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Wood Pellet Makers - The Beginner's Guide

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As an experienced Wood Pellet Makers Manufacturer in China for more than 15 Years ,we have done extensive research on wood pellet makers and answered all the important questions you may have in your mind. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this guide will help you understand the machine’s working, features and applications.

We will walk you through every important component and help you choose the best quality wood pellet maker. Let’s get right into it.

What are Wood Pellet Makers?

A wood pellet maker is a machine that is used to turn raw material into wooden pellets. It is also called wooden pellet press or wood pellet mill.

The wood pellet maker turns powdered wood and relevant organic material into wood pellets of variable shapes and sizes. The raw material which otherwise has no utility is converted to homogenous wood pellets by the wood pellet maker.

Wood pellet makers compress and pelletize powdered material into identical pellets.

The critical role a wood pellet maker plays is converting powdered biomass into compressed wood pellets with various domestic and industrial uses.

What are Wood Pellet Makers Used for?

Wood pellet makers are used to produce wood pellets. The wood pellets have a wide variety of domestic and industrial uses.

With the newer environmental conservation practices in place, wood pellets as green fuel have increased a great deal. Thus, the utility of wood pellet makers has also increased.

Domestically, the wood pellet makers produce wood pellets as fuel for domestic heating systems and hot water supplies. Industrially, the wood pellet makers are extensively used to make wood pellets as the primary fuel source, especially in the case of processes having lower thermal value.

How does a Wood Pellet Maker Work?

The wood pellet maker works on the principle of integrating low-density biomass into high-density wood pellets.

The functioning of a wood pellet making may vary based on its type.

It works by inserting the raw material into the feeding part of the machine. A particular opening called a hopper is used to put raw materials into the feeder of the device. Once all the raw material has been fed to the machine with aid from the hopper, the material lands on the die of the wood pellet maker.

From the die, the raw material is spread over the roller. The rotating press machine then comes into action. With optimal pressure, the raw material is forced into the holes present on the surface of the die. It is essentially on this point that the powdered biomass is compressed and packed to form high-density material.

In the end, the raw materials pass through special molds mounted in all types of wood pellet makers. The raw material takes the shapes of the final pellet after passing through the mold.

The wood pellet maker makes use of heat and water in the wood pellet production process.

How Much does a Wood Pellet Maker Cost?

The cost of a wood pellet maker is highly variable. The cost mainly varies based on scale and purpose of use. The domestic use wood pellet maker costs less than an industrial wood pellet maker.

The initial price of wood pellet makers would also vary based on the various regions of the world. For instance, importing the wood pellet maker would increase the price than purchasing a locally made version.

The cost of a domestic wood pellet maker begins from $300. It may go up if more specialized features are incorporated.

Setting up a wood pellet maker production line would cost about $1-2 million on an industrial scale. On an industrial scale, several accessories equipment also has to be set up with the wood pellet maker.

Purchasing a wood pellet maker may be hefty on the pocket, but the daily operating cost of the wood pellet maker is no less.

How to Make a Wood Pellet Maker?

Often the wood pellet maker does not come in a pre-assembled form. Thus, you have to make the wood pellet maker from scratch.

One could either make a wood pellet maker by seeking professional help to help efficiently set up the machine. In another case, you can give the user manual and instructions a thorough read. Once you have adequately gone through the setup manual, making the wood pellet maker becomes easier.

This is only true for the slight domestic grade wood pellet maker. As far as the industrial wood pellet maker is concerned, professional help is thoroughly required.

How To Choose the Best Wood Pellet Maker for Pellet Production?

The best wood pellet maker is a highly subjective term. Ultimately the best wood pellet maker is the one that satisfies your set of requirements. The best wood pellet maker ought to be chosen after much deliberation.

You need to consider following factors in selecting the best wood pellet maker for pellet production.

Scale of Manufacture

The manufacturing scale helps determine whether a large-scale wood pellet maker would be ideal or a limited scale wood pellet maker would be better. Depending on your projects’ scale, you can decide whether a small machine would suffice, or you require heavy duty pellet maker. A small one is ideal as a home wood pellet maker.

A flat die wood pellet maker is better suited for domestic purposes. The ring dies wood pellet maker, on the other hand, is more appropriate for commercial operation.

Reason for Manufacture

The wood pellet maker has a broad scope of usage. Fundamentally the utilization could differ between pellets for grub purposes and pellets for fuel purposes. When you have a rational thought of the intention of production, choosing the machine will generally turn significantly more straightforward.

