how to maintain a pellet machine

How to Maintain Your Pellet Machine for Durability and Quality Pellets?

Whether you purchase a pellet machine for home or commercial use, give it proper maintenance. Several novices ignore it, but regular machine care enhances the pellet quality and extends the life of the pellet mill. Apart from this, it helps you meet your production deadline on time.

We’ve compiled a list of pellet machine maintenance advice below.

Read Instruction for Cleaning


Every pellet machine is unique in design, size, and operation. As a result, you must read your supplier’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

You get a user manual with the machine that mentions necessary information for safe operation and upkeep of the mill.

Since the manual provides you with all technical information about the pellet machine, you better maintain it. Furthermore, you learn about your machine’s performance, construction, and operating manner.

Use the Right Raw Material

various materials for making pellets

First, use the accurate raw material for your wood pellet machine. Make sure your raw material does not contain metal, stone, or any foreign object. Such material can damage the die and roller of your pellet machine. So separate such contaminants.

Most biomass pellet machines can process sawdust, wood dust, tree barks, wood shaving, and other wood waste. So do not add anything other than these things.

Regular Cleaning

clean the pellet machine before start

Cleaning your pellet mill frequently is critical to its durability. It ensures that your equipment will continue to function properly in the long run.

Remember, when your pellet machine is in excellent condition, you meet your production deadline on time. It minimizes the risk of occupational injuries while also preventing downtime.

Before using the pellet mill, ensure that the feeder, roller, die, and other main parts are clean. Also, keep the motor and electrical parts dust-free to avoid poor contact and short circuit.

Make sure the die’s holes are free from debris. Otherwise, the pellets will not come out or may have poor shape. You may use oil soaking to soften the raw material.

If possible, try to operate your machine in a dust-free place.

Proper Lubrication

lubrication of pellet machines

Lubrication enhances the efficiency and life of a pellet machine several times. It minimizes friction and ensures moving parts are functioning smoothly.

A pellet mill requires regular lubrication. Depending on the instructions of your pellet machine manufacturer, you can use lithium-based oils to lubricate the die and roller. For the gearbox, you may use hyperbolic gear oil. 

Lubricate roller every hour of continuous operation. The main shaft of bearings should get lubrication every 8 hours. Apart from this, change the gearbox oil after every six months or two thousand hours of operation.

Check the oil level in the feeder and roller chain drive. Grease feeder shaft bearings once a month. Do not forget to clean the excess oil. Otherwise, it will cause grease accumulation.

Tcpel pellet mill has a built-in lubrication system that lubricates the machine automatically.

Avoid Overloading

Several novices mistakenly believe that overfeeding would enhance production. Remember that overloading the machine puts pressure on it, causing vibration in the machine’s body.

Moreover, it increases the risk of motor damage. You may also notice that your machine parts are quickly wearing off. You can say overloading of raw material shortens the life of your machine. Therefore, do not exceed the production capacity of your pellet machine.

Clearance between the Roller and Die

pellet machine spare parts replacement

Make sure there is enough space between the roller and the die. If you use a flat die, the ideal clearance between die and roller must be 0.1 -0.33mm. If the clearance is less, there will be an abrasion between the die and roller.

On the contrary, if the clearance between the two is too large, the raw material layer will be thick. Apart from this, production will decrease.

If your pellet machine uses a Ring die, an appropriate clearance should be 0.1-0.4mm.

Ask your pellet machine manufacturer what type of die they use and ensure that the clearance is accordingly.

Replacement of Parts

Like every machine, a pellet mill requires the replacement of parts, especially the die and roller. Keep an eye on wearing these two components in particular. Replace them to preserve their proper function if required. Generally, pellet machines use alloy steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

Tcpel wood pellet mill has a vertical-laying flat die that can process a wide range of raw materials and has excellent heat dissipation. It is an alloy steel die that has a service life of 1000 to 1500 hours.

Follow the below tips for the prolonged life of your mill die.

  • Always use a die clamp to keep the die secure.
  • Do not drop the mill die on a hard surface.
  • Lubricate them from time to time.
  • Do not pound on it with a hammer.
  • Keep your pellet machine die clean.
  • Store them in a dry and ventilated place.

Make a Commitment to a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Maintenance is an ongoing process. If you want your pellet machine to work accurately and produce high-quality pellets, you should provide regular maintenance. Commit to an effective preventative maintenance plan for the same.

Stick to an ongoing systematic inspection to get reliable information about the performance of your pellet mill. With a successful maintenance program you:

  • Improve your pellet machine reliability
  • Minimize unexpected breakdown
  • Extend the life of your pellet machine
  • Reduce the replacement of expensive parts
  • Enhance your production and meet deadline

Final Words

These are a few ways to maintain your pellet mill. Following them, you can improve the life of your machine significantly. Besides, it will provide you with quality pellets. If you want to buy a world-class pellet mill at an affordable price, contact Tcpel. We are one of the renowned pellet machine manufacturers in China. Tcpel supplies mills in Malaysia, Indonesia, and other crucial geographical locations worldwide.

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