Top 10 Wood Pellets Manufacturers in Poland

If you are looking for a reliable and top-quality wood pellets manufacturers in Poland, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will list Poland’s 10 best manufacturers of wood pellets. These manufacturers produce high-quality products that will meet your needs and expectations.

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One of Europe’s most cutting-edge pellet manufacturing facilities is Stelmet. A reliable supply of raw materials for the creation of pellets is the nearby Wooden Garden Architecture Production Plant. 

Pellets are made on a contemporary production line; the drum dryer has been replaced with a belt drier, and the drying temperature is only 100 ° C. This prevents binder burning and over burning of the material.


  • 144,000 tons of pellets may be produced yearly.
  • Every year, they process roughly 600,000 of wood, m3
  • Access to the raw materials is ensured thanks to a long-term agreement with the State Forests.
  • Assurance of excellence
  • Promptness and assurance of consistent delivery
  • 16,000 trucks left our company last year alone in terms of logistics power.

Product Offer:

LAVA pellets

LAVA pellets

LAVA pellets are environmentally benign since no more CO2 is released into the atmosphere during combustion because the quantity of CO2 exhaled during combustion is equal to the amount of CO2 absorbed by the plant throughout its growth.

  • 6 kWh/kg dry, which is a very good calorific value.
  • low ash content (0.7% or below),
  • and low emissions of hazardous chemicals, such as sulfur dioxide.
  • 10% humidity

You can maintain the excellent quality of the product through ongoing controls. Like all Stelmet products, lava pellets have an FSC certification.

LAVA pellets are available in 15 kg standard-size bags.

Size of the pellet: 6 or 8 mm

OLIMP Pellet

OLIMP Pellet

The CO2 emission during the combustion of an OLIMP pellet is equal to the quantity of CO2 absorbed by the plant throughout its growth, therefore no more CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

  • exceptionally high calorific value (4.6 kWh/kg dry),
  • 7% or less ash content
  • low emissions of hazardous chemicals, such as sulfur dioxide.
  • 10% humidity

You can maintain the excellent quality of the product through ongoing controls. The first pellets in Poland to be awarded the ENPlus A1 certification were Olimp pellets. It is also FSC-certified, just like all Stelmet goods.

The 15 kg bags of Olimp pellets are the standard size.

Size of the pellet: 6 or 8 mm

Aber Services SP. Z.O.O

Aber Services SP. Z.O.O

Aber Services SP. Z.O.O is a licensed Polish distributor of Polland’s premium wooden pellets. They deliver quickly and effectively to 27 different countries throughout Europe. 

They have served as a reliable and consistent pellet provider to their largest clients in Europe since 2010. They have a pre-peak season delivery meeting every year to make sure they have everything they need to satisfy their clients.

Product Offer:

Extra White Pellet


– The raw material for Extra White Pellet is debarked, 100% pure fir wood. It stands out for having an exceptionally high calorific value, a very light color, and very little ash residue.

  • Certified to EN plus A1
  • Packaging that is recyclable and eco-friendly
  • 100% natural wood

THE ABER SERVICES SP. Z O. O. has been granted ENplus A1 accreditation, which ensures its safety, effectiveness, and conformance to the highest European standards.



The Peliar company manufactures building timber, eco-friendly animal litter, and premium fuel pellets. The business was established in 2014. The corporate offices are located in Kochanowice, while the production division is located in Lubliniec, both in the Silesian Voivodeship and around 30 kilometers from Czestochowa.

They are a growing company. They have a great deal of expertise in the wood and pellet industries. They take a professional approach to the transaction and offer clients product selection advice. They take both our customers and our vendors seriously. Their customers come from all around Poland, including individuals, businesses, and chain stores.

The European Union has supported the company’s objectives by funding the production of its eco-friendly materials under the Human Capital Operational Program.

Product Offer:


They primarily offer light pellets or organic biofuels. It is an economical, effective, and green fuel. Pellets are made during the production process entirely from coniferous wood, thus they are impure-free.

All furnaces, even those with intricate structures or specialized CO furnaces, may burn our product. Additionally, fireplaces with dedicated baskets for burning pellets are readily available.

The least amount of cleaning and maintenance is required of the furnaces in which pellets are burned, which is one of their biggest benefits. The fuel they supply greatly lengthens their service life because it doesn’t contain the dangerous chemical elements that are frequently present in coal.

