Successful Applications of Rotary Dryers

Case Study: Successful Applications of Rotary Dryers in Different Industries

If you are part of an industry that involves drying materials on a regular basis, then you must already have heard of a rotary dryer. These dryers have the basic function of removing moisture from materials fed to them.

Of late, the demand for rotary dryers is steeply rising, currently at a CAGR of 4.9%. The value is expected to be US$ 2,064.4 million by 2032.[1]

This article presents compelling case studies on the successful applications of rotary dryers across various industries such as agriculture, mining, food processing, and waste management.

What is a Rotary Dryer: A Quick Overview

Rotary dryers are used for drying large quantities of material. You can make use of a rotary dryer to absorb moisture from materials in a uniform manner.

These dryers have a rotating cylinder, a supporting structure and a drying mechanism. The rotating cylinder is placed in an inclined manner on the supporting structure.

Rotary dryers are also known for their excellent versatility and can be used as per your industrial needs. Today, many companies are switching to rotary dryers from traditional dryers for their drying purposes. They are extremely durable and can last for a prolonged timespan.

You will also not have to go for regular maintenance. This saves you from undergoing frequent troubles.

So, if you are looking for the most reliable dryer for industrial use, then it is high time you switch to rotary dryers.

Case Study 1: Application of Rotary Dryers in Agriculture

Rotary dryers are frequently used in the agricultural industry. The demand for rotary dryers has also increased rapidly over the past few years.

The value of rotary dryers for the agricultural products market was around US$11.0 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach a CAGR of 5.3% from 2021 to 2028.[2]

You can effectively use a rotary dryer for drying different types of crops. They can easily remove moisture from agricultural products, thereby improving their quality.

In this way, rotary dryers help increase the shelf life of different agricultural products, and agricultural businesses can also reach the peak of success in no time.


Rotary dryer for drying wheat:[3]

A top company in the agricultural industry started using a rotary dryer for drying wheat, and the outcome was quite amazing. The quality of wheat improved beyond measure. It also helped the business generate excellent revenue.

Nowadays, many agricultural companies are switching to TCPEL rotary dryers for drying their crops. The TCPEL rotary dryers are particularly designed to meet the various challenges of the agricultural industry.

They perform really well, withstanding the harsh conditions of the agricultural industry. The dryers are also made out of the finest quality material.

Here are some of the highlights of the benefits of using TCPEL rotary dryers for the agricultural industry:

● They can be used for drying different types of crops.

● They are highly energy-efficient and help save money.

● They can easily be operated, reducing manual labor.

So, if you are a part of the agriculture industry, it is time to start using TCPEL rotary dryers and enhance your business performance.

Case Study 2: Rotary Dryers in Food Processing Industry

Rotary dryers are an indispensable part of the food processing industry and can remove moisture from different food items. The dryers are also used quite frequently for dehydrating waste food material. These rotary dryers allow businesses in the food processing industry to meet their increasing demands.

Nowadays, you will find many food processing companies using rotary dryers for drying food items at optimum temperatures. The companies mainly used rotary dryers for drying cereals, fruits, and vegetables.

The food processing industry is also making frequent use of biomass dryer. The US Department of Energy has also revealed that rotary dryers can dry biomass moisture content ranging from 50-60%. These dryers can also save time and money.

Rotary dryer for drying mango leather:[4]

A food company had trouble drying mango leather effectively. The traditional drying methods took too long, and the fruit leather was not evenly dried.

So, the company switched to a rotary dryer for drying the food materials. The outcome was really good.

The TCPEL rotary dryers have a big role to play in enhancing the quality of food items. By extracting the moisture content from different food items, the rotary dryers can preserve the food for a longer time span. The quality of the retained and production bottlenecks are reduced.

Here’s why TCPEL rotary dryers are the best choice for the food processing industry:

● They can dry food at optimal drying conditions.

● The food items are dried in a completely hygiene way.

● Uniformity is maintained while drying the food items.

● The dryers offer high throughput throughout the drying process.

With time, more companies in the food processing industry are switching to TCPEL rotary dryers from traditional dryers.

Case Study 3: Utilization of Rotary Dryers in the Mining Industry

Rotary dryers are the industrial choice of dryers for the mining industry. These dryers have the capacity to control the moisture content in minerals and can also streamline the downstream process and produce refined products.

Rotary dryers can withstand rigorous demands. They can also offer consistent performance and help the mining industry to grow in different ways.

You can use rotary dryers for drying minerals like aluminum, chromite, graphite, iron, and much more. These rotary dryers work by gently rolling the minerals inside the cylindrical drum and hot air is also made to flow inside it.

The dryers have the capability of reducing the transportation cost of mining materials by reducing their weight. The handling of minerals also becomes easy.

Rotary dryer for drying ammonium nitrate:[5]

A company used a rotary dryer for drying ammonium nitrate. The rotary dryer was used to pass the ammonium nitrate through a steel chamber, and the moisture content was absorbed from the same. The temperature can easily be regulated by making use of the rotary dryer.

