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Hop Pellet Machine - The Beginner's Guide


If you are on this page, you must be looking for a Hop Pellet machine or some information. Don’t worry, we have covered that for you in this beginner's guide of Hop Pellet machines. . We are a leading Hop pellet machine manufacturer in China, and our suggestion is you should know some basics before purchasing a Hop pellet machine.

Hop is used as an ingredient for making beer which adds flavor and stability to it. Furthermore, it adds citrus and fruity flavors and aromas. Besides, hop pellets are also used for animal feed. In this beginners guide, we will discuss everything you should know about HOP pellet machines.

What is a Hop Pellet Machine? 

Hop pellet machine is a pellet machine that can make biomass pellets from Hops. In addition, you can make other pellets using Hop pellet machines. For example, you can make wheat straw, sawdust, rice straw, and feed pellets using this machine.

Biomass pellet production is developing day by day, and that’s why hop pellet machines are also becoming more and more popular.

What Can You Do with a Hop Pellet Machine?

A hope pellet machine is made of multiple sections. From one end, you will enter hop, and the machine will provide hope pellets.

You need a pellet machine to make hop pellets which create power. An extrusion die is then used to make hop pellets from the gummy powder.

Though hope pellets machines are used to manufacture hope pellets, that is not the only pellet you can make from that. You can also make other pellets from a hop pellet machine. For example, you can make feed pellets, wood pellets, and many other pellets using this machine.

How does a Hop Pellet Machine Work?

Hop pellet machines are of two types – Large scale production and small scale production. Though their production level is different, the working principle is more or less the same. If you are looking for in-house or small-scale production, a ring dies machine will be ideal for you.

Before inserting hops into the pellet machine, you should crush them with a hammer mill. Then it would be best if you cleaned that first before inserting it for processing. Then you can use the hop pellet machine to make hop pellets from the processed hops.

When the raw material is ready, you can insert them into the machine and start the motor. The motor holds the center shaft along with the process roller—the process roller motors along the shaft and produces hop pellets.

Then the pellets get cylindrical shape when the rotating press pushes hops into the holes.

How Much does a Hop Pellet Machine Cost?

As we described in the earlier section, there are two types of hop pellet machines, and different machines have different prices. There are some other factors also. We will give you an idea of the hop pellet machine cost, but  before that, we have some suggestions for you:

First, select the type of hop pellet machine you need. If you are looking for small production, go for flat die hop pellets and if you are looking for large production, go for ring die hop pellet machines.

Not all hop pellet machine manufacturers are the same. Different manufacturers take different approaches. Know whether the machine maintains ISO standards and is well tested. 

Now, let’s talk about the cost. If you are looking for an in-house hop pellet machine, you can buy them for around USD 500. But for a standard machine, you have to pay between 1000 to 2000. For a large-scale production machine, you have to pay between USD 2000 to USD 6000.

How to Choose The Best Hop Pellet Machine for Pellet Production?

Selecting a good one is not that easy. Sometimes even experienced eyes miss the trick to choose the best hop pellet machine. Therefore, we came with some tips for you:

The Finishing

Yes, finishing is very crucial. You can get a total idea about the machine just by looking at the exterior. Inspect the paint, and that should be uniform without any leakage. Also, check the stainless steel for smooth finishing.

The Die

Die is the most vital part of a hop pellet machine, and they MUST meet some specific standards. The die should have a smooth finish, and there should be no manufacturing error. Heat treatments are used to produce them. That’s why it is not that tough to find the quality from outside.. The appearance tells a lot about the die.

Inspect the die holes very carefully. All the holes should be uniform and symmetric. They should be smooth without any rags. If you find any blind holes or joints, it’s better to avoid them.

Die Rotation

How does the die rotate? Inspect whether it gets any friction from its surroundings. The die must not shake while moving. Use your hand or test run to check the die rotation.

