How To Make Wood Pellets from Sawdust?

Sawdust is kind of by-products produced by saw cutting process. It’s kind of waste for many people, which is no use and take up a lot of space in the factory. Many people want to turn sawdust into wood pellets for burning but don’t know how or failed many times. Here we will show you clearly how to make wood pellets from sawdust in details, keep on reading.

How to Make Wood Pellets From Sawdust?

To make wood pellets from sawdust, you must prepare the sawdust well, that means the sawdust in uniform size 3-5mm, and moisture content 10-15%. Then feed the sawdust into the sawdust pellet machine by screw conveyor. The sawdust will be pressed in the pelletizing room and pressed out from the machine ring die as a result of wood pellets.

Step 1 :Prepare Your Sawdust Ready


To make wood pellets from sawdust, it is necessary to use sawdust of uniform standard, which means that the sawdust size should be at 3-5mm and the humidity is 8-12%. If your sawdust do not meet this standard, you need to pre-treat your sawdust raw materials. If your sawdust too large in size, you will need to use a hammer mill to reduce the size. If your sawdust has a high moisture content, you will need to use a dryer to dry them first .Until the sawdust meet the requirements, you can proceed to the next step, then you can make high quality sawdust pellets.

Step 2—Feed the Ready Sawdust to a Sawdust Pellet Machine for Pelletizing

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Now that you have ready sawdust, it’s time to start making pellet. The process is simple: Feed the sawdust into a wood sawdust pellet machine by a screw conveyor. The sawdust pellet machine will press the sawdust in the pelletizing room, the sawdust will be shaped into pellets by continuous pressing process. Then the sawdust pellets will pressed out from the wood sawdust pellet machine die. There are two kinds of sawdust pellet machines for sale on market. Commercial sawdust pellet machine and homemade sawdust pellet machine. You can choose based on your needs. 

Step 3—Sawdust Pellet Cooling, Packaging and Storage

After the sawdust pellet machine, you will get sawdust pellets, temperature 70-90degree, you need a pellet cooler machine to cool down the sawdust pellets temperature to 30degree, and separate the broken sawdust pellets out from the high quality pellets, using a vibrating sieve.

After the temperature of sawdust pellets dropped, you need an automatic pellet packing machine to pack the sawdust pellets into bags, 50kgs/bag or 1t/bag can be set in advance for storage and transport.

Can You Make Pellets Out Of Sawdust?

Yes, of course,  sawdust is an important source of material for making wood pellets, turning sawdust into wood pellets can not only generate more business profits, but also help you save a lot of space in your factory. 

What Are Sawdust Pellets?


Sawdust pellets are kind of pellets made from sawdust by sawdust pellet machines. It’s widely used for burning to generate heat and used in power plant and industry boilers.

Sawdust pellets are a form of biomass fuel that is green, renewable, and economic. Sawdust pellets produce few emissions, making them a clean energy alternative.

What Are Sawdust Pellets Used For?

Sawdust pellets can be used for heating and cooking. They are usually used by large-scale power plants, biomass boilers, and centralize steaming boilers, as well as by households.

The Benefits Of Sawdust Pellets

Sawdust pellets were once considered a waste product that was thrown away by the lumber industry. Now this waste product is being transformed into a valuable resource that can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels such as coal or oil. Sawdust pellets are made from sawmills that process trees into lumber products such as furniture, flooring and cabinets. These mills normally have large quantities of sawdust left over after processing wood into lumber products and they need to find somewhere to dispose of this leftover material.

The benefits of using sawdust pellets include:

Sawdust pellets produce little ash when burned which means less pollution in the air;

Sawdust wood pellets have a high calorific value which means they produce more heat per unit than other types of biomass;

Sawdust pellets have low moisture content which makes them easy to store and transport;


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Making wood pellets from sawdust is not difficult work at all, choosing the right sawdust pellet machine for sale is quite important, and always keep in mind the concerns in every step for the complete guide, everyone can utilize the free valuable resource of nature.

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How to make wood pellets from sawdust?

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