Types Of Pellet Making Machines & Their Pros and Cons

Pellet making machines are used for making wood pellets which is one of the fastest growing industries. If you’re looking to get started with pellet production, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be taking a look at three different types of pellet machines and comparing the pros and cons for them. Each type of machine has its own unique characteristics that make it an attractive option for your production needs. Understanding how these pellet making machines perform will help you make a better decision about which machine to buy for your operation. 

Flat Die Pellet Making Machine

flat die pellet machine structure

Flat die pellet making machine is a kind of new type of pellet making machine that can produce various kinds of granulated materials. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, high efficiency and so on.

In general, the flat die pellet machine consists of feeding device, main body, cutting device and electrical control system. The feeding device includes feeding device (which is also called feeder), hopper and conveyor belt etc., it is used to put raw materials into the main body through the hopper after they are crushed by crushing machine or dried by dryer. The main body is mainly composed of heating chamber, cooling chamber and extrusion chamber etc., it has functions of heating raw materials uniformly in heating chamber for further processing; cooling them down in cooling chamber for drying out moisture; extrusion them into pellets through extrusion nozzle after being heated again in heating chamber. In addition to above mentioned parts, there are other auxiliary equipment such as air blower etc., which plays important role in pelletizing process.


-The flat die pellet making machine features compact structure, simple operation and low energy consumption;

-it occupies less space than traditional roll press machines;

-The noise of this machine is relatively low, which is suitable for use in residential areas;


-The flat die pellet mill is less efficient than other pellet mills because it does not have a water jacket around the rotor, which helps keep it cool. This means that you may have trouble getting high quality pellet products from this machine.

-The flat die pellet mill also has less power than other types of pellet mills, which means that more time will be spent on each piece of wood than with other types of machines.

-it is difficult to control the size of the pellet and its density. This makes it difficult to produce uniform-sized pellets.

Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Making Machine

horizontal-ring-die-pellet-machine-inside-structure The horizontal Ring Die Pellet Making Machine is mainly used in the production of various kinds of pellets from biomass materials and other organic materials, such as animal feed pellet, seedling pellet, fish feed pellet and so on.

The machine consists of a fixed ring die, a moving ring die and a hydraulic system. The fixed ring die is located in the lower part of the machine and has multiple impression dies which are used to compress the biomass materials into pellets. The moving ring die is installed above the fixed one and also has multiple impression dies which can be adjusted according to customer requirements. A hydraulic system is used to drive these two rings to rotate at different speeds in order to squeeze out or extrude out materials from the impression dies by adjusting their relative positions during working process.


– It requires less labor because it requires only one operator instead of two or three operators like some newer machines do;

– It offers more control over particle size distribution;

– The pellets are more consistent than those produced by other methods;

– It produces fewer fines than other methods which means that there will be less waste material left over after producing your pellets;


-The most notable disadvantage is that the machine is relatively expensive. This means that non-professional pellet makers may not be able to afford the horizontal Ring Die Pellet Making Machine.

-Another disadvantage is that this machine requires a lot of space in order to function properly. If you don’t have enough room for this machine, then you’ll need to find another place to store it or get rid of it altogether.

-it is difficult to clean if there is any dust inside the machine’s parts.

-Longer warm up time than vertical ring die pellet making machines

-The last disadvantage of a horizontal ring die pellet making machine is that it does not produce very high quality pellets. The quality of these pellets can vary greatly depending on the size of the ring die and how much pressure is applied during the pressing process.

Vertical Ring Die Pellet Making Machine

vertical ring die inside structure

Vertical Ring Die Pellet Making Machine is also called vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill, which is a kind of advanced equipment for the pellet making process. The Vertical Ring Die Pellet Making Machine is widely used in the field of industrial pellet making, such as chemical industry, food processing, construction material, medicine and so on. The principle of Vertical Ring Die Pellet Making Machine is to compress the raw materials by ring dies and then extrude them into pellets by continuous extrusion presses.

The Vertical Ring Die Pellet Making Machine has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency and low power consumption. The fuel consumption is about 1/4 compared with other machines. It is suitable for processing large size raw materials into small size granular materials (pellets).


-High-quality products: The pelletizing ring die can crush all kinds of materials into small pieces and it has an excellent surface finish. The finished product will have good quality and no defects.

-Low energy consumption: Compared with other machines, Vertical Ring Die Pellet Making Machine requires less power during operation because it uses low-energy motors or electric motors instead of large-scale engines to drive its equipment. This saves energy costs and improves profits for manufacturers.

-Easy operation: Vertical Ring Die Pellet Making Machine has simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, which makes it suitable for use at home or in workshops where people don’t have much experience in operating heavy equipment like mills and crushers.


-The main disadvantage of Vertical Ring Die Pellet Making Machine is that it is expensive. The price range for this machine is between $20000 to $60000 depending on the specifications of the machine and its features.

-Vertical Ring Die Pellet Making Machine is large in size and not portable, they don’t have small capacity model, capacity at least 1000kgs/h, and the power relatively higher than other smaller machine.

-It requires a large amount of space to operate in, which makes it difficult to install in small areas.


Pellet machines can be very helpful pieces of equipment for people who use wood pellets for heat. The only catch is you have to do your homework and find the right type of machine for your needs. We hope this article helped you determine what features matter the most to you, which machine to buy, and where to get it. If you have any questions about pellet machines, please contact us and we are happy to help.

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