thankfully, you can simplify things by focusing on just a few things. We have compiled a list of those things below to make it easier for you.

  • First, determine the quantity of rice husk pellets you want to produce. It will help you decide if you should buy a home-use rice husk pellet machine or an industrial machine.
  • The next step is to locate a trustworthy rice husk pellet machine manufacturer. When choosing a manufacturer, do not forget to think about their experience, market reputation, and quality certificates.
  • Analyze the exterior of the machine. Make sure it has high-quality metal and a well-polished appearance.
  • After that, check the internal parts like roller, die, and other crucial components that help in the functioning of the machine. Ensure they are from known brands. Check the quality of wearing parts specifically.
  • Perform a run test. Make sure you do not notice anything strange. If you do, tell the manufacturer about it immediately.
  • Check out if the machine can process other raw materials that are similar to rice husks. It will be advantageous if your pellet machine can process wood sawdust, bamboo shavings, sunflower husks, and more.
  • Do not neglect to check the amount of energy/fuel the rice husk machine consumes. After all, it would affect your profit.
  • Also, you need to find if the pellet mill runs on electricity or diesel.
  • Consider the cost of maintenance. Get to know about the lubrication requirement of the machine. There are some machines designed to require less maintenance. So you can go for them.
  • The manufacturer you choose must provide you with on-time after-sales service. Make sure they provide support for warranty, repairs, maintenance, etc.

How to Buy a Pocket-Friendly Rice Husk Pellet Machine?

The price of a rice husk pellet machine depends on various aspects, as we discussed above. Therefore, you can not expect to buy a pellet mill at the same price someone purchased. Delivery charges, quality of the machine, and the type of mill affect the price.

Still, there are ways you can buy a budget-friendly rice husk pellet mill. Take the following steps.

  • First, choose a reputable manufacturer only. Buy direct from the factory. Some people buy machines from resellers and suppliers. As a result, they have to pay their fee as well.
  • Go for an experienced manufacturer. After all, they know how to produce a high-quality rice husk pellet machine within the budget of their customers. Moreover, since they have tie-ups with shipping firms, delivery charges will be nominal
  • Compare the prices of different manufacturers. If you locate a manufacturer that offers a lower price without sacrificing quality, go with them. Inquire about warranty and other after-sales services as well.
  • Opt for a Chinese producer. Because China has an abundance of raw materials, Chinese manufacturers can build high-quality rice husk pellet producers at a low cost.
  • Inquire with the manufacturer about a bulk order discount. If you have to start a rice husk pellet-making company, it would be beneficial.

How to Use a Rice Husk Pellet Machine for Beginners?

  • If you are a first-time user, we recommend that you read all of your manufacturer’s user manuals and recommendations.
  • Nowadays, pellet machine companies also provide video tutorials for installation, operation, and maintenance. So you can check them as well.
  • While most manufacturers give you a fully assembled rice husk pellet machine. Even so, if any component is packaged separately, assemble it according to the instructions.
  • You need to ensure that all components, including feeder, motor, etc., are accurately assembled. If there is any loose nut bolt, tighten it.
  • The machine’s installation should be your next step. A commercial machine must be fixed on a smooth surface. After all, it should not shake at the time of operation.
  • If you do not want to relocate your workspace, you should secure the machine to a solid concrete foundation.
  • Clean your machine before use. Make sure there is no blockage in the die and roller. Debris in the mill might cause friction. It can damage your pellet machine and affect the quality of pellets.
  • Check out if the die and roller are working accurately.
  • A rice husk pellet machine consists of several moving components such as roller, die, shaft, etc. You must make certain that they are properly greased.
  • Industrial pellet-making machines require frequent lubrication to work properly. If your machine has an automatic lubrication system, make sure it has adequate lubricants for operation.
  • Preheat your rice husk pellet machine before bringing it into use. The inside temperature should be at least fifty degrees celsius before putting the feed.
  • Use the appropriate material for the machine. Make sure the rice husk does not have pebbles and debris.
  • Get ready for equal-sized rice husk pellets.

How to Maintain a Rice Husk Pellet Mill?

The maintenance of the rice husk pellet mill is critical to enhancing its efficiency and longevity.