They provide pine wood pellets with a 6 mm diameter. 15 kg bags are used to package pellets. The production process employed sawdust of the highest caliber. About 18,100 KJ/kg of calorific value, 6.3% of humidity, and 0.5% of ash are present.

Captain Pellet

Captain Pellet

Captain Pellet company was founded in 2011. Their goal has been to provide biomass, an environmentally benign solid biofuel, ever since the company was created. They have been consistently selling biomass in the form of wood pellets and sunflower husk pellets to the Polish power sector since 2012. 

They currently provide wood pellets as part of their business, including pellets that have received certificates from ENplus and GOOD PELLET.

Regarding the goods and services they provide to each and every one of their clients, they promise professionalism and dependability. Since user satisfaction and product quality are their top concerns, they constantly improve their offerings.

Product Offer

Captain Pellet PREMIUM

Without the use of any glues, binders, or other chemicals, Captain Pellet Premium is a product created only from the sawdust from debarked pine wood. Premium pine pellets are made for heating homes, apartments, and industrial buildings. This green fuel is a great substitute for gas, coal, and green coal. It is suitable for use in fireplaces, pellet cookers, and boilers. 

Its calorific value is considerable (18.26 MJ/kg or more), yet its ash content is negligibly low (0.5% or less). The moisture content of the 6 mm diameter pellets is minimal—no more than 5,3%.


For customers who prioritize buying certified fuel that satisfies the highest quality criteria and has the best performance parameters, Captain Pellet Premium is the perfect option.

Captain Pellet BIANCO

Bianco pine pellets are made for heating homes and industrial structures. According to the European standard EN ISO 17225-2, it satisfies the strictest requirements for quality. The safe, effective, and environmentally friendly pellets don’t contain any dangerous ingredients and don’t emit any unwanted odors when they burn. 

The small amount of ash produced during combustion serves as additional evidence of its high quality and effectiveness.

The light color of Captain Pellet Bianco pine pellets, which denotes that only premium, pure wood was utilized in the production process, is one of their distinguishing qualities. The pellets have a calorific value of 17 MJ/kg and a maximum moisture content of 9,4%. The product is offered as 6 mm-diameter granules.


The lowest ash content is guaranteed by Captain Pellet Bianco to be 0.3% or below. Recommended for customers who value good quality, effectiveness, and low ash content.

Captain Pellet EXTRA

A high-quality, approved, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly fuel is Captain Pellet Extra. Pine sawdust is compressed under high pressure to create it. 

The highest standards for production techniques, the usage of raw materials, and quality control methods are followed during manufacturing.

Extra pine pellets’ high calorific value guarantees energy efficiency and less ashing. Granules with a typical 6 mm diameter are one form in which the product is offered. The pellets have a minimum calorific value of 16.7 MJ/kg, a maximum ash content of 0.7%, and a maximum moisture content of 8.8%.


Customers who value great fuel quality at a fair price should choose Captain Pellet Extra.

Captain Pellet SUPER

Super oak pellets from Captain Pellet are created with 6 mm-diameter broadleaf tree sawdust. 90% of the pellet’s ingredients are oak sawdust, and 10% are beech or ash wood sawdust. 

The oak pellets are designed to be used in fireplaces that have been carefully modified, as well as pellet cookers and boilers with an automatic feeder. There is no bark or other undesirable materials mixed in; just pure sawdust is used.

Sawdust is fused into pellet granules without the use of binders thanks to advanced production procedures and machinery. Super oak pellets are made for heating homes, apartments, and industrial buildings. 

They must have a calorific value of at least 16.7 MJ/kg and a moisture content of at least 7.4% in order to ensure a highly effective combustion process that produces little to no ash (no more than 1.2%).


Customers looking for high-quality broadleaf wood pellets at a competitive price might consider Captain Pellet Super oak pellets.



A family-owned business with Polish capital, ProBiom specializes in the distribution of wood pellets that have been certified to fulfill ENPlus and DINPlus certification standards.

They also provide wood biomass in the form of wood chips for energy purposes, as well as wood briquettes, the best quality raw material for the creation of pellets in the form of sawdust, along with complete documentation of origin that complies with current legal rules.

They are able to deliver the highest-quality product that satisfies all Physico-chemical criteria in accordance with the requirements of the ENPlus and DINPlus standards because of their collaboration with suppliers of certified A1 wood pellets.

They offer comprehensive services in the areas of transportation, forwarding, and logistics in collaboration with the transport firm Just In Time Service, which has many years of experience and a GMP B.4 accreditation.

