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Sawdust Pellet Machine - The Beginner's Guide

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For both personal and commercial use, sawdust pellet machines are popular. Converting biomass—like sawdust—into usable pellets, these appliances have business and environmental benefits. Below we’ll help you understand the industry better, to make an informed decision on which machine you should purchase.

What is a Sawdust Pellet Machine?

With a sawdust pellet machine you can turn biomass waste products into small pellets, measuring a few millimeters. You feed sawdust powder in and the machine will compress it, push it through dies and then cut it down to form smaller pieces, called pellets.

You can pick between a ring die sawdust pellet machine and a flat die pellet mill.

What is Sawdust Pellet Machine Used for?

You can apply a wood small sawdust pellet machine for personal use to create wood pellets to burn at home during wood fire cooking. On a larger scale, using sawdust pellet machines can generate income by selling the wood pellets. Large industries—for example power plants—use them to turn waste products into pellets they can use during the power generation process. This uses up waste products, making industries more environmentally friendly.

How Does a Sawdust Pellet Machine Work?

A sawdust pellet machine has an inlet, where it receives the biomass waste product you want to turn into pellets. The machine has dies with multiple holes in them. Rollers will push this material through these dies.

Heat and compression help to create long tubes of the waste product which the pellet machine then cuts into small pellets. These are expelled from the machine as usable pellets.

With certain sawdust pellet machines you can also use other waste such as peanut shells, rice husks or branches.

How Much Does a Sawdust Pellet Machine Cost?

Today’s market has many different types and sizes of sawdust pellet machines. Each has different specifications in terms of:

  • Power: measured in kW which can range from 90kW to over 600kW

  • Physical size

These details determine each model’s price. So, you can pay anything from a few hundred dollars for a small machine to use at home or in your small business, to a few thousand for mass production at a factory or plant.

How to Make Sawdust Pellets?

Preparing Your Raw Material

Make sure the biomass you feed into the pellet machine is of the right quality, looking at two main features:

  • Size: If the biomass is too coarse, the pellet mill won’t effectively compress it into pellets. For most sawdust pellet machines the material should be at least 5mm. Grind large chunks into smaller parts using a wood chipper or hammer mill.
  • Moisture content: It must be dry enough before entering the pellet machine. Measure the moisture level with a moisture meter to see if it’s around 10%. Especially if it’s higher than 20%, dry it by spreading it out so it can dry naturally.

Using the Pellet Machine

Once your raw material is ready, pour it into the chute or inlet. With some sawdust pellet machines you can add a small amount of oil to help the material stick together.

Now the machine does the work. Rollers will use immense pressure to push the fine sawdust through the holes on the machine’s dies. When working with sawdust, the natural lignin of the wood will melt thanks to the pressure and heat. This acts as a natural bonding material, keeping the pellets together. The sawdust now takes on the form of the holes, which is how you create the long tubular pellets.

Cool Down

The pellets are hot when they exit the machine, so before packaging or using it, leave it to cool down. You can spread it out and leave it for +/-24 hours. For a faster result, use industrial freezers to cool it down within 2 hours.

Quality Control

If you’re selling the pellets, manage the quality of your product by removing broken or misshapen pellets. Use large sieves to separate smaller parts from the quality pellets.

How to Choose the Best Sawdust Pellet Machine for Pellet Production?

Make sure you get value for money by using the following list as guidance when you’re looking at a sawdust pellet machine for sale and comparing it to others on the market:

  • Material: The machine you use must be suitable for the type of pellets you want to produce. Of course a wood sawdust pellet machine can work with fine wood particles, but some can produce pellets from food waste, animal manure, fruit shells, rice husks and more. So, if you want more flexibility and multiple applications for your machine, mention this to your supplier. You should also discuss the moisture content, the hardness of the material and the diameter of the substance with your supplier to make sure you get a machine that’s appropriate.
  • Space: There are compact machines available but those for industrial use are quite large. You need to make sure your pellet machine will fit into the available space on your premises or at home, so measure the area where the pellet machine will stand. Also remember that there should be enough space to enable good air circulation around the machine.
  • Machine specifications: Sawdust pellet machines are classified according to specifications like power, measured in kW, so make sure your premises can accommodate the machine’s requirements. You should also shop around for quality models that provide exceptional efficiency while keeping power consumption low. This will help you save money on utility costs.
  • Your application and needs: Ask yourself what exactly you want to do with the sawdust pellet machine. Also think long term and purchase one that will be appropriate for your needs for a long time, so you don’t have to replace it in the near future. Consider the output you need, measured in tons per hour (t/h). For commercial or industrial use a machine must work fast enough to benefit the workflow on site or ensure there’s enough product to sell and make a profit.

You can consider using a homemade sawdust pellet machine but it will be more difficult to maintain and ensure a quality product.

How to Buy an Affordable Sawdust Pellet Machine?

You can save money by buying from the right sawdust pellet machine manufacturer and supplier. A reputable vendor that produces the machines in larger quantities will offer lower prices.

When budgeting for a sawdust pellet machine, also consider the long-term expenses that will determine the real expense of your project. You need a quality machine that won’t cost you a lot in terms of maintenance and repairs. A quality machine that’s power efficient will cost you less in terms of utility expenses.

Remember to buy according to your needs because purchasing a larger unit than you need means you’re paying for features or specifications you won’t really use. Look at the specifications of a small sawdust pellet machine for sale first, and perhaps it will suffice for your needs.

