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Bamboo Powder Drying with Rotary Dryer: The Ultimate Guide

Bamboo powder is fine granules attained from bamboo plants. It has various applications in different industries.

In the cosmetic industry, bamboo powder is used as a skincare agent. Some culinary artists also use it as an ingredient in specific cuisines. The powder is also used to make bamboo pellets, an eco-friendly alternative to coal.

Besides this, it has applications in natural toothpaste, biodegradable packaging, fertilizing, paper making, and more.

However, for each application, the bamboo powder should be dried. Though several machines are there for bamboo powder drying, rotary dryers are suitable for industrial purposes. They can dry powder in large quantities.

This guide teaches how bamboo powder drying with rotary dryer. Also, you will learn the benefits of using this professional rotary drying machine.

Bamboo Powder Drying


As mentioned above, bamboo powder has numerous uses. Before using it for any purpose, it is dried thoroughly. Drying bamboo powder maintains its quality and longevity. Moreover, it is easy to measure the quantity of dried bamboo powder for various manufacturing procedures.

Let us quickly learn some advantages of bamboo powder drying .

  • Drying bamboo powder improves its shelf life and makes it less prone to fungus/mold attacks.
  • Drying bamboo powder reduces its weight, which makes its transportation relatively easy.
  • By drying bamboo powder, you preserve its properties.
  • The dried bamboo powder has various uses.

How to Dry Bamboo Powder Using a Rotary Dryer

A rotary dryer is an industrial drying machine that removes moisture from a material. It comprises a cylindrical drum that revolves on its axis, a feeder, a material collector system, and a ducting/ventilation system.

This industrial drying system transfers the heat to the material inside the drum. The hot air dries the material 360° with rotation.

Generally, these machines are suitable for drying materials that need consistent and regulated drying processes.

Step-by-step Procedure For Bamboo Powder Drying Using a Rotary Dryer


Preparation for the Bamboo Powder

Crush and grind bamboo stems. You can use a drum chipper and a hammer mill for this process. Make a fine powder out of them. The powder must be free from all possible contaminants and impurities.

Do the Settings of the Dryer

Ensure you take all the primary security precautions in place. Adjust the drying setting as per the requirement.

Make sure you know the right temperature the powder needs to be dried. It will depend on the water content in the powder, how finely the powder is grounded, and environmental conditions.

Along with the drying temperature, set the rotation speed of the dryer.

Add the Powder into the Feeder

Put the bamboo powder in the feeder and let it enter the dryer drum. Like every machine, this industrial rotary dryer has a limit. Don’t overload the machine. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for the same. There must be space in the dryer for airflow.

Process for Drying

Run the machine. It will start revolving at the set speed. The machine’s lifting plate will overturn the powder inside and expose it to hot air. Gradually, the heat exchange between the powder and hot air will start.

A high-temperature furnace gas will be discharged into the dryer to heat the powder at a set temperature.

The heat source of the machine can be coal, gas, oil, etc. It depends on the machine type you use.

From the front, the heat moves toward the end of the machine. It will evaporate moisture thoroughly from the bamboo powder.

Dryness Checking

Once the drying process is over, take the test for dryness. Let the powder cool to room temperature. Next, take a small sample and check its moisture content. The well-dried powder must feel brittle and crisp on your finger. Check if there is any clumping or moisture.


Once the bamboo powder is dry, store it in airtight containers or bags.

Advantages of Using Rotary Dryer For Bamboo Powder Drying


High Production Capability

In industries like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, etc, the bamboo powder is required in abundance. Therefore, they need a dryer that can dry large quantities of powder.

A rotary dryer is a high-capacity dryer that dries a large volume of bamboo in a short time.

Consistent Drying

A rotary dryer dries bamboo powder uniformly. The revolving drum of a rotary dryer distributes the heat consistently. As a result, the bamboo powder becomes dry all the way.


Advanced rotary dryers are quite user-friendly. They come with various features making the overall process straightforward. Some new machines feature an automatic lubrication system.

It means operators can work continuously without giving the machine a pause. You also get a cooling and dust control system with some dryers.

Rotary dryer machines feature easy-to-use control systems. With a little bit of training, operators can operate the machine.

