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Straw Pellet Machine - The Beginner's Guide

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Making wastes profitable can be a handy option for any business. Hence more and more people use the straw pellet machine these days. If you are on this page, you are likely to look for a straw pellet machine. Therefore, as a leading straw pellet machine manufacturer, we created this beginner's guide so you can find the best machine for you. Straw is a basic raw material for paper, ethanol, and animal feeding. But these days, people working in the agriculture industry found the advantage of recycled straw. You can generate handsome revenue from recycling straw.

Therefore, the straw pellet is becoming more and more popular, and so is the straw pellet machine. If you are in the agriculture industry or planning a start-up, read our beginner’s guide on the straw pellet machine before buying one.

What are Straw Pellet machines?

A straw pellet machine can convert different straws into biomass pellets. You can use any biomass crop straw as a raw material in a straw pellet machine. Most people use straw pellet machines to create straw pellets from rice straw, wheat straw, sawdust, and so on.

Some people say it a Wheat straw pellet machine and others say it as a Paddy straw pellet machine.

Though a straw pellet machine is used to make straw pellets from various corpses, you can also use them for other purposes. You can use a straw pellet machine for making animal feed and wood pellets for multiple purposes.

What are the Uses of a Straw Pellet Mill?

Straw pellet machines are used to create straw pellets from different straws such as rice, wheat straw. In the past, people used to make straw pellets manually, which was a long and tiresome process. But a straw pellet machine can create straw pellets automatically from raw materials.

Straw pellets are used for various purposes these days. For example, they are a useful fuel material with high calorific value, low ash, and moisture content.

What is the Working Process of a Straw Pellet Machine?

The first step is to feed the raw materials, which in this case is straw, through the hopper. But you can not feed raw straw into the straw feed pellet machine. Before you start making pellets from a straw, you should follow some previous steps as you can not make pellets from direct raw straws.

You have to follow three steps to process straw for processing. First, you have to grind the straw and then dry it to remove moisture. Then you have to use conditioning to achieve the necessary temperature before you proceed.

After feeding straws into the machine, they spread over the flat die. After starting the motor, it brings the main shaft through the gearbox.

Strong pressure is formed from the rotating press, which presses the straws into the holes on the flat die. There the processed straws are molded and get the cylindrical shape while squeezed out.

While the biomass pellet comes out of the slicer under the flat die, cut them to proper pieces.

This is the working process of a flat die straw pellet machine. Though the ring dies straw pellet press machine is used for large production, the basic process is more or less the same.

How Much Does a Straw Pellet Making Machine Cost?

We frequently hear these questions. But there is no one-line answer to this question as the price of straw pellet machines depends on various factors. We will talk about that, but before that, we would like to introduce the factors that affect the straw pellet press machine cost.

  • There are two types of straw pellet press machines: large production (ring die) and small production (flat die). Both machines come with different features, and the price range is very much diverse.
  • Which power you will use for your straw pellet machine also affects the price. For example, we have a straw pellet machine that can run on electricity or fuel. The power source plays a crucial role in the price of the straw pellet press machine.
  • The manufacturing process is also very important. Low-quality wheat straw pellet machines or paddy straw pellet machines will cost less, but they are not durable, less efficient, and do not sustain many years.

Now let’s discuss the price. For in-house use, you can buy a straw pellet press machine for USD 500 or less. But if you are looking for a standard straw pellet press machine, the price ranges from USD 2,000 to 4,000. For industrial-grade production, the price will be between USD 4000 – USD 60,000.

TCPEL provides all types of straw pellet machines for sale. Share your budget and project requirements and we will provide you with the best suggestions.

How many Types of Straw Pellet Mills are There?

Straw pellet machines are of two types – Large scale machines and small-scale machines.

As the name suggests, large scale is for industrial-grade production, and small scale straw pellet press machines are used for small production.

We can classify a straw pellet machine according to the production capacity – The flat die and ring die straw pellet machine. Flat die straw pellet press machines are used for small-scale production. And for large-scale straw pellet production, you will need a ring die straw pellet machine.

In TCPEL, we have both ring die and flat die straw pellet machines for sale. Every machine is well tested, and we offer 24/7 support for our clients.

How to Choose a Productive Straw Pellet Machine?

We know most of the readers of this article want to know “how to find the best straw pellet machine?” Therefore, we are providing some expert tips so that you can buy the best straw pellet press machine that suits your project:

The Fastness

The strength of the straw pellet machine is very important. The machine should be stable and efficient. Suppose you have bought a cheap straw pellet press machine. A cheap straw pellet machine will lose its efficiency faster and never sustain for a long time.

Besides, you have to invest a considerable amount in maintaining the straw press machine. So, stability is the foremost factor you should consider before buying a straw pellet machine.


Your project and budget will tell which one is the best straw pellet machine for you.

Sometimes sellers will pursue you to purchase some additional equipment that is not necessary for a straw pellet machine. So, choosing a cost-effective solution is the best suggestion we can provide.

Suppose you can not determine which one is the best straw pellet machine within your budget. It’s better to ask an expert. Contact a similar person in your industry and ask for their suggestions. You can also send us a message, and we will offer the best machine for your project.

Fuel consumption and Production Capability

While choosing the best straw pellet machine, these are the most vital factors you should look after. Production capability is crucial because that will determine if the machine is ideal for you. Then comes the fuel consumption. More fuel will add extra cost to your production, which will reduce your profit margin a great deal.

Operational costs

It doesn’t matter which business you are in; a high production cost will affect your income. The straw pellet machine you buy should have an easy to use interface and require a less operational cost. Compare some machines and you will get a real-world idea about the operational costs.