Looking for the most reliable rotary dryer for the mining industry? Well then, the TCPEL rotary dryer is the right choice for you. It can withstand the harshest conditions of the Mining industry and offer a seamless performance.

The rotary dryer is also quite appropriate for helping you dry your minerals at various temperatures. The device has also excellent throughput.

Let’s see why the TCPEL rotary dryer is the perfect choice of dryer for the mining industry:

● The TCPEL rotary dryers are extremely versatile and can dry a variety of materials.

● The energy efficiency of the device contributes to the low energy consumption.

● The dryers are quite robust in nature. This gives them better temperature-withstanding capabilities.

● They are reliable and give optimum performance.

So, invest in a TCPEL rotary dryer today and enhance the productivity of your mining company.

Case Study 4: Utilization of Rotary Dryers in the chemical industry

You will find a lot of companies in the chemical industry making frequent use of rotary dryers. Now you may wonder why. Well, these rotary dryers can dry chemicals really safely.

They maintain a uniform temperature throughout the heating process so that the chemicals can be heated evenly. They are also quite effective in getting your chemicals dried up without any risk.

One variant of the rotary dryer which is quite frequently used in the chemical industry is the continuous rotary dryer. These dryers have around 68% of the market share.[6] They are quite versatile and can be used for drying up a wide range of chemicals.

single pass rotary dryers

Rotary dryer for fluidization:[7]

A chemical fertilizer company used rotary dryers for drying fertilizers. The rotary systems increase the quality of fertilizers by removing the required moisture level from the same. This improves the effectiveness of the fertilizer, and the crop yield is increased.

The TCPEL dryers have got a big role to play in improving the operational efficiency of the chemical industry. This is the reason why so many companies are switching from traditional dryers to rotary dryers. They have a versatile range of applications.

They are capable of drying different chemicals like acids,bases and solvents. They operate at a diverse range of temperatur. The devices are cost-effective and easy to operate.

Listed below are some of the major features of the TCPEL rotary dryers for the chemical industry:

● The TCPEL rotary dryer is extremely durable.

● The chemicals can be dried at optimum temperature.

● The dryer can be scaled as per business needs.

● The energy efficiency is quite high.

You can also get your TCPEL rotary dryer from us. Click here to know more.

Case Study 5: Utilization of Rotary Dryers in other industry

Other than the industries mentioned above, there are a lot of other industries as well where rotary dryers are used quite frequently like construction, textile, manufacturing, energy, etc.

So, if you are a part of any of the industries that require frequent drying of materials, then you must be already familiar with the use of rotary dryers.

According to recent studies, the use of rotary dryers is increasingly steeply in various industries and very soon, they will take place of other traditional drying machines. There are also numerous cases of rotary dryers being used in various industries.

Rotary dryer for drying waste[8]

An industrial olive-oil mill made use of rotary dryer for drying up waste material. The result was quite overwhelming. The rotary dryer was able to remove about 70% moisture from the waste, which was otherwise quite harmful for the environment.

The TCPEL rotary dryers are the best choice of rotary dryers for the chemical industry. These dryers are of excellent quality and will fulfill your purpose quite appropriately.

They are also quite easy to use and the employees will be able to use the dryers without having to undergo extensive training. The TCPEL rotary dryers can also be used to increase the productivity to a significant extent.

Now let us look at the features of TCPEL rotary dryers which make them suitable for all kinds of industries:

● The energy-efficiency is definitely something to consider.

● The devices are quite appropriately priced.

● The functioning of the device can easily regulated as per convenience.

● The customization feature makes it all the more suitable for industrial use.

So, it doesn’t matter which industry you are a part of, if you are in need of a drying machine, the TCPEL rotary dryer is the right choice of dryer for you.


So, as you can see, rotary dryers stand out among other industrial dryers because of their extensive use and applications. It doesn’t matter which industry you are a part of, if you workplace operations involve drying materials, then rotary dryers are a must.

However, simply getting your rotary dryer from any manufacturer is definitely not a good idea. You must consider getting your rotary dryer from one of the best rotary dryer manufacturers only.

One such rotary dryer manufacturer is TCPEL. With years of experience in the industry, TCPEL holds the honor of releasing the best quality rotary dryers in the market.

The TCPEL rotary dryers are known for their meticulous designs. The company also maintains high standards of safety and quality control while manufacturing its dryers. Here are some of the major features of the TCPEL rotary dryers that you need to know of:

● The automatic lubricating system present in the TCPEL dryer keeps it functional for years.

● The heating and cooling system of the dryer can extensively reduce dust production during the drying process.

● The TCPEL rotary dryers are energy-efficiency and allow you to save up on your electric bill.

● There is a digital control panel showing the temperature. So, you can have a clear idea of the temperature at which the products are being dried.

The TCPEL dryers are also known for their versatility. So, if you are willing to pick the perfect rotary dryer for your industrial use, then the rotary dryer is the perfect choice for you.

To know more about the TCPEL rotary dryers, contact our B2B pellet machine company, and we will give you the details.

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