Top 10 Wood Pellets Manufacturers In The World

The best wood pellets come from the top wood pellets manufacturers in the world. These companies have years of experience and know how to make high quality wood pellet. 

The global wood pellets market size is projected to reach $18.16 billion in 2027 from $9.5 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 9.1%.

Europe will remain the largest market, accounting for over 70% of total demand. Asia Pacific is emerging as the fastest-growing market, with demand likely doubling from 2020 to 2027.

In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 wood pellets manufacturers in the world. We will also talk about what makes these companies stand out from the competition.



Energex started operating in 1993 after purchasing the Shell Oil Company’s facilities at Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. One of the first wood pellet plants in North America, the plant was developed by Shell Oil in 1981. At Lac-Mégantic, they continue to produce high-quality wood pellet products, and recent upgrades have increased company productivity even further.

They came to the conclusion that they needed to expand to the mid-Atlantic region of the United States after seven years in the company. They combined a West Virginia pellet factory with a facility in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, in 2000.

They can supply pellets in bulk to the majority of Pennsylvania’s counties thanks to their handy position in the middle of the state. You’ll understand why people refer to them as the top producer of hardwood pellets in the mid-Atlantic when you purchase their hardwood pellets.

Energex wood pellets

Energex creates and markets wood pellets for two distinct uses:

Pellets for heating: Traditional hardwood and softwood pellets offer clean, reasonably priced energy. Use these pellets to keep your house warm all winter long without worrying about a high heating expense. Although they can be more stable, hardwood pellets can burn at a somewhat lower temperature than softwood pellets. For unusually chilly days, softwood pellets produce a little bit more heat.

Cooking Pellets: They started this Ol’ Hick product line to demonstrate to their clients the versatility of wood pellets. Ol’ Hick cooking pellets are made entirely of hickory, applewood, and Jim Beam bourbon barrels; no additional woods or substances are used. For smokey, richly flavored meats and vegetables, use Ol’ Hick in your pellet grill. To have lighter, sweeter smoke, use 100% apple pellets instead of the traditional 100% hickory pellets.



One of the top producers of wood pellets is Valfei. They use recyclable materials to make their premium wood pellets. These environmentally friendly hardwood pellets are made by starting the wood pellet production process with the recycling of raw material from high-quality hardwood leftovers from the cabinet and flooring manufacturers.

The fact that this pellet is constructed entirely of hardwood makes it ideal for use in wood pellet stoves. They sell wood pellets in bulk to retailers and hardware stores in the US and Canada as well as to stove shops.

Both their Ambiance and the Orford Brands enjoy excellent reputations. They are thought to be among the best hardwood pellets available. They have developed a solid reputation and have a large number of devoted merchants. The business depends on its ability to consistently produce wood pellets of excellent quality. The product speaks for itself, and they have demonstrated their abilities.

valfei pellets

AMBIANCE wood pellets are of the highest caliber. These hardwood pellets will burn in your pellet stoves longer and cleaner because they are made entirely of hardwood. AMBIANCE wood pellets are well known for having little ash in them. It’s less work to clean and better for your pellet stove.

orford pellets

ORFORD wood pellets are also a better option. These pellets will burn in your wood pellet stove longer and cleaner because they are made entirely of hardwood. The lengthy burning time and little ash of ORFORD wood pellets make them very popular. Your pellet stove will benefit from it and cleaning is simplified.



Enviva is a well-known energy firm with a focus on renewable wood bioenergy. They are the biggest manufacturer of sustainable wood pellets, a low-carbon substitute for fossil fuels.

The International Energy Agency refers to bioenergy as the “forgotten monster” of the renewable energy sector because it produces as much energy as hydro, wind, solar, and all other renewables combined. Enviva’s industrial wood pellets are made to deliver consistent, dependable outcomes for a variety of heat- and power-generating customers as a renewable energy substitute for fossil fuels.

Enviva Inc. owns the flagship factory in Ahoskie, North Carolina, which was announced in December 2010 and started producing pellets in November 2011. Since then, the first wood pellet mill we built by Enviva has dominated the industry. It was constructed on the site of a former Georgia Pacific sawmill with new infrastructure designed specifically for the manufacture of wood pellets. Enviva Pellets Ahoskie is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and has a manufacturing capacity of about 410,000 metric tons.

