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Pellet Machine- The Beginner's Guide

pellet machine

Pellet machine is a great way to make your own pellets from various materials like wood, corn, wheat, and more. If you're new to pellet machines, this beginner's guide is for you. We'll go over the basics of how pellet machine works and what you need to get started. Plus, we'll provide some tips for using your pellet maker safely and effectively. So whether you're just starting out or you've been using pellets machine for a while, this guide will help you get the most out of your machine. What are you waiting for? Let's dive in it.

What is a Pellet Machine?

Pellet machine, also known as pellet mill, wood pellet machine, pellet makers, pellet making machine. It is a machine that used to press crushed trees, wood boards, bark, shavings, furniture factory scraps, and other raw materials into rod-shaped solid pellets with a diameter of 6-12 mm by physical press.

The density of the pressed pellets is 0.8-1.3t/m3 according to the different raw materials, which are more convenient for transportation and storage, and the combustion performance is greatly improved.

According to the different die structures, pellet machines can be divided into flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine. According to different usage scenarios, pellet machines can be divided into home use pellet machine and industrial pellet machine. According to the different uses of pellets, pellet machine can be divided into biomass pellet machine and animal feed pellet machine.

Because the pressing process is a physical process, there is no need to add any chemical ingredients. The extruded pellets can be used as fuel to replace coal, which is a clean and environmentally friendly new energy.

What Does a Pellet Machine Do?

A pellet machine is a machine that takes raw materials and shape them into pellets. The process of doing this is called pelletizing. The raw material can be anything from agricultural to forest waste. Pellet machines can be big or small depending on their use. Some pellet machines are used to make animal feed while others are used to make fuel for wood stoves. There are many different types of pellet machines, but they all work in basically the same way. First, the raw material is fed into the machine. Then, a die presses the raw material into the desired shape. Finally, the pellets are cut to the desired size and then ejected from the machine.

Wood Pellet Machine Prices?

Based on different materials and different capacity, the wood pellet machine prices vary from $4000 to $48000, below is the price range for your reference: 

Capacity Price Range
300-500kgs/h $4000-8000
500-1000kgs/h $7000-10000
1000-1500kgs/h $15000-23000
1500-2000kgs/h $23000-28000
2000-2500kgs/h $33000-38000
2500-3500kgs/h $42000-48000

For detailed final  price list, please contact with our experts. 

How Does a Pellet Machine Work?

The pellet machine consists of a main machine base, a reducer, a bearing chamber, a feeding cover, a discharging port, a motor, a pressing roller assembly, a ring die etc.


The motor is connected with the reducer shaft through a gear coupling. The rotation of the motor drives the main shaft to rotate, and the main shaft drives the roller to roll the inner surface of the ring die to complete the pressing process. When working, the ready sawdust is sent to the feeding port above the pellet machine through the screw conveyor. The material is stirred and compressed under the dual action of the rotation of the main shaft and the rotation of the roller, and through the action of centrifugal force, the material is continuously attached to the inner surface of the ring die in circular motion, forming a uniform annular material layer, and the attached material is pressed again and again by the rotating roller and forced to extruded out from the ring die hole continuously, and then cut into the required length by the rotating cutter, and then the spreader plate gradually pushes these final pellets out from the discharge port.

It should be reminded that there are no auxiliary raw materials in our processing process, and it is completely made by physical compression.

How Many Types of Pellet Machines Are There?

There are several types of pellet machines out there. They can be grouped into large-scale and small-scale types. You will also find a ring die pellet machine and a flat die pellet machine within the large-scale category. These are the two main types of pellet mills. 


The flat die pellet machine was created in the late 1900s to produce animal feed but is now one of the most popular ways of producing wood pellets, too. 

A flat die machine uses a flat die with a few slots, with powders introduced to the very top of the die. As the die rotates, a roller compresses the material through the die’s holes, and it is then freed out of the other side. 

