Top 10 Pellet Machine Manufacturers in The World 2022

If you are in the market for a pellet machine, you may be wondering which manufacturers are the best. There are many different manufacturers out there, each with their own unique set of products. So, which one is right for you? In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 pellet machine manufacturers in the world. We will talk about what makes each company unique, and help you decide which one is right for your needs!



CPM is short for California Pellet Mill Company, Pellet machines are invented by them on 1931 . This company is one of the oldest pellet machine manufacturers in the world.

The company offers a wide range of pellet machines, from small to large scale production. They also offers a wide range of pellet mill dies, which allows you to produce pellets in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Founded in :1883

Main Products: Flaking Mills, Hammer mills, Pellet Mills, Roller Mills & Roll Crushers, Cracking Mills, Lump Breakers & Crushers, Pellet Crumblers, Conditioners, Coolers, Feeders and Ancillary Products, Weight Machines, Steam Chambers, Gyro Sifters/Feed Cleaners

Pellet Machine Structure: Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill

CPM pellet machine




ANDRITZ is an Austrian pellet machine manufacturer that was founded in 1852.

ANDRITZ is a globally leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metalworking and steel industries, and for solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial sectors.

In addition, ANDRITZ offers technologies for certain other sectors including automation, the production of animal feed and biomass pellets, pumps, machinery for nonwovens, steam boiler plants, biomass boilers and gasification plants for energy generation, flue gas cleaning plants, plants for the production of panelboards (MDF) and thermal sludge utilization.

Founded in :1852

Main Products: Hydro, Pulp & Paper, Metals, Separation, Automation, Pumps, Feed and Biofuel, Nonwoven and Textile, Recycling, Environmental solutions, Marine/Offshore, Panelboard, Thermal power, and Wedge wire and perforation

Pellet Machine Structure: Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill for Feed Pellets


Sales and Service in: Spain, France, Lithuania, Russia, Cyprus, Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland ,Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, USA, Argentina, Ecuador, Phippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China Taiwan, South Korea

Bühler Group


Bühler Holding AG is a Swiss multinational plant equipment manufacturer that operates in Uzwil, Switzerland. It is recognized for food and material processing technology as well as advanced materials manufacturing plant and equipment. The company maintains leading global market positions in the areas of technology, processes for turning grain into flour and animal feeds, pasta and chocolate production, and die cast components, half of the new cars worldwide have die-cast components produced with Bühler technology.

Founded in :1860

Main Products: Complete Solutions for Animal feed, architectural and automative glass coating industry, automotive, battery ,biomass, bio refinery, coffee, die casting, extrusion solution, flexible electronics, malting, grain handleing processing, metalizing, oilseeds etc.

Pellet Machine Structure: Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill

buhler pellet machine

Sales and Service in: Algeria,Argentina,Australia,Austria,Bangladesh,Belarus,Belgium,Brazil,Cambodia,Canada,Chile,China,Colombia,Czech Republik,Denmark,Egypt,France,Germany,India,Indonesia,Italy,Japan,Kazakhstan,Kenya,Korea, Republic,Malaysia,Mexico,Morocco,Myanmar,Netherlands,Nigeria,Pakistan,Philippines,Poland,Romania,Russia,Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United States of America, Vietnam



This pellet machine manufacturer is based in Germany and was founded by Amandus Kahl in 1876. AMANDUS KAHL is famous for their flat die presses and has acquired Worldwide subsidiaries and worldwide service .

They offer Turn-key factories and plants for feed, biomass, wood, straw, waste tyre recycling etc. They can offer complete pellet line solution.

Founded in : 1876

Main Products: Pelleting machines, Conditioning, Crushing machines, Drying & Cooling machines, Mixing & Conditioning machines, Proportioning machines, System Control, Refining machines

Pellet Machine Structure: Flat Die Pellet Machine

KAHL pellet machine

Sales and Service in: Poland, Ukraine, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Belarus, Germany, Canada, Mexico, USA, China, India, Japan etc

MuNCH-Edelstahl GmbH


Münch-Edelstahl GmbH, headquartered in Hilden (Germany), is one of the world’s leading and globally exporting manufacturers of pellet presses, complete press lines and high-quality press spare parts. They offer complete solution for pelleting technology, such as feed pelleting and wood pelleting (and much more).