Cost of Maintenance

From our experience, many customers don’t care about the maintenance costs while buying a straw pellet machine. But we should warn you. Maintenance cost is very crucial. Some machines have a bad reputation for the higher maintenance cost, which affects efficiency, and you lose a significant amount of money each month.

For example, standard straw pellet machines need butter every two days. But the TCPEL straw pellet machine needs butter every five days. This is one example. There are many other maintenance costs you need to take into account.

How should beginners use Straw Pellet Machine?

Beginners often find it very challenging to use a straw pellet machine. If you are a beginner, please follow the below instruction before using a straw pellet machine for the first time:

Lubricating the Machine

Every straw pellet machine needs lubrication before use. You MUST make sure you lubricate the paddy straw pellet machine. The lubrication process should include the gearbox, shaft, and other parts. Follow the instructions provided by the straw pellet mill manufacturer.

Roller and Flat Die Inspection

Sometimes beginners forget to check the roller and die before starting the straw pellet machine. But it is very important because anything blocking the road can damage the machine.


You have to adjust the dire and the roller according to the straw you are going to use for the raw material. .1mm to .3mm is the best clearance range. DO not use less than .1mm as that can affect the longevity of the machine.

Checking the Connecting Parts

You will see cap bolts at the end of every roller’s end. You have to tighten the cap bolts because loose parts can fall on the roller and damage it in the process.


Safety is vital, especially when you are dealing with a straw pellet machine. Power leakage of any kind won’t help the machine to run.

Please follow any other safety precautions provided by the straw pellet machine manufacturer.

Rotating Direction

If the drive engine is not consistent, adjust it. First, switch on the circuit breaker and then hit the start button.

As a leading straw pellet machine manufacturer, our advice is to indulge an experienced person in operating the machine. Experienced hands help the machine to run for a long time with proper efficiency.

How to Maintain a Straw Pellet Machine?

When it comes to maintaining a straw pellet machine, you should carefully do all the maintenance work for maintaining the efficiency of the machine. Besides, proper maintenance will increase the lifespan of your straw pellet machine.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  • You have to lubricate the machine correctly for the best efficiency and longevity of the straw pellet machine. Please follow the instructions that the straw pellet machine manufacturer provided.
  • Change the gearbox and lubricate oil regularly. It helps to sustain the machine for a long time.
  • Running a monthly inspection is uber important. Please inspect the motor, gear, die, shaft of your straw pellet machine. If you see any part of the machine is not working properly, change that part without any delay. A damaged part can damage the entire machine.
  • Clean the machine every day. Cleaning makes your machine work efficiently for a long time.
  • Sometimes people overuse their machines, which can severely damage the machine. You should not overload your machine and never overuse it.
  • In case if you are not using your machine for some time do not leave it without proper care. Cover the straw pellet machine with tarpon and make sure the area is not damp.
  • Read the instructions carefully, and if the straw pellet machine manufacturer conducts any training session try to be present in that session.
  • It’s better to appoint an expert person to operate the machine. Any machine is delicate and needs proper handling if you want that to sustain for a long time.

In TCPEL, we offer free training sessions and provide 24/7 customer support. If you find any issue with your straw pellet mill, you can contact us immediately.

Taichang Straw Pellet Mill Introduction

Taichang is an industry leader in straw pellet machine manufacturer in China. Over the past 12 years, we have earned the reputation of providing the best quality straw pellet machines at affordable prices.

We are an ISO9001, CE, and SGS certified company, and we make sure every machine passes tests to ensure the best quality. We never market any straw pellet machine before the proper inspection.

Our dedicated research and development team has developed some of the finest machines that have become popular worldwide. Moreover, they have been continuously improving our current machines and finding new technologies.

Talking about inspection, Our quality testing team is one of the finest in China. Our quality testing team is full of the best engineers in China.

Taichang Straw Pellet Making Machine Features


This is a heavy-duty straw pellet machine. It can work for 24 hours at one without an interval. The intermittent lubrication system reduces your workload and helps the machine to run for many years. It needs minimal maintenance, is durable, and has an expanded lifespan.

Though made for straw pellets, you can use this machine for several operations. For example, you can use fruit shells. wood, food waste, sunflowers, stems, and such things. The machine is ideal for different plants such as chemical, food, and wood mill.

pellet machine spare parts

Now this machine offers more efficiency at a low cost. We used premium quality alloy steel is to build the die materials expanding the lifespan. The vertical lying flat dies helps to feed directly for a wide range of applications. Excellent heat dissipation.

Durable, easy to use, and wear-resistant compact main shaft to produce smooth straw pellets with a consistent surface.

main shaft

The double-layer die is assembled with rolls made with premium quality alloy steel. You will get the benefits of a horizontal ring die pellet machine combined with a flat die pellet machine.

The stainless steel used to make the straw pellet machine has a service life of 1000 to 1500 hours saving both money by providing an extended lifespan. The pelletizing area always remains cool with the built-in cooling system and fan blower. The gearbox also has a cooling system to improve internal bearing life and functionality.


Allows you to vertically feed the machine through the high-strength transmission box and the centrifugal force does the rest. The bearings are wear-resistant and have blockage resistant system.

Taichang Straw Pellet Mill Parameter

ModelPower(kw)Pellet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Size(cm)

Tips When Buying a Straw Pelletizer

In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:

1) What is the material to make wood pellets? Better if you can share us some pictures

2) Hardness of your material?

3) Moisture content?

4) Maximum diameter of the material to be processed?

5)The capacity per hour you want to get for the pellet production.

Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

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