4 measures to reduce rotary dryer heat loss

4 Measures to Reduce the Rotary Dryer Heat Loss

The working principle of the rotary dryer equipment is to evaporate the moisture of the raw material through heat exchange, so as to achieve drying. Therefore, heat is an important driving force for the operation of the dryer. Rotary dryer heat loss always occur during the drying process. In the production process, how to reduce the rotary dryer heat loss? As a rotary dryer manufacturer, we have summarized the following four measures to reduce the heat loss of the dryer, keep on reading.

1. Ensure that the fuel can be fully burned

rotary dryer heating stove

     In the whole rotary dryer equipment system, the heating stove is an indispensable part as an auxiliary equipment. Currently available heat sources include coal, gas, oil, electricity, biomass particles, etc. No matter what kind of fuel is used, it needs to be used reasonably, neither too much nor too little. Reasonable use of heating stove is an important condition to reduce heat loss.

2. Reduce the evaporation load of the rotary dryer

     When using large rotary dryer equipment, the higher the moisture content of the raw material, the more heat will be consumed during the drying process. Therefore, for raw materials with high humidity, dehydration is required to control the moisture within a certain range, which will greatly reduce the moisture evaporation load and energy consumption during the drying process.

3. Prevent pipeline leakage to reduce rotary dryer heat loss

natural gas fueled rotary dryer

     The hot air generated by the hot air stove is transported to the dryer through the pipeline. If the pipe is broken or not tightly sealed, air leakage will occur during the heat transfer process, causing a large amount of heat loss, resulting in insufficient heat for the dryer equipment, and affecting the drying quality. Therefore, good duct seals and regular inspection of ducts can reduce heat loss.

4. Strengthen the insulation of the rotary dryer drum.

rotary dryer drum seal plate to reduce rotary dryer heat loss

     During the drying process of the rotary dryer, the heat loss through the drum is large, which requires the rotary dryer manufacturer to take insulation measures for the drum, such as increasing the insulation layer of the equipment to reduce heat loss.

The above are the four important measures we have summarized to reduce the rotary dryer heat loss. We hope it will be useful to you. If you have any questions during the use of the rotary dryer, please feel free to communicate with our technical engineer. We can provide a complete drying solution based on your various materials.

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