How to Use a Sawdust Pellet Machine for Beginners?

Here’s a step-by-step process for making sawdust pellets:

  • Order your raw material well in advance, so you have all you need to streamline the production. This can be sawdust or larger pieces of wood.
  • If you’re using pieces of wood, turn it into sawdust with a chopper and hammer mill.
  • Switch on the machine so it can warm up and you’re sure it works.
  • Place containers where the pellets will exit the machine.
  • Pour your fine sawdust into the sawdust pellet machine. The machine will push the dust into pellets by forcing it through the holes on the dies. It also cuts them down to size.
  • Take the pellets to cool down by spreading them out for a day or placing them in freezers.

How to Maintain a Sawdust Pellet Machine?

Sawdust pellet machine maintenance is important for the longevity of the unit but also to ensure it works efficiently.

There are many moving parts inside the machine, so with some wood sawdust pellet machines you’ll need to lubricate it. This can be done with oil or grease, in order to reduce friction and help manage the temperature inside the machine. With high quality products the machine can dispense lubricant by itself, minimizing the amount of maintenance required.

You should also make sure all components are in top condition. This includes rollers, dies and the gearbox. If you notice any wear and tear it’s best to repair or replace, to prevent further damage. You should also clean out the machine from time to time, at least once every six months.

After a pellet making session, leave the machine switched on for a few minutes instead of simply shutting it down. You can also run it for a few minutes without any sawdust and add some lubricant to ensure it’s ready for the next session, without any wood particles causing obstructions.


Whether you’re considering buying a pellet machine for personal use or for commercial use, you’re making a wise investment. It has multiple benefits and best of all, by using waste products like sawdust, you’re helping to create a more environmentally friendly society.

If you have any more questions on this topic, please let us know.

Taichang Sawdust Pellet Machine Introduction

If you want to save energy, increase productivity, and make your business ten times more efficient, you need to consider the Taichang Sawdust Pellet Machine.

This sawdust pellet machine offers all the benefits of both a flat die pellet machine and a horizontal ring die pellet mill machine, allowing you to truly get the best of both worlds.

You’ll save money and enjoy a better quality product. It can work with all kinds of materials, including rice or sunflower husks, crop straws, rubber, ash, cement, branches, peanut and other fruit shells, trunks, branches, bark, and much more. It’s not just wood waste that this pellet machine can handle – it can handle just about anything.

It uses German alloy steel in its construction for a more secure, reliable build. The die has a fixed and vertical installation that allows easy maintenance and repairs, and the pellet modeling system operates silently and efficiently. This offers a greater life of work along with a more efficient user experience.

Widely used in industry and recommended by experts, the pellet machine can be used in fertilizer, MSW processing, wood processing, power, biomass energy fuel, and chemical plants. For low investment and high profit, the Taichang Pellet Machine is the way to go.

Taichang Sawdust Pellet Machine Features

Taichang is a professional company that specializes in the production, research, and development of sawdust pellet production machinery. We’ve been around for more than a decade and employ a team of talented engineers and designers. We are ISO 9001, CE, and SGS certified, meaning our products are manufactured under the strictest quality control standards

Based in China, we offer quality machines – guaranteed. Our products are manufactured under these strictest quality control standards. We offer complete installation service for a turn-key experience. We’ll even help train your operators so that they fully understand how to use the new pellet machine onsite.

And after your product has been installed, we’ll provide you with quick, reliable, and responsive after-sale service. From 24/7 email to phone communication or even onsite visits, we’ll be here to help you out.


This heavyweight machine is durable and long-lasting, offering 24 hours of work time with no need to stop and perform maintenance. It has automatic intermittent lubrication to reduce your workload and extend the life of the machine’s parts, too.

It can be used on all kinds of materials, including peanut and fruit shells, branches, stems, and other food waste, sunflower and rice husks, and more. It can be used in chemical plants, fuel plants, wood processing plants, feed mills, and more.

pellet machine spare parts

The vertical-laying flat dies to feed directly with a broad range of applications and excellent heat dissipation. It offers improved efficiency for a reduced cost and the best possible performance. Die materials are made out of alloy steel for a longer life span.

The main shaft on this compact, easy-to-operate machine is also wear-resistant and produces wood pellets with a smooth, consistent surface.

main shaft

This kind of machinery has all the benefits of a horizontal ring die pellet machine combined with a flat die pellet machine. Its double layer die is uniquely assembled with high-quality rolls made out of wear-resistant alloy steel.

The stainless steel dies have a service life of 1000 to 1500 hours, meaning you’ll save money and energy while remaining more efficient. It comes with a built-in cooling system and fan blower to help cool down the pelletizing area. The cooling system of the gearbox helps to extend the internal bearing life and improve the functioning of the machine.


It has a high-strength transmission box and allows you to vertically feed the machine right in place – centrifugal force will take care of the rest. It resists blockages and has wear-resistant bearings.

Its independent frequency conversion discharge device ensures an even and consistent rate of pellet formation.

Taichang Sawdust Pellet Machine Parameter

ModelPower(kw)Pellet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Size(cm)

Tips When Buying a Sawdust Pellet Machine

In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:

1) What is the material to make wood pellets? Better if you can share us some pictures

2) Hardness of your material?

3) Moisture content?

4) Maximum diameter of the material to be processed?

5)The capacity per hour you want to get for the pellet production.

Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

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