Pellet Packing Machine

pellets packing machine after cooler

Pellet Packing Machine

The pellet packing machine is used to pack the biomass pellet into small bags, say 15-50kgs/bag. Our pellet packing machine adopt advanced stainless steel weighing sensors, special weighing control cabinet for packaging scales, and programmable controller technology to realize all actions in the automatic quantitative packaging process of materials. The weighing accuracy is not affected by the external environment, with the characteristics of high precision, high speed, strong environmental adaptability and good system reliability.

It solves the problems of packaging some special chemical raw materials, has a wide range of applications and is simple to operate. Widely used in light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, ports, mining, food, grain and other industries.

Pellet Packing Machine Design

pellet packing machine function

This is our smal bag pellet packing machine, say 15-50kgs/bag, with automatic weighting, automatic clipping, the pellets packing machine capacity is 200-300bags/hour, after pellet cooler, if you want to pack the pellets in small bags, this machine is best choice. 

Pellet Packing Machine Features

wood pellet packing machine
pellet packing machine
pellets packing machine
pellet packing machine applications

* This pellet packing machine requires manual assistance for bagging, automatic weighing, automatic transportation, and packaging.

* Using high-precision sensors and highly intelligent weighing controllers, the weighing speed is fast, the measurement is accurate, stable and reliable, and manual operation is simple.

* The parts in contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel, which has high corrosion resistance.

* Electrical and pneumatic components are all imported components and domestic high-end electrical appliances, with long service life and high stability.

* The control cabinet is sealed and suitable for harsh dust environments. The design is reasonable, the structure is compact, and the size is small. It can be designed as a fixed or mobile body according to customer requirements.

* Automatic correction of material out-of-tolerance, automatic zero-point tracking, overshoot detection and suppression, over- and under-quantity alarms.

* Optional automatic sewing thread cutting function: photoelectric induction automatically cuts the thread after sewing, saving labor.

Wood Pellet Packing Machine Specification



Total Set Include

Main scale body (the part in contact with the material is made of 304 stainless steel), Control system, conveyor under scale body, bag sewing machine

Feeding Method

Three-speed Gravity Feeding

Bag Clipping Method

Dual Cylinder Belt Clip Bag

Weighing Range (kg)


Weighing Accuracy


Weighing Speed (bag/hour)


Pellet Packing Machine Height


Sewing Machine Motor Power(kw)


Belt Conveyor Motor Power(kw)


Belt Conveyor Length(m)


Power Consumption & Gas Consumption

1.1KW 0.4-0.6Mpa Compressed Air 1m³/h

Scope of Application

Pellets with less moisture and better fluidity

Pellet Packing Machine Size (mm)


Pellets Packing Machine Detailed Pictures

pellet packing machine belt conveyor
output belt conveyor
Automatic bag clamping device
pellets packing machine control panel

Pellet Packing Machine FAQs

  • What is a pellet packing machine, and what is its primary purpose?

    A pellet packing machine is a piece of industrial equipment designed to efficiently package pellets, such as wood, plastic, or feed pellets. Its primary purpose is to weigh, fill, and seal bags or containers with pellets.

  • How big capacity is your pellets packing machine, how many kilogram per bag this machine can pack?

    This is our small pellet packing machine, the bags weight is 15-50kgs/bag, the pellet packing speed is 200-300bags/hour. 

  • What's your pellets packing machine delivery time?

    Our pellets packing machine delivery time is within 10 days after get deposit payment.

  • What's your payment term ?

    Our payment term is 30%T/T after confirm the order, 70%T/T balance before shipment. 

  • How does a pellets packing machine ensure accurate pellet measurements?

    Pellet packing machines typically use load cells or other precise weighing mechanisms to ensure accurate measurements. These devices help control the amount of pellets dispensed into each bag.

  • Can your pellets packing machine pack jumbo bags?

    No, this is small bag pellet packing machine, not jumbo bag packing machine, if you need jumbo bag pellet packing machine, we can also offer that. 

  • Can pellets packing machines handle different types and sizes of pellets?

    Yes, many pellet packing machines are adjustable and can handle various pellet sizes and types by configuring their settings and components accordingly.

  • What types of packaging materials can be used with pellets packing machines?

    Pellet packing machines can work with a variety of packaging materials, including paper bags, plastic bags, woven sacks, and more. The choice of material depends on the specific needs of the pellets and the application.

  • Can pellets packing machines be integrated into existing production lines?

    Yes, many pellets packing machines can be integrated into existing pellet production lines, allowing for seamless packaging within a manufacturing or processing facility.

  • What factors should I consider when choosing a pellets packing machine for my business?

    When selecting a pellets packing machine, consider factors such as the type and size of pellets you're packaging, required packaging speed, available space, budget, and any specific features you need, such as barcode labeling or quality control sensors.

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