The Northampton facility of Enviva is close to the communities of Gaston and Roanoke Rapids. & Garysburg, which started operating in 2013, is the second wood pellet factory in the state of North Carolina. The plant can produce 750,000 metric tons of wood products annually, using a combination of waste wood, untreated raw wood, and residuals.

enviva pellet mill

The third plant constructed by Enviva in North Carolina is the Sampson facility, which is close to the communities of Faison and Clinton. The factory, which has been in operation since 2016, is now producing 600,000 metric tons of pellets annually at its maximum capacity.

Graanul Invest

Graanul Invest

One of the best and most reputable wood pellet producers in the world, Graanul Invest has 18 years of experience creating bioenergy. Established in Estonia, the business has expanded into a global organization with 12 cutting-edge pellet factories, including four in Estonia, six in Latvia, one in Lithuania, and one in the US. They are a dependable partner for regional vendors, forest owners, and major global corporations everywhere. They are one of the biggest pellet producers in Europe, with a 2.7 million ton capacity per year.

Graanul Invest pellet mill

Exports of industrial pellets make up the majority of Graanul Invest’s production (98%) outside of the Baltic nations. The Netherlands, Denmark, and the United Kingdom are the major markets for industrial pellets. In order to produce energy and heat, industrial pellets are mostly utilized in power and cogeneration plants to replace fossil fuels.

A high-quality biofuel that can be used in automated pellet boilers for homes is premium pellets. They have DIN Plus and EN Plus A1 certifications for their premium pellets. As one of the biggest pellet producers in Europe, they can ensure supply security, reliability, and volume.

Drax Biomass

Drax Biomass

Drax Group is a corporation that generates renewable energy, produces sustainable biomass, and sells renewable electricity to businesses. On four sites in England and Scotland, Drax manages a power portfolio of sustainable biomass, hydroelectric, and pumped hydro storage assets. It is the principal source of renewable electricity in the UK.

According to Drax, there will be significant growth in the worldwide market for sustainable biomass, opening up the potential for BECCS, generation, and other long-term uses of biomass in addition to sales to third parties in Asia and Europe. The Group’s increased ability to produce biomass pellets helps deliver these opportunities.

drax pellet mill

With the help of the global supply chain, their pellets can be securely and effectively delivered as a low-carbon, sustainable fuel source. These pellets are used by Drax’s Generation division to provide adaptable, renewable electricity for the UK. To support a long-term future for sustainable biomass, this area of our business, based in North America, seeks to raise capacity from 1.6Mt to 5Mt and decrease production costs by 2027.

The sustainable biomass used to build the pellets at Drax is produced during the harvest and production of other forest products. They buy biomass from a range of providers, including large forest product firms, small harvesting contractors, tenure holders, and private land owners. They also buy biomass in a range of forms, including sawdust, incomparable logs, and in-woods chipped material.

For more information, you can email Rebecca Davies at [email protected] for additional details about purchasing pellets from Drax.

Mallard Creek, Inc.

Mallard Creek, Inc.

Mallard Creek has produced wood products for almost 30 years and millions of tons. To ensure that they surpass industry standards, all of their fuels are put through thorough testing in accordance with ASTM standards. They take pride in their state-of-the-art, fully automated pellet manufacturing facility, which uses the sawdust and wood fiber produced during manufacturing processes to create pellets of the highest quality.

They create energy-efficient, clean pellets that have a number of advantages for the environment and the economy. Because of their small size and form, pellets are easier to transport and store than firewood and offer a clean-burning energy source. With a production method that adheres to stringent quality control standards, Mallard Creek maintains a reliable source of clean raw materials. Our wood pellets are produced for use in residential, commercial, and industrial applications and are offered in bulk, 1-ton super sacks, 40 lb/18 kg bags, or palletized 50 bags per pallet.

Mallard Creek, Inc

Modern equipment has increased the caliber of Mallard Creek’s manufacturing to new heights. In order to produce pellets for equine bedding, they added a pellet mill operation in 2011. They then expanded their already vast and continuously expanding assortment of premium, 100% softwood shavings by adding chicken bedding and rice hull mixtures. For more than 30 years, they have constantly developed their own landscaping supplies. Mallard Creek has you covered for anything from landscape materials to equestrian bedding, either bagged or bulk!

An Viet Phat

An Viet Phat

Since its founding in 2012, AVP has grown to take the top spot in Southeast Asia and rank among the top five wood pellet exporters globally. Up until this point, AVP has identified a sustainable material area as a Group strategic development goal. With approximately 1,000 people and a network of relationships all over the world, there are 8 enterprises, 4 branches, 27 representative offices, and 17 factories, and nearly all of Vietnam’s provinces and cities are covered.

