Top 8 Wood Pellets Manufacturers in Spain 2022

Spaniards are looking for an affordable alternative to gas and electric heating amid an energy crisis.

Wood pellets appear to be an excellent solution for them. They are sustainable, comfortable, affordable, and offer decent heat.

In the last year, Spain observed a 20% growth in the production of wood pellets.

In 2019, the country achieved a record pellet production of 714.000 tons.

According to Javier Diaz, the president of the Spanish Biofuel Association, the number of biofuel heaters has increased in Spain since 2021.

While the number of wood pellets manufacturers has increased in Spain, not all are reputable.

We have made the list of the top 8 wood pellets manufacturers in Spain in 2022. They are known for their quality pellets, on-time delivery, and customer assistance.

Whether you want to buy wood pellets for personal use or retail, reach them.

 1. Naparpellet


Naparpellet is one of the leading wood pellet manufacturers in Spain. It has been producing energy sources from organic matter since 2009.

Naparpellet has headquarters in Etxarri-Aranatz, Navarre, Spain. The firm is known for its top-quality pellets.

It is the first pellet manufacturing business in Southern Europe to receive certifications from ENPlusA1 and DINPlus.

Most leading boilers and stove manufacturers in Europe recommend Naparpellet wood pellets.

Naparpellet also shows concerns for the environment. Therefore, they promote sustainable forest exploitation. The company uses 100% pine sawdust without bark or binders.

Pellet Production Facility: Naparpellet’s manufacturing plant can produce between 40,000 to 60,000Tm ENPlusA1 and DINPlus pellets annually.

They also produce +/-10,000Tm/ Biomasud A1 certified chips annually with industrial screening and drying.

You can buy pellets in bags of 10 and 15kg. For bulk orders, they provide a big bag.

Naparpellet pellets

Main Products: Apart from pellets, Naparpellet produces splinters, briquettes, olive bones, and combination ceramics products. The Company supplies its product all over Europe

2. Forestalia Arapellet

Forestalia Arapellet

Forestalia is a renowned business group engaged in the production of renewable energies. It has two companies named Arapellet and Eramon.

Pellet Production Facility: Arapellet runs a pellet production plant with an annual capacity of 140,000 tons. Eramon is responsible for the supply of wood. It obtains raw materials by clearing and thinning trees. The company has modern equipment for cleaning forests.

Arapellet ensures sustainable forest use. They use state-of-the-art technology for wood chipping, grinding, drying, granulation and bagging.

The company has 6 hectares of land and a warehouse of 6,000 square meters for pellet storage.

Forestalia also has a significant share in a pellet production plant called Rib Pellet. It generates about 50,000 tons of pellets every year. The company also sells saw wood and canter for sawmills.

Forestalia Arapellet pellet machine

Main Products: The Company makes a wide range of pellets. You can buy ENplus A1 (15 kg), ENplus A1 (1000kg big bag), and ENplus A1 pellets (in bulk). They also make pellets for industrial use.

Since Forestalia is located in the prominent area of Erla, they supply wood pellets all across Europe.

3. Pellets Asturias

Pellets Asturias

Pellets Asturias is among the top wood pellet manufacturers in Spain. It was one of the first Spanish enterprises to make ENplus A1 wood pellets.

The company came into existence in 2011, and in 2016, it became part of a prominent forestry and timber group in Spain.

Pellets Asturias’ biomass cogeneration plant produces all the energy their factory requires.

Pellet Production Facility: The Company owns a cutting-edge facility that offers high-degree automation and control. As a result, they make wood pellets of the highest quality.

They have an advanced screening system helping them produce the best quality pellets.

In recent years, Pellets Asturias made significant investments to expand its production capacity. It also introduced a new bagging and palletizing line to improve the storage of final products.


Main Products: The Company provides wood pellets of different shapes and sizes. Their pellets have certification from the EN Plus A1, and DIN Plus.

Furthermore, they have received environmental certifications like FSC and PEFC.

You may acquire their pellets with ease because they have dealers all around Spain.

4. Carboexpor


Carboexpor is a well-known company in Spain manufacturing and supplying a wide range of biofuel products.

These include wood briquettes, firewood briquettes, charcoal, ignition pads, and wood pellets.

The company was founded by Antonio Araujo more than 30 years before. He got the idea to start a biofuel products company during his job days in Germany.

Initially, he supplied briquettes and charcoal only. Over the years, when his sons joined the company they began producing biofuel products.

Carboexpor is REACH registered, which means its products comply with European Union’s (EU) REACH regulations.