Flexible Drying Process

A rotary dryer is a versatile machine that lets you dry bamboo powder with different moisture content and molecule sizes. An operator can set the airflow, heat temperature, and drying duration as per the requirements.

Time-Saving/Fast Drying

Since a rotary dryer is a commercial machine, it can dry material at a large capacity. Moreover, compared to other methods, the machine dries powder in less time. Therefore, it saves time and supports overall quick production.

Why Buy a Rotary Dryer from China?

rotary dryer machine manufacturing in our factory

China is one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of the rotary dryer. In the global rotary dryer market, China has a market share of about 14%. And it is continuously growing.

Many new companies are into entering this business. As a result, buyers get a lot of options at a competitive price.

Let us discuss why one should purchase a rotary dryer from China.

Advantages of Buying a Rotary Dryer from China

Manufacturing Experience

Now it is an open secret that China is the world’s factory. The country has developed cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and facilities in the past few decades.

It is easy for Chinese rotary dryer manufacturers to make international-standard products.

It is often a wise decision to buy a product from a country that is a manufacturing hub. Manufacturers are there experienced in designing and manufacturing a quality product.

Convenient Worldwide Export

China has extensive sea and air routes to export goods worldwide. Regardless of what part of the world you are in, China can effortlessly export rotary dryers to your place.

Generally, China-based manufacturers have strong logistics, distribution, and shipping networks. You can expect hassle-free transportation from a Chinese rotary dryer manufacturer.

Choose From Numberless Options

When it comes to rotary dryers, choices are unlimited in China. Chinese manufacturers make rotary dryers for a wide range of industries.

Even they can customize dryers as per the specific requirements of your business. With several options, you have a choice to select the one meeting your necessity.


It is probably the main reason most buyers give Chinese manufacturers preference. The price of Chinese rotary dryers is often competitive due to various reasons. For example, China has a well-organized supply chain. They have lower labor and shipping cost. Moreover, they have better access to raw materials needed to make rotary dryers.

However, the good thing is that affordability doesn’t compromise quality. You will get the same European-standard rotary dryer but at affordable prices.

No matter which manufacturer you choose, conduct comprehensive research on their track record. Learn about their market reputation, past work, and quality assurance.

Additionally, check out their testimonials and certifications.

Keep active communication with your manufacturer throughout the process.

It will help you establish an understanding of the manufacturing process and other technical aspects.

Quick Tips to Choose the Best Rotary Dryer For Bamboo Powder Drying


Learn Your Requirement

Select a rotary dryer based on your production need and availability of space. Also, determine what energy source, such as gas, biomass, or electricity, you can manage

Select the Rotary Dryer Types

Research the kind of rotary dryer suitable for you. Various types of rotary dryers are available in the market. Steam tube rotary dryers, direct rotary dryers, and indirect rotary dryers are a few options. Read more details on rotary dryer at our post here.

Consider Features

Look for crucial features like an emergency stop button, overload alert, an automatic lubricating system, etc. Find out if your rotary dryer has features like a temperature controller, ventilation, cooling system, dust reduction, and more.

Drying Effectiveness

Get to know about the drying efficiency of the rotary dryer you choose. Ask the manufacturer about the airflow system, drum revolving speed, and temperature settings of the machine.

Consider Maintenance Requirements

Go for a rotary dryer that is easy to maintain and clean. There are rotary dryers in the market having an automatic lubrication system. They feature an automated grease injection and filtration facility.

They also come with a dust and cooling system to minimize dust while drying the bamboo powder.

Reach out to Suppliers

Contact multiple suppliers and discuss your requirements. Compare their offers, pricing, and machine features. Proceed your conversation further with the one aligning with your budget and your needs.

Look Customer Review

Check out the customer reviews to learn about the manufacturer’s trustworthiness, product quality, and overall services.

Close the Deal

Choose a trustworthy manufacturer. Make the final decision and close the deal. Ensure you considered the above-mentioned factors when choosing a manufacturer.


Bamboo powder drying with a rotary dryer is straightforward. However, you must invest in the correct machine. We hope this in-depth guide gives you adequate information on how to dry bamboo powder with a rotary dryer. Also, you learned how to buy a rotary dryer from China.

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