They offer a variety of products and services that are dependable and professional for their current and potential partners. Customer happiness is their top priority, and they are continually working to enhance both the quality of their items and the speed of their deliveries.

Product Offer


Naparpellet pellets

– Fuel generated from compressed, unadulterated sawdust, wood pellets have zero CO2 emissions. While keeping a high energy value, this type of fuel is also very environmentally benign. In terms of CO2 emissions, wood pellets are a clean and environmentally friendly fuel. They also include a tiny quantity of ash (approximately 0,35%), which can be successfully utilized as plant fertilizer.

Probiom pellets advantages:

  • Environmental Fuel- Clean and comfortable fuel
  • It is produced using renewable resources- It is only created using natural, renewable resources.
  • Purely Fuel- There is a very minimal quantity of ash produced during burning (about 3,5 kg from a ton of fuel)
  • Affordable price- It guarantees affordable building heating costs.
  • Excellent comfort- Used in boilers without maintenance – automatic fuel feeding feature
  • Everybody can utilize it easily- ProBiom sells its goods to both retail and individual customers.



– Small chips are created during the processing of waste wood, such as cutting, planing, turning, etc. They make up roughly 10% of the wood that is processed in sawmills. Additionally, they come from the milling and cutting processes in wood processing facilities.

Olczyk pellets

Olczyk pellets

The finest quality green biomass fuel on the market in Europe is pellet Olczyk. They can continue to hold a top spot in the production of pellets thanks to our cutting-edge production line, highly trained employees, and steady access to pristine raw materials!

Olczyk pellet has the best energy attributes and features since it is made solely from pure sawdust (without the addition of bark or binders). We solely use steam to standardize weights during the granulation process. Olczyk pellets have great combustion energy, comfortable storage, and little ash content.

Advantages of Olczyk pellet include:

  • cleanliness and coziness
  • low CO2 emissions
  • energy source that is renewable
  • in unattended boilers, combustion
  • low ash content
  • Accessibility and simplicity of purchase

The two most prominent European quality certificates (Din-Plus and EN-Plus A1), which Olczyk Sawmill has held for many years as one of few producers in Poland, attest to the superior quality of Olczyk pellet. The Olczyk Sawmill’s continual monitoring and factory quality control, carried out every hour by trained workers, are crucial to the manufacturing of pellets.

In Olczyk Sawmill, the entire pellet packing process is automatic and carried out with unparalleled efficiency by cutting-edge equipment made by top European manufacturers. Each bag is given a unique special number throughout the packaging process into 15 kg bags in order to identify production features. 

The stretch hood shields the merchandise that is stored on pallets. It guarantees consistent humidity protection and load stability, enabling damage-free transit over long distances. In the following packing, the pellet is transported to customers from all around Europe by trucks carrying tarpaulin.



High-quality wood pellets from Olsztyn, Poland, are manufactured and distributed by AGROSERWIS GROUP, a certified A1 Polish manufacturer. They provide wood pellets made from a variety of woods. They deliver quickly and effectively to 27 different countries throughout Europe.

They have all the necessary certificates, including the ENplus A1 and DINplus for the exportation of wood pellets, and they only offer their customers the highest-quality wood pellets. Since 2010, they have been recognized as one of the most reliable suppliers of wood pellets in all of Europe.

They are a dependable and consistent pellet provider for their largest clients throughout Europe. In Olsztyn, Poland, all Power Wood products are manufactured and packaged. Their wood pellets are perfect for heating homes, they sell only the highest-quality pellets and they frequently receive top sales honors in Europe.

They deliver their pellets quickly utilizing the quickest mode of transportation, which is via truck. It takes about 5 days to carry 24 metric tons of wood pellets by vehicle.

Their main offerings are

  • Pellets made of beechwood
  • Pellets of pine wood
  • Pellets of fir wood
  • Pellets of coniferous wood
  • Pellets made of spruce

They have people covering operations, client assistance, and deals today, and they look forward to assisting you with your biomass need then.

Dal Control SP ZOO

Dal Control SP ZOO

In the tri-state area, Dal Control SP. Zoo wood products are of the best quality, with a focus on premium bark mulch. They guarantee that every load is consistent, uniform, and uncontaminated because it is made of virgin fiber.

With their own fleet of trucks and nine years of experience in the industry, they can provide affordable pricing with unmatched dependability and service. Their staff members and truck drivers are committed to their business and the service we offer.