Simplicity of Operation

Hardware with ease of operation is more reasonable for use. This kind of apparatus is more straightforward to work with and essentially reduces the running expense of the pellet plant. More complex machinery means more skilled workers to hire. Thus, the production cost can potentially skyrocket.

The Pellet Quality

The pellet quality is a fundamental variable to consider concerning pellet press machines. Consistently formed and higher thickness pellets offer better quality. Hence, it is prudent to decide on a gadget with ensured pellet quality.

Indeed, one can likewise do a trial to guarantee the pellet quality is sufficient.

Energy Efficiency

A decent-quality wood pellet maker utilizes energy conservatively. You may ignore this element. However, it altogether affects the running and operational costs daily. In this way, an energy-efficient wood pellet maker is more appropriate. It is maybe perhaps the ideal choice with regards to buying pellet machines.

The Manufacturer

Buying machinery worth many dollars from a distant manufacturer increases the cost while increasing the risk of damage to equipment during transportation. In this way, it is ideal to purchase locally available variants. Putting resources into a Taichang wood pellet maker would end up being the best choice of your life, given the quality-controlled item and after-deal administrations.

Purchase the wood pellet maker from Taichang today. It shall prove to be favorable in all terms.

By and large

This multitude of variables both helps and complicates the process of selecting the best wood pellet press. No matter what the manufacturers say, the ultimate best is the one that checks all boxes for you.

How to Buy an Affordable Wood Pellet Maker?

If a price tag satisfactorily meets your budget, it is deemed reasonable. Affordability is a somewhat subjective term, and it depends on overall budget spent on the machinery that includes, investment, installation, maintenance etc.

It essentially means that an affordable machine ought to be nominally priced initially. It is also essential for the inexpensive wood pellet maker to lower the daily operational and maintenance cost.

The running cost is an essential determinant of affordability. However, most people tend to overlook this extremely crucial factor and focus on the initial cost.

A steady spare part supply, free after-sale services, and ease of operation also make wood pellet makers affordable in the long run. Otherwise, the price tends to skyrocket.

It is also recommended to purchase from local vendors rather than relying on imported machinery as it can be costly. Keep an eye out for wood pellet makers for sale in your area.

Apart from that, one must also watch the various sales, discounts, and promotions. It can prove an instrumental way to purchase high-quality wood pellet makers at a fraction of the cost.

Taichang wood pellet makers are often available for discounted prices.

Thus, following the advice mentioned earlier can help you source the most affordable wood pellet maker.

How to Use a Wood Pellet Maker for Beginners?

All masters were once a beginner.

Wood pellet makers can be intriguing yet scary new machinery for absolute beginners. Like all other machines, there is a significant risk for accident occurrence with wood pellet makers. Thus, it is essential to ensure that you have thoroughly given the user manual a read as a beginner.

A thorough reading of the user manual ensures that you understand the nitty-gritty of the function. The rest can be learned over time.

  • A standard error that many individuals make is that they skip the warnings and precautions portion in the user manual. It can prove to be detrimental, especially for new users. Thus, the user manual is a beginners’ best friend.
  • Before learning the usage comes the assembly. Assembling the connection line can be tricky at first, but it gets easier once you get the hang of it. However, as a beginner, it is also highly likely that you will seek professional help.
  • Once the machine has been set up and assembled, it is good to understand each part before jumping straight to the operational aspect. After that comes the functionality and lubrication. Both these factors are


  • The raw material’s adequate size and weight have to be loaded in the wood pellet maker for optimal function. Large-sized raw material and overloading negatively affect the wood pellet maker.
  • A recurring error made on the part of newbies and beginners is the overloading of wood pellet makers. It tends to affect the machine and its long-term functionality span adversely. Thus it is essential to get the hang of the load potential and strictly adhere to it to minimize damage.
  • Beginners must also keep an eye on the temperature and water content before proceeding with the pelletizing operation.
  • Beginners must also take precautionary measures to minimize the incidence of accidents with wood pellet-making machines.

How to Maintain a Wood Pellet Maker?

Well-maintained machines not only have a longer life span but also tend to offer better production yields. Thus, it is crucial to maintain machinery in an optimal condition. Wood pellet makers are no different.

Following these maintenance steps will not only make your wood pellet maker last for longer, but it will also offer an excellent yield.