Hop Pellet Output

Ask the manufacturer to run the machine for a live demonstration on the quality of the hop pellet. Test the pellets taking in your hand. Produced pellets should be smooth without any cracks on the surface. If they break easily, then the quality is not good.

Test Run

As a leading hop pellet manufacturer, we always tell our clients to check the machine with a test run before buying one. Check the rotating direction, die rotation, and check it several times. Only buy that piece if you are satisfied.

Safety inspection

Safety precaution is crucial for any hop pellet machine. If you buy a ring die hop pellet machine, inspect the safety lineage that protects the machine from outside particles entering inside. Ask the hop pellet manufacturer about the security feature of the machine.

How to Buy an Affordable Hop Pellet Machine?

Hop pellet machines are a long-term investment. So, you should prioritize quality over price. But that doesn’t mean you can not buy a hop pellet machine at an affordable price. Of course, you can. Here are our expert opinion:

Quality of the Hop Pellet Machine

Quality is the foremost thing you should consider before buying a hop pellet machine. Low-quality machines are not efficient and do not have a long lifespan. Moreover, they consume more energy. As a result, you are paying more on other things when you are buying a low-quality hop pellet machine.

Buy According to your Budget

You should go for the best hop pellet machine in the market. Instead, you should find ‘the best hop pellet machine’ within your budget. To determine your budget, first, calculate how many hop pellets you need daily or monthly.

In TCPEL, we always answer our client’s questions. Tell us your budget and requirement and we will help you to find the best hop pellet machine.

Others Cost

There are many other costs related to a machine, such as the fuel consumption cost, maintenance costs, operational costs, etc. You should also consider those costs before buying your machine. More ‘other costs’ will cut your profit revenue.


When you are dealing with machines, you will need support. So, before buying your hop pellet machine, learn the support process of the hop pellet manufacturer. Do they have any dedicated customer care section? Do they have any live chat option? How fast do they respond to your query?

Support is crucial. So, make sure the manufacturer will provide 24/7 support.

How to Use a Hop Pellet Machine for Beginners?

It is always better to know the prerequisites before using a hop pellet machine. If you are a beginner please follow the below tips:


If you are a new user, be very careful about that. Lubrication is a fundamental system of using a hop pellet machine. Lubrication makes a hop pellet machine efficient and increases the lifespan. Lubricate the parts that need lubrication before use. 

Check the Roller and Flat Die 

Sometimes unwanted particles can stay in between the roller and the flat die. So, check that nothing is blocking the road each time you use the machine.

Connecting Parts

You will see cap bolts at each roller’s end. You should tighten them strongly before starting the machine to prevent any potential damage to the rollers. Check the other connecting parts also.

Rotating Direction

Sometimes beginners forget to check the direction and the indicative sign. Check the direction and the consistency. If they are not consistent, adjust and run again.


Check for any power leakage. The machine will not work if there is any power leakage. Also, use the machine in a stable electronic environment. If the hop pellet manufacturer asks for any special safety measure, follow their directions.

Most prominent hop pellet machine manufacturers organize a training session. In TCPEL, we also offer onsite training. You should participate in the training session, and that will be very helpful for you.

It’s better to recruit an expert to operate the machine. If an expert hands operate a machine, that sustains a long time with excellent efficiency.

What is the Maintaining Process of a Hop Pellet Machine?

You should take the maintenance of your hop pellet machine quite seriously. Well-maintenance will not only remain your machine efficient but also extend the lifespan. Here is how you should maintain your hop pellet machine:

  • Be very careful about lubricating your hop pellet machine. Lubricate the parts of the machine following the manufacturer’s instructions. So, ask your manufacturer or read their manual.
  • The gearbox lubrication oil needs to be changed. This is a vital maintenance process to expand the lifespan of your hop pellet machine.
  • Run a monthly inspection on the machine. You should check the die, roller, bearing, gear, etc. If you find any defect with any of the parts, immediately change that or those parts. A bad part affects other parts and can damage the entire machine.
  • DO NOT overload your machine. Never use the machine then the declared time from the manufacturer, and do not try to get more than the declared pellet the machine can produce at a certain time. Otherwise, you will hurt your machine.
  • Clean the machine carefully after everyday operations. Cleaning helps the machine to work efficiently without consuming much fuel.
  • When the machine is idle for a considerable amount of time, you should rest it in a proper place. The surrounding must not contain any water, or the environment should not be damp. No unwanted particle should enter the machine. Use a tarpon to cover the machine.
  • Do not leave the machine in a damp place if you are not using the machine for a while. Cover it properly so that no unwanted particles can enter.

If you find any issue it’s better to contact your hop pellet machine manufacturer.. In TCPEL, we have a dedicated customer care team to help our customers 24/7.

Tcpel Hop Pellet Machine Introduction

TCPEL is a top hop pellet machine manufacturer in China with over a decade of experience in the industry. We have clients in over 50 countries in the world,

All of our machines are well tested before entering the market. We have all the necessary certifications and documentation, including ISO9001, CE, and SGS.

Our product development team is one of the finest in the Chinese industry, and they have introduced some state-of-the-art hop pellet machines to the industry. Our product development team makes sure our clients are getting durable, efficient, and long-lasting hop pellet machines. 

Our quality testing team is full of the most experienced engineers in the industry who ensure the efficiency and durability of your hop pellet machine. We have a large facility in China with one of the most up-to-date factories.

You will get a free setup if you buy your hop pellet machine from us. Moreover, we arrange a free training session for all of our clients.

Tcpel is always open to its customers. We offer a 24/7/365 after-sales service. You can contact us through email, LiveChat, or phone call.

Hop Pellet Machine Parameters

ModelCapacityPinch RollerPowerVoltage(V)WeightDimension
TCF12080-100kg/hDouble roller2.2kw220V/380V95kgs68*42*53cm
TFC150150-200kg/hDouble rollers7.5kw220V/380V100kgs72*45*65cm
TCF200300-400kg/hDouble rollers11kw380V180kgs126*53*92cm
TCF250600-800kg/hDouble rollers15kw380V320kgs131*54*93cm
TCF300800-1000kg/hDouble rollers22kw380V400kgs146*59*110cm
TCF3501000-1200kg/hDouble rollers30kw380V580kgs186*70*128cm
TCF4002000kg/hDouble rollers37kw380V680kgs206*76*137cm
TCF4502000-2500kg/hDouble rollers45kw380V780kgs218*79*140cm

Tcpel Hop Pellet Machine Advantages

feed pellet machine structure

Works under high temperature and is 10 to 20 times more wear-resistant. Now more durable with Chromium-manganese steel-made pressure roller and grinding disc.

Refueling is very easy and comes with a very user-friendly interface. Anyone will be able to run the machine using the interface. GL-5 heavy-duty gear oil is recommended before use.

feed pellet machine refuel
feed pellet machine Electric coupling

Easy installation. Simple operation, direct docking, and electric coupling. Premium quality stainless steel was used for coupling, making the machine more durable. Now more wear-resistant also. Reduced transmission ratio loss of the earlier belt drive using the upgraded coupling drive

Now with increased lifespan with 100% copper wire motor—more stable operation for the copper coil and heat sink. You are getting an advanced safety feature with an auto power-off feature in case the heat rises too high.

feed pellet machine copper motor
feed pellet machine automobile rear axle

We reduced the engine’s loading time by adopting an automobile rear axle differential assembly design. It provides advanced gear combinations and confirms more stability.

Now the hop pellet machine has a more advanced design that offers convenient feeding because of the expanded feed inlet design. Smoother and faster discharge with a widened discharge port. Improved work efficiency with the higher widened discharge port design. Baffles on both sides stop hops from spilling.

larger input and output hopper for feed pellet machine
feed pellet machine Adopt nylon sliding casters

Durable, wear-resistant, and adopts nylon sliding casters.

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