Pellet Production Facility: Today, the Carboexpor has a 45,000-square-meter warehouse from which it supplies products to England, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates.

Carboexpor claims to offer 100% chemical-free products. It uses raw materials sourced from sustainable forests. It uses pine trees as the source of the raw material for wood pellets.


Main Products: Besides wood pellets, the company makes wood briquettes, firewood wood briquettes, charcoal briquettes, and ignition fluid.

5. Lesmar Pellet

Lesmar Pellet

Lesmar Pellet is another major wood pellet manufacturer in Spain. The firm was founded in 2014 to provide a solution to climate change and the depopulation of the rural world.

The company is well-renowned for its inexpensive wood pellets having comparable calorific value. It uses 100% debarked pine as raw material.

Lesmar Pellet makes its pellets in Mogente. It is a prominent forest area in the Valencian, helping the company boost the local economy and utilize local natural resources.

Pellet Production Facility: The company has a high-class pellet production facility. It picks top-notch raw materials from forest clearing and nearby sawmills.

Lesmar Pellet machine

Main Products: The Company sells EnPlus A1 pellets of 6mm diameter. You can buy pellets in different formats, including 15 kg bags, 1000 kg bags, and in bulk.

The company has earned ENPlus A1 quality certification for its pellets.

Class A1 wood pellets are untreated, virgin, and have a low level of ash, nitrogen, and chlorine.

6. Tubocas


Tubocas is counted among the top wood pellet manufacturers in Spain. They produce ENplus A1 Pellets that have high calorific value.

The company is dedicated to protecting the environment. It claims to produce 100% natural products.

Pellet Production Facility: The Company started operating in the 90s. It produces high-quality biomass-powered hot air generators for poultry farms.

In 2014, the company built a new factory that comprised premises of 2800 m2 on a plot of 40,000 m2.

Tubocas’ premises have two areas – one for manufacturing generators of hot air and burners and another for wood pellets. Both spaces have cutting-edge machinery from Spain.

In 2015, the company launched a new brand of Pellets that have ENplus A1 certifications. Tubocas produces wood pellets under its brand name.

The company makes pellets from naturally dried sawdust sourced from peeled pine wood. It does not use any additives.

Tubocas pellet production plant can produce up to 15,000 tons of wood pellets annually.


Main Products: ENPlus A1 wood pellets, flame burners, and combustible boilers.

7. Biomasa Forestal

Biomasa Forestal

Situated in As Pontes, Biomasa Forestal is a prominent wood pellet manufacturer in Spain.

The company manufactures and supplies solid biofuels, especially pellets and chips. All its pellet raw material is produced from Galicia.

Biomasa Forestal sustainably uses the Galician forest. The company sources about 150,000 tons of wood, but in a managed way.

Pellet Production Facility: Biomasa Forestal has one of the largest manufacturing units in Spain. Every year, it produces about 75,000 tons of wood pellets.

You do not need to worry about the quality of pellets at Biomasa Forestal. It has received different quality and environmental sustainability certifications such as DinPlus, BSL, FSC, EnPlus, and Galicia Quality.

Biomasa Forestal pellets

Main Products: Biomasa Forestal sells wood pellets in bags of different quantities. You can buy a pack of 15kg and 1000 kg. The company also makes pellets for animal bedding.

8. Ebepellet


Ebepellet is a Spanish wood pellet manufacturer. It provides premium biomass fuel at competitive costs. Since its foundation in 2006, Ebepellet has solidified its position as a top pellet manufacturer in Spain.

Ebepellet is one of Spain’s few wood pellet manufacturers offering Dinplus quality wood pellets. It has been gradually extending its distribution network throughout Spain.

The company makes pellets for homes as well as industries.

Ebepellet is headquartered in Marbella with several warehouses. Furthermore, it has dealers all over Spain. In addition to Spain, the company exports its wood pellets to Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

Pellet Production Facility: Ebepellet possesses robust internal and external controls on its pellet manufacturing progression.

The company sources sawdust from the timber industry. They use untreated raw material, which has no additives or contaminants.

Ebepellet pellets have a calorific value of 18.73 MJ/KG, while the ash content is less than 0.5%.


Main Products: They deliver wood pellets in 15kg sacks and bulk. Their pellets have earned DinPlus certification.


So these are the top wood pellet manufacturers in Spain in 2022. They have a strong distribution network across Spain. Whether you need pellets for commercial or home use, get in touch with their dealers. If you have any doubt on how to make wood pellets and find a good quality pellet machine, please contact with our experts.

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