AVP wants to grow its company internationally and find dependable long-term partners. Wood Pellets, Paper, Coal, Wood, LEDs, Transport, Agricultural Products, and Real Estate are some of AVP’s primary business sectors. AVP pursues professionalism, creativity, and sustainable development based on sound corporate governance principles with exceptional development speed.

An Viet Phat wood pellets

Wood pellets are a widely accessible renewable resource that is created from byproducts of environmentally friendly plantations, helping to preserve the environment.

It is also recognized as one of the sustainable, renewable, and fossil fuel substitutes.

AVP GROUP has made investments in a massive production system dispersed over provinces including Yen Bai, Lang Son, Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Kontum, Phu Yen, and Quang Nam in order to satisfy the timely supply of wood pellets.

Airex Énergie

Airex Énergie

Airex Energy has been running energy since 2016 a large-scale bio-coal factory in Quebec, Canada, where approved and abundant woody biomass is available.

Torrefied biomass is next densified into pellets, which are then transported in a large storage area using a flexible material handling conveying system that allows for bulk or tote bag delivery options. Two silos are continuously supplying the factory with sawdust and recycled wood via moving floor semi-trailers. Two operators supervise the equipment’s independent operation.

Airex Énergie pellets

As part of the CompétiVert program of Investissement Québec, Airex Energy has been nominated as a Green Champion!

The Green Champions are a collection of businesses that have been chosen because their technique or product stands out in the field of clean technology and has a significant impact on the economy, society, and environment.

The CarbonFX system from Airex produces bio coal, also known as torrefied pellets, which is a convenient and clean substitute for coal.

  • A producing unit can run at full load thanks to the energy content of bio-coal, which is comparable to that of coal.
  • A coal-fired plant can be converted into a 100% renewable energy plant by co-firing it in any ratio or by replacing coal entirely.

In comparison to traditional wood pellets, bio-coal pellets perform better, making them the preferred fuel in existing coal-fired facilities.

  • Due to the special characteristics of bio-coal, it can be quickly and cheaply integrated into current systems for handling, storing, and grinding coal.
  • Unlike wood pellets, which quickly degrade in damp environments, torrefied pellets can be stored outdoors in a pile where they can withstand the elements.
  • Bio-coal is easily friable whereas wood pellets are difficult to ground and require the addition of specially engineered grinding and handling systems.


REDAL is a business that specializes in renewable wood bioenergy for use indoors by people. By sourcing, producing, and distributing wood pellets and wood briquettes, REDAL makes sure that biomass products are transported as economically as possible from Europe’s heavily wooded Eastern regions to its western regions.

Forest-based biomass was once thought to be only useful for local applications. However, the importance of distance has almost been completely diminished by modern logistical chains.

REAL stands for the most economically sensible source of ethical fuel for any European energy firm attempting to power the planet with green energy. They are your doorway to the limitless supply of very sustainable and inexpensive wood biomass made by eastern European producers.


Since many years ago, demand for their Forest ranger’s line of wood briquette and pellet retail items has been rising in Europe.

Solagen, Inc.

Solagen, Inc.

SolaGen has its roots in heavy industrial wood fuel uses, wood fuel preparation, and pellet production plant design, in contrast to most of the newer firms on the pellet fuel energy market for commercial and light industrial applications. Since 1985, the largest pellet manufacturing facilities in North America have been designed by SolaGen, the firm to contact. In the solid fuel dust burner market, SolaGen has set the standard with units up to 150 million BTU/HR and recycling gas technology that cuts stack gas emissions by half. Only SolaGen produces big industrial wood drying systems and solid fuel combustors in the US, and it does it by using a small fraction of the dried material as fuel.

Solagen, Inc

Due to its experience with both elements of the procedure, SolaGen has an unmatched advantage over competitors. Here in the United States and Canada, these intricate, ecologically conscious PLC-controlled systems have complied with even the strictest air shed requirements. Solange’s HDF-WC pellet stoker product line is now incorporating this experience, gained over more than 30 years in the business, to create a durable industrial-grade product for your commercial and light industrial boiler applications.


We have discussed the top 10 wood pellets manufacturers in the world, as well as what makes these companies stand out from the competition. If you are looking for a quality wood pellet, then one of these companies is sure to satisfy your needs. If you have any doubts about how to make wood pellets and invest in high quality wood pellet machine, you can contact with us and let our experts help you.

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