Their service and scope of delivery extends to the entire term of a pellet press or press program – from development to design, testing and production of new press systems and spare parts to maintenance services.

Founded in : 1981

Main Products: Pellet mills, Control Systems, Containerized systems, Extruder, Fatspray systems, Hammermills, Cooler, Crumbler, Dies & Rollers, Screeners, Scrapers, Dryer, Chop Mill, Specially designed machines

Pellet Machine Structure: Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill

munch pellet machine




Prodesa is a professional wood pellet machinery solution since 1999, they offer comprehensive tailor-made solutions for the production of solid biofuels and the protection of the environment. PRODESA designs and provides turn key solutions for pelleting plants or process lines as well as for gas treatment.

Founded in : 1999

Main Products: Biomass processing and handling, Thermal drying, Pellet production lines for wood, forage or alfalfa, Biomass Cogeneration, Gas treatment, Operation and maintenance of plants

Pellet Machine Structure: Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill

PRODESSA pellet machine

Sales and Service in: Turkey, Greece, Mexico, Spain ,France, USA, Chile



SALMATEC GmbH was founded in 1972 and since then has produced pelleting units and wear parts for the entire pelleting technology sector. The company’s core business includes offering market-oriented in-house designs, the complete production of some unit concepts, customer focused sales and an excellently organised service.

Founded in : 1972

Main Products: System construction , Assembly units / production lines, Pelleting presses, Conditioners, Molasses mixtures , Heat treatment, Dies and rollers

Pellet Machine Structure: Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill

Salmatec pellet machine

Sales and Service in: Czech Republic, Spain, Mexico, Egypt, Iran, Ireland, USA, Mexico, Nederland, Japan, Korea, Poland, Philippine, Sweden, Russia, Germany

La Meccanica

La Meccanica

La Meccanica Srl di Reffo was established in 1961 in Cittadella, Padua (Italy).

It produces technologically advanced machines with high-quality standards. For over 50 years, the company has been operating in the animal feed, fertilizer and bio-energy fields, producing complete lines for pellet: pellet mills, counterflow or horizontal coolers, crumblers, hammer mills, vibrating sifters, fat coating system machines, mixers and expanders. It also produces dies, rolls and spare parts for all the main brands of pellet mills.

Founded in : 1961

Main Products: Animal feed machine, wood pellet machine, biomass pellet machine ,fertilizer pellet machine ,recycling machine ,die and roller spare parts.

Pellet Machine Structure: Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill

La Meccanica pellet machine

Sales and Service in: Italy

Buskirk Engineering


Buskirk Engineering is a industry leader in designing, manufacturing and sales American Made Flat Die Pellet Mills, and all associated equipment such as grinders, coolers, conveyors, surge bins and custom assemblies. Specialize in Turnkey System Solutions, as well as engineering and design services for a variety of different applications.

Founded in : 2006

Main Products: pellet mill, hammer mill, spare parts

Pellet Machine Structure: Flat Die Pellet Machine


Sales and Service in: USA

Pelleting Technology Netherlands (PTN)

Pelleting Technology Netherlands (PTN) logo

Pelleting Technology Netherlands (PTN), specialist in the development, production and servicing of pelletisers and related machinery for the production of animal feed. Since 1974 PTN has been active on a global scale in the development, engineering, production, sale and servicing of pelletisers and related machinery for the compound feed, recycling and biomass industries.

Founded in : 1974

Main Products: Feeder Screw, Conditioner, BOA Compactor, Pellet Mill, Cooler etc.

Pellet Machine Structure: Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill

Pelleting Technology Netherlands (PTN)

Sales and Service in: Netherlands


There are many pellet machine manufacturers in the world that offer a variety of products and services. The above list is just a few of the top pellet machine manufacturers in the world. Each company has their own unique products and services to offer. When choosing a pellet machine manufacturer, it is important to do your research to find the best company to suit your needs.

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