  • Cleaning alone can help you keep up your machine for a long time. Clean critical components like roller, die, and shaft from time to time. Clean the die of the mill every time before you use it.
  • Ensure the accurate installation of the die and roller every time you use the machine.
  • Do not allow any residual pellets from the previous batch to clog the die. Eliminate all the possible metal scraps and hard impurities out of the machine. Otherwise, you will not get the desired pellet shapes. If required, you can use gasoline to clean the die.
  • As we mentioned above, lubrication of the transmission part is necessary. Do not forget to change the lubricants of the gearbox frequently. You can use lithium-based lubricants to lubricate the die. For gears, experts recommend hyperbolic gear oil.
  • Immediately replace bearings and die when you notice they are wearing off.
  • Ensure the raw material you put in the machine has appropriate moisture content. The Rice husk you use in a commercial pellet-making machine must have 14 to 25% moisture.
  • Provide your rice husk pellet machine with appropriate voltage power. Make sure electricity is neither too low nor too high.
  • Switch off the machine at the time of cleaning and other maintenance procedures.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintaining your rice husk pellet machine.
  • We can help you maintain your rice husk pellet machine at Taichang.

Taichang Rice Husk Pellet Machine Introduction

Taichang is an ISO 9001 2000 certified rice husk pellet machine manufacturer in China. We have been supplying machines to 60+ countries, including Turkey, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russian, Germany, and more.

Taichang rice husk pellet mill features a compact design. We have eliminated unnecessary small parts to make the working process straightforward. Thanks to our research and development team that integrates innovation in whatever they do.

Taichang has a high-tech workshop/factory, spread in an area of 40000㎡. We have world-class rice husk machines thanks to our highly trained engineers and technicians.

Taichang Rice Husk Pellet Machine Features

Taichang is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing firm that makes machines under strict quality control. Therefore, we assure you about the quality of our rice husk pellet machine.

Our rice husk pellet machine uses very little energy to run. As a result, you will save a significant amount of money on energy use. You will see a well-polished exterior featuring a high-grade and reliable build.

The Taichang rice husk pellet machine can operate continuously for up to 24 hours without stopping and maintaining it.


Taichang rice husk pellet machine is feature-rich. It adopts a modern design that minimizes the hassle of traditional pellet machines. We have installed an automatic lubrication system in our machine that eliminates the need to lubricate it manually. It enhances the life of the mill and also reduces your workload at the same time.

Taichang rice husk pellet machines can make pellets out of other materials as well. These raw materials include rice husk, sawdust, fruit shells, branches, peanuts, and more.

pellet machine spare parts

Since our machine has a flat die (laying vertically), it ensures better heat dissolution. Moreover, it makes the repair and maintenance process easy. We have installed high-quality and long-life German alloy steel die in our mill. Moreover, the die has a dual-layer. As a result, it does not wear quickly. You don’t have to change it until it completes at least 1500 hours of service.

We have a cutting-edge factory with all of the latest equipment. They assist us in the development of a high-quality rice husk pellet mill. Our professionals do the assembling of main shafts and rollers in a dust-free workshop.

main shaft

Taichang rice husk pellet machine is unique in itself. It combines the benefits of both flat die and ring die rice husk pellet mill. It is one primary reason for the rising demand for our pellet press.

We have designed the machine keeping all the little requirements of customers in mind. The pellet mill contains a fan compressor and a cooling system to keep the pelletizing area cold. The machine’s gearbox cooling system not only improves its efficiency but also extends the life of its bearings.


In the conventional machine, the right formation of pellets was an issue. Taichang rice husk pellet machine has a frequency conversion discharge system to achieve a consistent rate of pellet making.

We do not rely on any other third parties for production. We build 90% of the parts for the rice husk pellet mill ourselves. As a result, we have improved quality control.

Contact Taichang right now if you want to get a rice husk pellet machine at a reasonable price.

Taichang Rice Husk Pellet Machine Parameter

ModelPower(kw)Pellet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Size(cm)

Tips When Buying a Rice Husk Pellet Machine

In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:

1) What is the material to make wood pellets? Better if you can share us some pictures

2) Hardness of your material?

3) Moisture content?

4) Maximum diameter of the material to be processed?

5)The capacity per hour you want to get for the pellet production.

Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

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