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Bamboo Powder Dyring Solution

Bamboo powder is the powder after grinding bamboo. As a new type of environmentally friendly material, bamboo powder is widely used in chemical industry and daily life. The production of bamboo powder has high economic benefits. In the process of producing bamboo powder, drying is a very important process. Today we will give you a detailed explanation of the bamboo powder drying process and the entire working process of our bamboo powder dryer, hope it will be helpful to you.

Bamboo Powder Applications

bamboo powder applications

Bamboo powder are a commonly used filling additive and a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly raw material. Bamboo powder is not only a commonly used filling additive, but also can be used to produce a variety of products. It is applicable to a wide range of industries and can be used as bamboo plastic products, fuel, mosquito coils, leather, and clothing, papermaking, electrical appliances, daily necessities, coatings, cat litter, chemicals, insulation materials, outdoor decoration materials, building materials and other raw materials for products.

How To Dry Bamboo Powder-Bamboo Powder Dryer

bamboo forest

In the south of China, especially Hunan and Hubei provinces, there are large areas of bamboo forests. Many companies have started producing bamboo powder. We have a customer who purchased our bamboo powder dryer. Below we will introduce Let me explain to you our bamboo powder drying plan in detail according to this project.

complete set bamboo powder rotary dryer system

The customer’s raw material is bamboo sawdust, and the moisture content of the raw material is 35%-40%. The customer requires that the moisture content of the bamboo powder after drying should be 10%. The size of the final bamboo powder is controlled at 100 mesh. Our entire drying process includes Hammer MillRotary Dryer-Spray Tower-Ultrafine Grinder-Ultrafine Screening Machine

This is the bamboo sawdust material, size is still very big.

bamboo sawdust raw materials for making bamboo powder

Using a forklift to load the raw material to the belt conveyor.

using forklift to load the bamboo sawdust

On the belt conveyor, we also added a magnetic iron remover, to remove the iron materials inside the materials.

magnetic iron remover on the belt conveyor

Using a hammer mill to crush the big size bamboo sawdust into smaller size.

use hammer mill to crush the bamboo sawdust into powder

This is the hammer mill feeding mouth.

hammer mill crushing the bamboo sawdust

This is the crushed bamboo sawdust, size within 3mm

wet bamboo powder

To make sure the bamboo powder color not change during the drying process, we are using the indirect heating system, we will burn the wood scrap to generate hot air, below is our biomass burner

biomass burner stove buring wood scrap

This is the connection of the heating stove and our rotary dryer

heating stove connect with the bamboo powder dryer

The rotary dryer will rotate by a driven motor, power is 7.5kw.

rotary dryer rotating motor

The rotary dryer we are using is φ2*14m, diameter is 2meters, length is 14meters. The total capacity is 2t/h, from moisture 40% to 10%.

To prevent pollution emission problems, we also using a water spray tower connect with our rotary dryer, Spray tower is used for exhaust gas absorption, purification, flue gas dust removal, cooling, etc.

water spray tower for rotary dryer system

The dried bamboo powder will be discharged by air lock in the end, on the output conveyor, we also added a magnetic iron remover.

rotary dryer air lock to discharge the bamboo powder

This is dried bamboo sawdust, moisture within 10%

dried bamboo sawdust

Customer also added a ultrafine grinder, to crush the sawdust into smaller size ,within 100mesh.

untrafine grinder for producing bamboo powder in 100mesh

After the ultrafine grinder, connect with a ultrafine screener, to sort out the fine bamboo powder.

untrafine screening machine for bamboo powder

This is the ultrafine screener inside structure

ultrafine screener

We also added a pulse jet dust collector for the whole system, to make sure the whole working environment clean and dust-free.

pulse jet dust collector for rotary dryer

This is the final ultrafine bamboo powder.

final bamboo powder

Complete Bamboo Powder Dryer Machine Working Video 


The production of bamboo powder can increase economic benefits of bamboo, and high-quality bamboo powder is in short supply in the market. If you also want to produce bamboo powder and purchase bamboo powder dryer machine, please contact us. We can provide complete drying processes and equipment.

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