In the ring die pellet mill, radial slots exist around and throughout the die. The powder is fed through the interior of the die with spreaders distributing it evenly.

How to Choose the Best Pellet Machine for Pellet Production?

Here are a few tips to help you buy the best possible pellet machine for wood pellet production for your home or business. 

Raw Material Type 

What kind of raw materials will you be using to make pellets? For most people, wood is the common choice of material. However, if you’re planning on using your pellet machine like a straw pellet machine, you’ll need to pay closer attention to finding a pellet machine that can handle other types of materials besides wood.

Other materials you might plan on using include bamboo shavings, rice husks, straw and wood sawdust – so be specific in your search! 

Pellet Machine Appearance

Take a close look at the pellet machine. It should have uniform spray paint and a clad layer that is glossy and fast with no corrosion. The stainless steel parts should be smooth and unworn. 

Die Quality 

Be sure that the die on your pellet machine meets all technical standards and has a high-quality surface finish. The inner holes should be distributed symmetrically and uniformly to ensure that you get uniform wood pellets. Don’t choose a die that has blind or joint holes. 


What kind of output do you need? A small pellet machine can reach 50-800 kg/h or more, but larger machines can do double or triple that. If you need a higher output, most manufacturers recommend choosing a ring die pellet mill design to stay safe. 

Ease of Operation

How easy is your pellet machine to operate? If it needs multiple operators to function, that’s more time spent training a workforce and more money required to pay them. Ideally, the pellet machine you choose should be easy to operate with just one set of hands. 

Energy Consumption 

How much energy does your pellet machine use? This is something that many people ignore. However, it should be an energy-efficient machine, or you will see a serious dip in your overall profits. 

Service Capabilities

How easy is your pellet machine to service – does the manufacturer handle it themselves, or will you need to hire this out? Choosing a pellet machine with easily serviceable parts will make your life a lot easier – and help your machine get back up and running quicker – in the inevitable event of a breakdown.

Can You Do a Test Run?

If you’re able to do a test run of your machine, that’s great. This will allow you to make sure that the machine is the right choice for you.

Pellet Machine Manufacturer  

Always buy a pellet machine from a respected manufacturer. Although you may find lower prices elsewhere, it’s rarely worth it. Going with a reliable dealer like Taichung Transmission Pellet Machinery is the best choice since you’ll get a quality product with high precision assembly. 

Plus, you won’t have to worry about dealing with a third-party service to handle any questions, repairs, or issues you might have. When you work with a respected provider, everything will be taken care of. 

What Are the Advantages of a Ring Die Pellet Machine?

There are several advantages to buying a ring die pellet machine.

For one, they generate less wear and tear. Both the outer and inner edges of the rollers traverse the same distance. 

Plus, they tend to be more energy-efficient. Although side slip is an issue – when mash can slip out sideways between the dies and roller – this can easily be minimized.

Ring die pellet machines can be used to produce both feed and fuel pellets. They offer a large capacity for producing pellets and form pellets at a high density and evenly. 

How to Buy An Affordable Pellet Machine?

While you should always look at quality over price, you have a bottom line to stick to. Therefore, it’s important to look at specific details about buying an affordable pellet machine.

Flat die pellet machines tend to be less expensive than ring die pellet mills. Although the output capacity is different and may not suit your business, a flat die pellet machine is the way to go if you are trying to save money. Of course, if you want to maximize your efficiency and the money you have available, you can always get a machine like the Taichang Pellet Machine that offers the best of both worlds! 

Remember that sticker price isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered as you’re shopping for an affordable pellet machine. You also need to consider spare part supply, after-sale service, and ease of operation. 

If your machine isn’t easy to use, service, or maintain, then it’s going to cost you more money in the long run. Consider these factors to buy an affordable pellet machine that will last as long as your business does.

How to Use a Pellet Machine for Beginners?

Each pellet machine will vary in terms of its operation. However, there are some general tips you should follow.