Their customers can depend on them to always have a reliable supply of high-quality biomass fuel all across Europe thanks to their long-established, stress-tested supply network. The highest sustainability criteria on the market are met by their wood pellets, which are produced from forest leftovers and thinning that is sourced sustainably. 

Their wood pellets are a very high-energy fuel because of their high density and low moisture content.


Products Offer:

Super Premium Wood Pellets

●   DINplus PREMIUM- White pellets are DIN PREMIUM pellets. They differentiate DIN PREMIUM from DIN white despite the fact that there is no scientific basis for this distinction. The market is in desperate need of white (PREMIUM) pellets, but there aren’t quite enough of them to go around.

●   Din Hay for heating- Both hay and wood pellets burn equally nicely. The amount burned less the amount of ash content is used to calculate efficiency. As a result, grass-based pellets typically include 1%–2% more ash, however, after burning, the ash can be used as organic fertilizer in farming. The Hay Pellets are not only economical but also environmentally friendly.

●   DIN industrial EN plus A2- For industrial use, wood pellets of the DIN industrial (EN plus-A2) caliber are excellent. Deliveries may be made by truck, ship, train, or container. They source the industrial pellets we offer from more than 20 vendors in Europe. Due to their 15 years of trade, they can guarantee the finest quality for all of the products they sell.

●   DIN Straw- Natural, extremely absorbent straw pellets produced specifically for horses and other farm animals. Compared to shavings and other bedding used by farmers and horse enthusiasts, it is dust-free and a really durable product. One gram of their straw pellets can absorb 3.4 grams of water (see official test results), keeping bedding dry for a longer period of time and preventing freezing during harsh winters. They produce straw pellets using locally sourced straw, which is an environmentally friendly product.

●   EN plus-A1- High-quality wood pellets for home usage are EN plus-A1. You won’t notice a significant difference between DIN plus and EN plus-A1 if you compare the two. You’ll mostly notice that your costs will be about 10% lower than they would have been with DIN +. Even though the heat is technically lower in EN plus-A1 than in DIN plus, we have seen that many merchants sell EN plus-A1 with heat that is identical to that of DIN plus. Make sure to purchase this material because it is excellent for heating your home.

Power Flame

Power Flame

For multiple uses, Power Flame offers a variety of wood pellets. A variety of premium pellets for home heating can be found among our offerings. Additional choices include pellets designed for grilling and smoking as well as bedding for animals. Our product is designed to effectively satisfy the needs of a wide range of consumers. You have a range of options, from affordable pellets to the best ones.

Power Flame pellets

They are an authorized Polish-Belgian distributor of premium Polish wooden pellets. They deliver quickly and effectively to 27 different countries throughout Europe. For their largest clients in Europe, they have been a reliable and consistent pellet supplier since 2015. All Power Flame goods are produced and packaged there.



The company Paleko began operating in October 2007. In the beginning, they just had a 100-square-meter warehouse with 48 tons of inventory. Due to the rising popularity of the eco-trend, they were able to quickly expand their business and win over clients.

They currently provide a variety of environmentally friendly fuels, including pellets and cube-shaped wood briquettes. Additionally, their product line has grown to now include gas cylinders and cleaning chemicals for stoves, fireplaces, and grills.

Pellets from brands like Olimp and Lava are among the things they provide. Additionally, you can discover other kinds of wood pellets, such as Italian or oak. They urge you to look over the extensive assortment of goods they have created, which are distinguished by, among other things, excellent heating power, while also being a highly eco-friendly fuel for use in stoves and boilers that use this type of fuel.

Paleko pellets

Despite having modest origins, they are present among the biggest distributors of pellets and wood briquettes in the area. This amply demonstrates the high caliber of the goods provided. They, therefore, urge you to pick from their selection. Not only are their items environmentally friendly, but they also sell them for incredibly low prices.

Product Offer:

The main products they offer are propane-butane gas, fireplace briquettes, and wood pellets. These are cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions that stand out for their strong flammability and low sinterability. They consistently ensure that the fuel we suggest offers the best combustion conditions (e.g. Lava pellets).


Above are the top 10 wood pellets manufacturers in Poland we prepared for you, hope you can find reliable suppliers for wood pellets for your needs. If you have any doubt on how to make wood pellets and find a reliable pellet machine manufacturer, please contact with our technician freely.

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