  1. A timed inspection of the machine, including its parts such as roller, gear, die, and bearings, is vital for its maintenance.
  2. Lubricating each component of the wood pellet maker is a vital maintenance step that prevents the frequent breakdown of the machinery. Lack of lubrication leads to systematic machinery breakdown and significant wear and tear. Thus lubrication is an essential step. All transmission elements of wood pellet maker out to be oiled frequently.
  3. The gearbox oil is also a vital part of maintenance. Thus, it must be checked, loaded, and changed at timed intervals without fail.
  4. It is cleaning the roller after each machine cycle is also a part of maintenance. After each use roller should be removed from the wood pellet maker and thoroughly washed under pressure. Once the roller is washed and dried, it is fixed back into place.
  5. All spare parts must be tested in assembly to see if they mesh well together. A malfunctioning spare part should be removed in the first instance. It must also be assured that original spare parts replace all spare parts. Counterfeit and low-quality spare parts could adversely affect the functioning of the machine. Thus, checking and replacing spare parts is an essential component of maintenance.
  6. All instruction given for maintenance is included in the user manual. The manual ought to be thoroughly read to ensure that correct maintenance measures are being taken.
  7. Adequate storage and preservation of the machine by covering it is also a part of maintenance as this serves to increase the longevity of equipment.


With this, we conclude our guide on the wood pellet makers. We hope this comprehensive guide has cleared all your confusion about wood pellet makers in general and Taichang wood pellet makers in particular.

Taichang Wood Pellet Makers Introduction

We have successfully satisfied 1000+ clients with our top-quality wood pellet makers. One major reason why we have achieved this milestone is the use of stringent quality control protocols in our manufacturing plants. Every component is tested and made with super precision.

We manufacture 90% of parts ourselves, helping us reduce the defect levels to almost negligible. It further makes our machines highly affordable. So, why not minimize your spending and get top notch product at the same time?

Our wood pellet makers use highest quality steel alloys that can crush and pelletize a wide range of materials such as rubbers, cements, branches, trunks etc. Contact us and learn about our after-sale services.

Taichang Wood Pellet Makers Features

Why trust Taichang? Our after-sale services include many incentives that could help your business grow fast. We are keen to guide you in installation and testing of machinery at your factory.

Our customer support is willing to take your queries all day long and every day of the week. It’s not only the product quality that has helped us gain customer’s trust, but out friendly team as well. That is why we have reached almost 60 countries all over the world!

Face no hassle in payment and purchasing, as all our processes our dealt by dedicated workers. This expert team carries out strict testing during production and all our methods are ISO 9001, CE, and SGS certified.

We have listed some of the important features of our wood pellet makers:


Every component is built using high quality materials. The sturdy transmission box allows zero blockages and let the material move seamlessly inside. Our machines have in-built intermittent lubrication system that keeps the temperature of the components optimized during the operation. This system helps improves the overall efficiency and life of the components.

This machine is versatile as it can be used on all kinds of raw materials such as cashew nuts, peanuts, tree branches, food waste, fruit shells, rice husks, leaves, and more. It can also be used in chemical plants, fuel plants, feed mills, wood processing plants, and more. The machine provides excellent heat dissipation characteristics as the vertical laying dies are fed directly with a wide range of uses and applications.

pellet machine spare parts

All the dies are made with high accuracy using standardized method, leaving no chance of error. The dies are made of stainless steel and have working life of more than 1500 hours. What’s more? This machine is a combination of horizontal and flat ring die pellet machines, assembled with sturdy rolls to efficiently carry out the task.

The rollers and main shaft realize dust free assembly and spray type gear oil circulation. It doesn’t require external lubrication which saves cost.

main shaft

This kind of machinery has all the benefits of a horizontal ring die pellet machine combined with a flat die pellet machine. Its double layer die is uniquely assembled with high-quality rolls made out of wear-resistant alloy steel.

The gear box is cooled down using fans inside, this saves the part from overheating and helps increase the internal bearing life.


The modular nature of the machinery reduces installation cost and time. Moreover, it can be easily installed in any space.

The display unit shows every important information to the operator. All the safety protocols are built in the machine, it sounds alarms in case of emergency of wrong operation.

Taichang Wood Pellet Makers Parameter

ModelPower(kw)Pellet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Size(cm)

Tips When Buying a Wood Pellet Maker

In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:

1) What is the material to make wood pellets? Better if you can share us some pictures

2) Hardness of your material?

3) Moisture content?

4) Maximum diameter of the material to be processed?

5)The capacity per hour you want to get for the pellet production.

Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

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