First, assemble your newly purchased pellet machine based on the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If this is not something you feel confident doing, Taichang offers installation onsite. 

Next, you should fully lubricate all key components. Adjust the clearance between the pressure roller and the flat die. 

The size of the raw material should be smaller than the pellet size. YOu may need to use a wood chipper or hammer mill (or sometimes both) to make the material smaller before you feed it into your pellet machine. Also, the water content of the raw material should be 12% or less before you begin. 

Feed wood material through your pellet machine. It will come through at a relatively high speed so stand clear. The materials you insert into the machine will be shaped into pellets by the hole on the die and then pushed out.

When your pellets come out, they will be hot and wet. You can use a pellet cooler to bring the temperature back down while also reducing the moisture. Once the pellets are cool, they will be firm and easy to transport or store.

Some companies also use a wood pellet packing machine to put the pellets in plastic bags for sale or transport. You may need to use bulk trucks to deliver or distribute these pellets.  

How to Maintain a Pellet Machine?

To keep your pellet machine working in tip-top shape, you will need to take certain steps to maintain it. 

Be sure to regularly add oil to the parts in the transmission. These should be lubricated to ensure a long lifespan. Change the lubricating oil of the gearbox regularly and be sure to undergo a monthly inspection of the parts in the pellet machine. This might include everything from the bearings to the gears, the roller and the die. 

If you notice anything wrong at any time, you must repair or replace them instantly. Also, check that no parts are loose. After each use, take the roller out and wash it carefully.

 Finally, be sure to read the operation instructions before every time you use the pellet mill. If any kind of malfunction occurs, shut it down immediately for maintenance and inspection. This can prevent damage to the machine as well as injury to your operators. 

Taichang Pellet Machine Introduction

wood pellet making machine
pelletizer machine
pellet mill

If you want to save energy, increase productivity, and make your business ten times more efficient, you need to consider the Taichang Pellet Machine.

This biomass pellet machine offers all the benefits of both a flat die pellet machine and a horizontal ring die pellet mill machine, allowing you to truly get the best of both worlds.

You’ll save money and enjoy a better quality product. It can work with all kinds of materials, including rice or sunflower husks, crop straws, rubber, ash, cement, branches, peanut and other fruit shells, trunks, branches, bark, and much more. It’s not just wood waste that this pellet machine can handle – it can handle just about anything.

It uses German alloy steel in its construction for a more secure, reliable build. The die has a fixed and vertical installation that allows easy maintenance and repairs, and the pellet modeling system operates silently and efficiently. This offers a greater life of work along with a more efficient user experience.

Widely used in industry and recommended by experts, the pellet machine can be used in fertilizer, MSW processing, wood processing, power, biomass energy fuel, and chemical plants. For low investment and high profit, the Taichang Pellet Machine is the way to go.

Taichang Pellet Machine Parameter

wood pellet machine (7)

300-500kgs/h Pellet Machine

Machine Size1300x530x1250mm
wood pellet machine

1-1.5t/h Pellet Machine

Machine Size2630x1300x2300mm
biomass pellet machine

1.5-2.5t/h Pellet Machine

Machine Size2900x1300x2400mm
pellet maker

2.5-3.5t/h Pellet Machine

Machine Size3300x1400x3100mm

Why 1000+ Customers Choose us?

Our Engineers

We employ highly skilled, professional engineers devoted to researching and improving all our products. Our senior engineers are well-qualified with advanced degrees. Our experienced and skillful R&D engineers can help solve your problems regarding the machines or production and assist with after-sales service.

Strict Quality Control

Quality is important to us. We are IS0 9001, CE, and SGS certified. All components used in our machines pass our strict quality inspection. We carry out a trial run for each machine and wearing testing before shipment.

Competitive Pricing

Manage your budget in a smart way and minimize your manufacturing costs. We offer competitive prices for all our machines. Contact our sales team for support for custom solutions.

