How Are Wood Pellets Made?

Wood pellets burn far more cleaner than logs and the fire is smoke-free. Because of the energy crisis of the year 2022, many people want to start pellet making business but don’t know how to start, here we are going to walk through the process of how are wood pellets made. You will get everything you need to start making wood pellets.

How Are Wood Pellets Made?

Wood pellets are made from wood fiber. The wood fiber compressed by pellet machine roller, the compression generates heats which will soften lignin inside the fiber as a natural glue to shape the pellets. Then wood pellets extruded outward through ring die holes and cut into uniform length 10-20mm by rotating knife outside.

Step 1 :Prepare the Raw Material For Making Wood Pellets

various materials for making pellets

Wood pellets are made from a variety of raw materials, sawdust、wood chips ,wood shavings, small logs, even scraps of wood leftover from furniture and other manufacturing.

Source all the wood materials from recycled wood streams, utilizing the waste generated from timber production and wood product manufacturing.

To help reduce the manufacturing cost, better to source the dried wood.

Step 2 :Hammer Mill Section

hammer mill tcpel

The raw material will be go through the hammer mill, to create wood fiber for the pellets.

A magnet picks out any metal that got mixed into the wood.

Step 3 :Pellet Making Section

3tph pellet machine display

The pellets however are still quite warm and sticky so they clump together. The solution about 15 minutes in a pellet cooler. As the room temperature air blows through the pellets cooling and drying  the tacky lignin, the pellets separate from each other. As the pellets exit the cooler, a vibrating screen filters sawdust-like material which incidentally doesn’t go to waste. The factory uses it to fuel the dryer.

Step 5 :Packing Section


The wood pellets travel up another conveyor belt, and into two large storage bins.  Pellets can then be loaded into a truck and delivered in bulk, or packaged into 40pound bags and totes. 

The pellets that are packaged in 40pound bags or tote bags are thoroughly screened to remove the fines and dust. This results in a very clean product for handling.

The bags of pellets are stored in the on-site facility in large inventory quantities to ensure there is always inventory available for customers. Pellets are then delivered straight to customer home using tailgate, or pneumatic delivery trucks.


Hope our post can help you explain how are wood pellets made. It’s not difficult to understand the whole process. And if any doubts from this, you can always contact with us to get suggestions and helps to make the whole process easy and successfully. 

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The wood fiber then enters the pellet mill, and is extruded at high pressure through narrow holes in the thick, metal die. This compression creates heat which softens lignin naturally occurring in the wood. The lignin acts as a natural glue, to give the pellets their final shape.  No additives are needed in the process.