Professional Sales Team

We have a highly qualified international sales team that will reply to you within 24 hours regarding any pre-sales questions you may have. After sales, we offer 24/7 email and phone communications, and can arrange onsite support.

Full Technical Support

Full 24/7 support both before and after your purchase. We offer free testing to develop the manufacturing process at your business and are dedicated to find the best solution for your specific needs. If you are interested in partnering with us to sell our machines, we are happy to consult with you.

Ordering and Payment

Ordering with us is fast and convenient. Our professional sales team replies quickly to inquiries and strives to solve your problems, both pre-sales and after-sales. We securely accept all forms of payment including T/T transfer, LC at sight, PayPal, and Western Union.

success pellet line projects (4)
success pellet line projects (1)
success pellet line projects (2)
successsuccess pellet line projects (5) pellet line projects (6)
success pellet line projects (6)
success pellet line projects (3)

Taichang Pellet Machine Features

Taichang is a professional company that specializes in the production, research, and development of wood pellet machinery. We’ve been around for more than a decade and employ a team of talented engineers and designers. We are ISO 9001, CE, and SGS certified, meaning our products are manufactured under the strictest quality control standards

Based in China, we offer quality machines – guaranteed. Our products are manufactured under these strictest quality control standards. We offer complete installation service for a turn-key experience. We’ll even help train your operators so that they fully understand how to use the new pellet machine onsite.

And after your product has been installed, we’ll provide you with quick, reliable, and responsive after-sale service. From 24/7 email to phone communication or even onsite visits, we’ll be here to help you out.


This heavyweight machine is durable and long-lasting, offering 24 hours of work time with no need to stop and perform maintenance. It has automatic intermittent lubrication to reduce your workload and extend the life of the machine’s parts, too.


It can be used on all kinds of materials, including peanut and fruit shells, branches, stems, and other food waste, sunflower and rice husks, and more. It can be used in chemical plants, fuel plants, wood processing plants, feed mills, and more.

pellet machine spare parts

The vertical-laying dies to feed directly with a broad range of applications and excellent heat dissipation. It offers improved efficiency for a reduced cost and the best possible performance. Die materials are made out of alloy steel for a longer life span.

main shaft

The main shaft on this compact, easy-to-operate machine is also wear-resistant and produces wood pellets with a smooth, consistent surface.


This kind of machinery has all the benefits of a horizontal ring die pellet machine combined with a flat die pellet machine. Its double layer die is uniquely assembled with high-quality rolls made out of wear-resistant alloy steel.


The stainless steel dies have a service life of 1000 to 1500 hours, meaning you’ll save money and energy while remaining more efficient. It comes with a built-in cooling system and fan blower to help cool down the pelletizing area. The cooling system of the gearbox helps to extend the internal bearing life and improve the functioning of the machine.

It has a high-strength transmission box and allows you to vertically feed the machine right in place – centrifugal force will take care of the rest. It resists blockages and has wear-resistant bearings.

Its independent frequency conversion discharge device ensures an even and consistent rate of pellet formation.

Various Materials For Making Pellets

Our pellet machine is suitable to process various materials from agricultural and forest waste, we can customized solutions based on customers different materials available, to maximize your pellet making profit.

wood for pellet making

Wood Pellet Making

straw for pellet making

Straw Pellet Making

shells for pellet making

Shells Pellet Making

sawdust for pellet making

Sawdust Pellet Making

EFB for pellet making

EFB Pellet Making

bamboo for pellet making

Bamboo Pellet Making

Which Industries Needs Pellets?

Wood pellets are a suitable option for Home Heating, Industry Boiler,and Power Generation as they are efficient, clean. Unlike gas and oil-fired furnaces and boilers, wood pellets are environmentally-friendly.

home heating pellet stove

Pellets Stove

industry boiler with pellets

Industry Boiler Using Pellets

power generation with pellets

Power Plant Using Pellets

Complete Process For Pellet Making

Based on different materials, we have suitable pellet making process. The whole process include Material Crushing Section, Drying Section, Pelletizing Section, Pellets Cooling Section and Pellets Packing Section. The production capacity can be 500kgs/h to max 20ton/h, below is our project we customized for our customers capacity 10t/h.

Related Machines for Pellet Production

drum chippers

Drum Chipper

Processing big size materials into smaller chips size, 3-5cm lengh and width ,10mm thickness

hammer mill

Hammer Mill

Further crushing the chips size material into smaller sawdust size, 3-5mm size sawdust

Rotary Dryer

Drying the sawdust to standard 15% moisture content, prepared for next pelletlizing section.

Pellet Machine

Pelletizing the ready dried sawdust into pellets. Single set machine capacity can reach 3t/h.

Pellets Cooler

Cooling down the hot pellets into standard temperature, 30-40° normal hot.

pellets packing machine

Packing Machine

Packing the pellets into bags ,small 50kgs/bag or jumbo bag.

FAQs About Pellet Production Before Cooperation

We are pellet machinery manufacturer since the year 2004, we can offer complete pellet production machinery based on your requirement. Factory landing size 40000㎡ and 350+working staff. And more than 1000+ happy customers domestic and abroad. We have seperate team to arrange sales and after-sales service.

In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:
1) What is the material to make pellets? Better if you can share us some pictures
2) Hardness of your material?
3) Moisture content?
4) Maximum diameter of the material to be processed?
5)The capacity per hour you want to get for the pellet production.
Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

The process for cooperation is below :
1. Negitation
We will negotiate with you about your requirement, including what’s your material for making pellets,?how much moisture content? how much capacity per hour? budget for the project? plant landing size available etc. Based on them we will customize the solution with our experience and introduce to you.
2. Order Confirmation
After we conclude the production line solution and quotation, we will sign contract and proceed with payment. We accept 30%T/T after confirm the order, and 70%T/T balance before shipment.
3. Manufacturing Process
After we get your deposit payment, we will arrange production accordingly, based on different capacity, our manufacturing time are different. Normally speaking we need 30-45days for whole line capacity under 5t/h, and 45-60days for capacity over 5t/h. For single set machine need about 25-30days based on our manufacturing plan.
4. Machine commission and delivery
After all the machines finished manufacturing, we will test and run all the machines before delivery ,make sure the machine can achieve best performance before delivery, during that time we will send customers the testing videos for confirmation
5. Balance payment and delivery arrange
After customer accept the machines performance, customer should arrange the balance payment to us, after we get the balance, we will arrange to book the ship and arrange delivery for customers. All the machines will be well packed for long distance shipment.
6. Customs documents handover
After all the machines arranged customs in China, we will send all the documents to customers including Bill Of Lading ,Invoice, Packing List, Country Of Orign etc. We will help customers on the customs clearance smoothly.

Our pellet machine can process various materials from forest and agricultural waste. For example wood logs, branches, wood chips, tree leaves, log stump, waste furniture, sawdust, mushroom, rice husk ,rice straw, corn stalk, peanut shell, EFB, bamboo etc. We have different machines and specification which can meet your various materials production requirements, you can contact with your experts team to know more.

To make pellets, we should control the sawdust entering the pellet mill moisture content 10-15%, too wet or too dry will affect the pelletizing result. If you material is too wet, you need a dryer machine to remove the moisture.

Our warranty for pellet production machinery are one year after sale, not including the wear parts. The main wear parts are the ring die and roller.

Because of COVID-19 since 2020, we can not send our engineers to abroad for on site installation, we can offer video help installation after customer receive machines. Before delivery, we will also test all the machines to make sure it can achive best performance, and we will make detailed video to show customers how to install them, and the installation manual will be sent together with the machine. Our after-sales will be ready 24hours to support customers for the whole installation process.

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